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The Hostile Zone, April 22, 2024

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The Hostile Zone with Eric A. Cinotti and Bianca Sea

“The Hostile Zone,” hosted by Eric A. Cinotti – also known as Eric Andrew Cinotti – stands as a pinnacle of syndicated talk shows, offering an electrifying mix of intelligent debate and engaging discourse. Alongside Eric, the show features the insightful Bianca Sea, whose expertise adds depth and perspective to each discussion. This dynamic duo tackles a plethora of topics, ranging from the intricacies of global politics to cutting-edge social issues, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in their quest for the truth. Their razor-sharp analyses, combined with a format that encourages open and often spirited exchanges, make “The Hostile Zone” a beacon for those seeking a deeper understanding of the world. It’s more than just a show; it’s a cerebral journey that challenges its audience to think critically and engage passionately. With Eric Cinotti and Bianca Sea at the helm, “The Hostile Zone” is an intellectual tour de force, captivating listeners who demand both substance and style in their auditory experiences.

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Hey, I'm Eric A. Sinani. I'm the in-your-face, on-air talk show host of the syndicated show The Hostile Zone. I'm in your neighborhood now. I'm on 99.9 True Country, KKTC. I'm with The Hostile Zone. We're going to keep a real commentary. The news, we're going to have a good time. Don't make me come looking for you. Be here, 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, KKTC, True Country. Thank you. Hosted by an infamous and dangerous and much lied about Eric A. Sinai. This is where public corruption, abuse of power, a waste and misabuse of public dollars, and ultimately using your personal position for gaining power and influence over others is free hostility. Otherwise, everyone else is welcome. Welcome to the Hot Dog. Welcome to the Hostile Zone. You're with the infamous and dangerous and always in your face, Eric Andrew Sinati. Eric A. Sinati with a real big A. Who? Eric Sinati, of course. right here on the hostile zone yet another week another day another month and another year here we are another episode I am the one and only eric sanadi eric a sanadi I'm accompanied by the on-air vocalist as always miss bianca c s e a like the ocean swimming away bianca see that's me hello everyone how are you I'm doing fabulous a fabuloso day yes fabuloso and um I've been celebrating the day of earth day earth day what are we celebrating on earth every every day on earth is a celebration every day that the good lord likes to spend another day on on earth is a good day I guess it's earth day right yes it is so I was enjoying the beautiful day and it's lovely you know That's good. That's good. I enjoyed nothing today. So I did not enjoy earth, did not enjoy any sunlight. I was indoors. You were probably in the backyard at least. No, indoors all day. And I enjoyed every moment of it. And matter of fact, I'm counting the moments till the show's over so I can go back and enjoy doing nothing again. All right. So anyway, folks, welcome to the show. We're here. So much to talk about. So little time as usual. But, you know, the fact is, is that I'm not going to go on and continuously, you know, go on about the Israel Hamas. Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Gaza, whatever, you know, and now Iran. Let's not go there. Let's not discuss that today. Let's just discuss. Not even the protesters and the colleges? I was going to talk about that, but I was not going to talk about the death and destruction inside of Gaza and all the stuff that's going on. I didn't want to talk about militarization today. Yes. I didn't want to depress everybody on this lovely Earth Day, because they're destroying lovely Mother Earth every time they drop a bomb, right? That's very true. Or if you're part of the UFO or UAP world, that you believe that the aliens are very upset every time there's a nuclear explosion. um explosions I'm sure they would be yeah actually they said I read I don't know they said I meant this I sounded wrong with that I read that that um you know when we did when they were on our nukes when we were practicing nukes and when nukes are practiced or whatever launched um that it actually this that dispels some uh particles into into space which uh you know don't know that may be possible maybe not possible but I watched a documentary on on that and they and they were saying that you know that this stuff goes into space and then you know they say you know interestingly enough that a lot of the sightings of UAPs now yeah unidentified aerial phenomenon whatever UAP But, or UFO, because, you know, the government, all they do is they take the same meat, switch the bread, and make it a new sandwich. Yeah, yeah. They just switch the bread, and it's a new sandwich. Yeah, yeah. Change the title, and it's a whole new thing. But is it, like, definitely, like, a level of classification? Oh, you know, it's like this. When the government screws up, when the government screws up, folks, whether, you know, they'll change, they say they, they'll, they'll, they, they, clean house and reorganize, right? They just changed the name, folks. So think about this. UFOs are now UAPs. Certain agencies change their name from one agency to another name, but they operate the same. So it's tomato-tomato. Tomato-tomato. Well, folks, if you or I made a mistake ever in our life, you can't just, oh, okay, I'm going to just change my name. And that's it. It's gone. It doesn't exist. UFOs don't exist anymore. That's like Pete Diddy. How many times you got to change his name? Or Pete Diddy or the artist formerly known as Prince. I guess you just change your name. You know, whatever. I mean, just Google Eric Sinati and see what you get. Tell me if I should change my name. I'm an artist. I have my artist name. Right. So anyway, actually, I want to talk about the protests a little bit. Yes. I want to talk about the protests because, you know, as someone who has taught at the university level for several years at several state, county, and private university and college institutions in multiple states. I take your class. A lot of professors. A lot of people, yeah, right. um professor I did a lot of chili peppers at one point I rate my professor I don't even know if that site even is a thing anymore but um anyway so yeah you know what are we indoctrinating our our students to you know I don't know I i get war is not a good thing no one and I'm not saying that but they're protesting and you're you know the protests are are going far above what I believe is probably appropriate in the sense of what the schools are allowing to take place on their campuses. You know, and when now it's a school, it's a private property like Columbia University. NYPD and none of the New York authorities really, they don't have much jurisdiction to go unless they're invited in or if they see an actual, you know, some kind of crime occur, then they can go. But, you know, the students can do what they want and the campuses are allowing this. As a parent, I would be so... upset of all my life saving I would really be upset for all my life of saving for my child's education in order to have him pay for his education for college and dorm and stuff and then they pull off this Right. And you know what? I would be super upset. It's been going on for a while. I mean, we know the indoctrination. I mean, having worked there, I can tell you firsthand that conservatives definitely are not treated the kindest on the university campus, whether you be a professor, academic professor, or you are a student. It's just not what is... seems to be socially acceptable in the ivory halls of academia. I don't get it how being a conservative now, it's a bad thing. I don't know. And then you get called names. They lie about you. But I don't know. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, folks, there is a lot of stuff going on on campus. And again, I didn't want to spend my Monday on that. I want to talk about some more pressing issues. Sure. that I think are on the rise. Okay. Okay? I want to talk about what the crux and the foundation of this show is and what the new show that I'm launching in the next... I cycle maybe 10 days a week or so. It is the abuse of the government, the abuse of power, police corruption, abuse of police authority, police abuse upon civilians. I have a whole slew of cases that we've been researching. I have all the case documentation. I've interviewed several family members, um, on, on either side of the issue. I have several cases. I have specifically chosen cases across the United States, but specifically I did grab a bunch of cases in the state of North Carolina. Um, because I have a personal, um, let's say I have a personal issue, I have a personal interest in the abuses that North Carolina produces, by their own volition, word of the day, by their own volition and their own lack there of training, lack there of compassion, lack there of knowledge, lack there of, did I say education? No, I said training. Lack there of training, lack there of education, lack there of common sense, lack there of of whatever generally um in the cases I have I have a whole bunch I'm not gonna I'm not gonna bring any up today I'm gonna save them for the for the new show but um there are several but I did I did uh see one and it's going to be highlighted in a mini series that we'll be putting out soon um and it dealt with a a veteran in um I don't want to say the town. I was about to. I'm going to say it for the new show. Follow me through for the new show. Not the new. This show isn't going away, but there's another show that I'm hosting as well. And I'm going to literally dissect these cases. And I'm going to dissect them very well. In your face style. This way, everybody knows. it's like that it's just like that um but this particular one was of a veteran who was was allegedly and um I say allegedly because there's no video of him doing this and honestly I don't really care if he did anyway but they said that he was panhandling I don't know about you, but people always see people holding signs, will work for food, veteran, please help, whatever. This individual had his service dog, right? His service dog. And he was, and the video is horrendous. And I have the, I have. Thank you to one of the auditors out there. Thank you for the footage. We did get the request for freedom of information, which they call FOIA, the freedom of information, or otherwise known as an OPRA, Open Public Records Act request. So we have, I have slew, I probably have, oh my God, a hundred hours worth of video to go through on several of these ones we're working on. But this specific one in North Carolina, the veteran was in a medium, but a pretty decent sized medium. And in between, you know, when the light changes, you know. okay and he had his service dog he wasn't bothering anybody um I spoke with some people in the area for businesses that knew of him and had provided him food and or and um you know different different things um he had some he had some he had some serious ptsd yeah uh he may have some other issues um I i have uh I have his information but it's very difficult to communicate um with him due to not having actual numbers to get in touch with him Now, what type of race was he? He was white, but the officer was black. Oh, okay. Both officers were black. the original officer and the secondary officer who apparently needed to respond on this because he was such a threat. He was such a threat standing there doing absolutely nothing. He was following his First Amendment right of free speech and following his right to assemble in the public. And he did with his service dog after serving multiple tours defending our nation. And then this courageous, hide-behind-my-badge cop claims to be a veteran, too. But anyway, so he ends up getting into verbal altercation with this man, and he asks the guy for an identification. The man hands him his VA card. It's a government Veterans Affairs medical card. Has a picture on it. Has an expiration date. Has a barcode on the back. And folks, if you don't know, on the front of it, it has Braille. So it can be read by a blind person. If I had mine on me, I don't. I know. Anyway, so it has Braille on it. And it has a barcode. And it's accepted to get onto military installations. It's accepted, obviously, into government. But this officer... this particular I'm better than god officer in north carolina felt that that was not a good enough identification are you serious the man is homeless and he has a government issued card that indicates he served his nation thank you for your service sir he has his service dog with him and this officer just felt it does not it's not accepting of that id before you know it the officer is now physically got his hands on this gentleman yet the government accepts it it's accepted it's accepted okay it's accepted yeah I'd love to go through I have to I have this case I have cases right here we are we have been working tirelessly you know who you are some of you I have I've spoken to half of these people thank you to some of the other uh first amendment auditors out there who have slewed my my inbox with video sent it to me in the mail email and other manners dropping off uh you know thumb drives with video on it that they got on freedom of information I have it all know so it is what it is so this gentleman this officer and I'm gonna say gentleman because he he was obviously I believe he he was retrained but I believe he was terminated or resigned one or the other don't they have training about what type then you know what they have in north carolina they have what they call b let they have a college course which is like a couple hours a day for like you know four months or something like that for a semester so basically you me and everybody else went and got a bachelor's degree unless if you're me you have more than that but if you got a bachelor's degree you have four times the amount of education that somebody who graduated this b let course did there's no homework They sit in the classroom. They take kindergarten level exams, whatever. And that's not this is not every agency. So I'm not bad mouthing every agency. But this program is not organized like a police academy where it is, where it is in most places. So are you telling me there's really no brotherhood? They don't have brotherhood. They lock up their own people. Listen, wait for the new show. We're going to go heavy, unhinged. Eric Asinati, unhinged, politics and opinions, current events, coming to you live. right here on bbs in a very short time plus we also have a mini series where I've I've teamed up with another team and production and that will be on a streaming network coming to you soon um you will enjoy that one if you enjoyed any of candace owens's work that you worked on making of a murderer you'll enjoy this as well when the time comes for that so anyway so what happened so they this veteran was slammed to the ground and the the officer alleges although the video doesn't show this but the officer alleges that he was bit by the dog well it's a service dog and he's assaulting the veteran who has not placed his hands on him when he asked for an identification which he had no right or reason or legal legality to provide an ID. He was not operating a motor vehicle. He was not suspected of committing a crime. He had no reason to be identified. But you know how it is. You watch these shows. And thank you to the First Amendment auditors for all of the influx of information you've been providing us. I thank you truly. And we will be giving the honorable mentions to all of them. Moving forward. But anyway, he demanded an ID. The veteran actually offered the ID. He did not need to. Nowhere in the Constitution says he needs to do that. Right. But he did. But this ID was not good enough for this officer. He wanted another ID. I don't know. Did you want one from you, sir? Did you want one from you? Did you want one signed by you because you're King Almighty? I don't know. I don't know. Maybe you wanted your chief to sign it. I don't know. Or whoever's butt you sniffed to get the job. I don't know. Anyway, so moving forward. so does he just know just the identification just only for north carolina right yeah apparently does he not know any other type of id other than north carolina well apparently apparently when you when you enter the great state of north carolina exactly when you enter the great state of north carolina says the most military friendly That's what it says. I don't know. I want to be the first guy to go there and take a spray paint can and put a big circle with a line through it. Because trust me, North Carolina is not. Not. But he will not, folks. Not. Big zero. Not the most friendly. Don't bot him thinking next time you see a sign like that, that it's going to be, he didn't do it. Let me put that out there. You're not the type of person to do destruction on government property. Not me. Not this guy. I didn't do it. I had nothing to do with it. But anyway, it does say the most military-friendly state. So anyway. I don't think that's true. No, it's very not true. I actually spoke with a colleague of mine who works up in Virginia, in northern Virginia, an agency in northern Virginia, a couple miles outside of D.C. And we were laughing because he used to work there. He had some cases down here in, well, down here, not down here, I'm there, but down in North Carolina. And he said he was actually at Fort Bragg working, which is now Fort Liberty. Don't get me started on why we got to change the names of all our bases across the country. It's Fort Bragg always. It's always going to be Fort Bragg. It's going to be Fort Bragg. I'm sorry. You say the new name, somebody's going to say what? Fort Liberty, okay, anyway. Don't change it, it is what it is. Right, Fort Bragg. So anyway, so this particular friend of mine who works in Virginia, and he was talking about, laughing about the same thing about the most military friendly, no it's not. It is not the most military. It's probably one of the most anti-military areas that there is going. But anyway, so it is not me putting an X through the most military state, okay? Really, I'll do much better than that. I'm gonna take you to court. I'm not gonna spray paint on your sign. I'm gonna spray paint you across the newspaper, across all the TV screens about who you really are. I don't need a can of paint to do that from Ali's or wherever. So anyway, so then this officer or whatever he claims he is, because I don't believe he used to protect and serve. He was not protecting or serving anybody. He allegedly, the dog bit him, but he tased the dog. nobody saw the dog bite him witnesses from the local businesses with whom I've spoken to two I've spoken to two of the business owners on either side of the corner who witnessed the entire incident on on unveil from the beginning they watched it roll out so they saw the whole thing I and I saw it I saw there I spoke with them I saw the videos I saw store videos and from both stores who happened to have facing at their door and it happened to be facing where this incident occurred. I guess this police department didn't think maybe before they opened their big mouth and lied as they do quite often that they didn't check with local people if they had video too. because the they said the dog allegedly bit well let's just drop the word allegedly because that would just be saying giving him the benefit of the doubt there's no benefit of the doubt video shows dog never bit you so don't lie wow and he said dog bit me on his boot because if he said the dog bit him he'd have to show a mark but the dog bit him on his boot so then the dog is seen running away And he tased the dog. And then the veteran is crying on the ground, screaming for help, asking, why are you doing this to me? Why is my face mushed into the ground? And these officers are accosting him while he's on the ground. And ultimately, he's charged. interestingly enough dismissed the charges because I guess they realized that they made another grave mistake but this happens over and over again and if we the people don't bring this to the public and we don't make this a front fold conversation then we are failing as good citizens of our country we are failing the constitution in this book right here the con the united states constitution it starts off with we the people in order to form a more perfect union and if you're watching I'm not even holding I'm holding it up I'm not reading it that's in my head because I know that we the people in order to form a more perfect union have this document the constitution I really feel bad about the the the guy like there are so many cases only person that he ever the only thing that he cares about there are so many cases so many cases so I could go down It's like a family member, you know, like harming your family member. That's so harsh. I mean, we go down the list here in 2013. I bet you he probably feeds the dog more than he feeds himself. And actually, his statement was that people stop and give food and stuff. But there have been several, and I got a list here. Jonathan Farrell, Johnny Rush, Andrew Brown Jr. I can go down the list. These are just North Carolina ones that I've compiled. We can go down. almost you know what let's just let's just go there I'm not going to go on each specific one but I took some pretty good pretty good notes here on on this here there is this has been an issue in the south we know that the south I guess the South just does not catch up with everybody else. I don't understand. But obviously, there was some civil rights issues here, and we know that there was some issues in North Carolina. We know that there were issues. We've discussed Mississippi. How many times? Mississippi? M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I, right? Anyway, Mississippi. So anyway, so there's been several, you know, there's been issues, but the bottom line is we're going back here. Brutality goes back years and years and years and years. I'm not gonna go start from the beginning, but bottom line, the factors that really play into police brutality and police overreach is, you know, a lot of people will say, oh, the guy that takes this job and abuses his position was the guy that was picked on in school, was the loser, was the one that got beat up, the one that had no friends, the one that couldn't get a girl. So, you know, why not kick it in your uniform, right? Why not pull over somebody and have a little fun conversation? Try to get a phone number, you know, because you're not going to get a phone number at a club or at a bar with other people there because... You're probably a loser. Other than putting on that jacket and tie and badge, you're probably a loser. Honestly, if a cop ever pulled me over and asked for my phone number or whatever, I kind of would feel pressured. Then they did. I wouldn't want to say no. There was a case in New Jersey where a trooper sent flowers, a state trooper sent flowers, roses to a woman that he had pulled over. And that actually changed the whole system on how you can run license plates. Running license plates used to be, you know, they sat and they had what they call the MDT, which was in the car. The MDT was the machine. And they have a program called InfoCop. And in there you can run licenses, registration, stuff like that. But now, you know, it's changing. And things may have changed since then, again, as technology keeps changing. So don't bop me and troll me because I'm not in every department to talk about the specifics. It's different in every department. Yeah, but there is, you know, these programs are pretty much the same. But then it was keeping record of who ran who. Good idea. And when they were running licenses and stuff, it was printing out in headquarters that you ran that address. This was a long time ago, that one I'm talking about, but that was just an instance. Some of the factors included in police brutality are people taking these positions and having very little formal real training, having very little education to begin with. A lot of places do not require anything more than a GED, a high school general equivalency, or a high school diploma. Not saying anything's wrong with these things. I'm not making fun of anybody. I was giving them a chance to. But see, there are people that took the effort and went and got a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, criminology, crime scene investigation, sociology. How about that? A little bit of knowledge on society and how people intertwine with each other. Psychology, how the individual works. They need to know psychology. Criminology, how maybe a criminal mind may work. How about just taking a social issues course? But no, they'll just take a couple months course at a college, run by a college, you know, and whatever. So this individual, they tasered the dog. It's just one instance, folks. One instance. But the other thing we have to look at is the militarization of law enforcement in America. There's a program that where the military, when they have surplus items, whether it be armored vehicles and different things, they will auction them or even give them to law enforcement agencies across the nation, which is a good thing depending on what it is you're offering. You know, we do not need local law enforcement to be rolling down your street with armored vehicles. Yeah, like those big army military Hummers. Yeah, and they paint them, you know. They'll put the town name on it. Yeah, come on. Let's get real with each other, okay? Let's get real. You don't need that. Now, yes, absolutely, 100%. Firstly, we support law enforcement on this show. Absolutely. Nobody here is anti-government or anti-law enforcement. We are anti-scum person that does things that they shouldn't do. We don't like corruption. We are anti-people that abuse their position because it makes them feel good or they're getting some other personal gain we don't like that we don't support that so let's get that right out in the open the show has been out for less than a year this show here the hostile zone we're doing very well thank you folks for your numbers and for for uh watching and tuning into the show and we have plenty of friends that are cops yes yeah we have plenty of friends you know where the word oh I did talk about where the word cop comes from do you remember I don't know, but say it again. It comes from Constable on Patrol. See, there you go. Folks that take the college course that is a wannabe police academy. Ask any of them if they know what COP stands for. They'll brag to all their friends, I'm a cop, but they don't even know where it comes from. Where does the word sheriff come from? Ask them if they know. Well, what's a sheriff? Well, if they went and got a college degree. Now they're going to know because they're watching a show. Instead of a couple weeks in a class somewhere, and now they have all this authority to drive around and terrorize people. The sheriff comes from Shiree. Shiree. Shiree, Shiree, Shiree. It went fast, Sheriff. It was, you know, the origins of policing in the United States. It came from, a lot of it came from England. You know, so that's constable, constable on patrol. People used to use the word flatfoot. You know how people call cops a pig? They had a certain type of shoe, yeah. Yeah, so they used to call cops a pig. Well, the old word used to be flatfoot. Why would they call them flatfoot? Because they walked all day up and down. But that's when they did real policing. I think that was probably the best time in America for policing was when the worst thing, and I've talked about this on the show before, the worst thing that ever happened in American policing criminal justice and American law enforcement is the creation of air conditioning and vehicles. Because then you take a lazy officer who used to walk up and down the main street in his town checking all the doors at night of the businesses to let them know, oh, business door's unlocked. Maybe somebody is in there that doesn't belong. Or maybe the business owner themselves forgot to lock the door. Oh, yeah, they used So that's what they're there for. They're there to be proactive policing, not reactive policing. Okay. You would have learned that if you took a college course too, and not just a basic law enforcement training class at a college run by a college, not by a police organization. So you want to be proactive law enforcement, not reactive. So proactive was the old school flatfoot style where he walked and they had a call box on the corner. He would walk from one corner to the next. And when he got to the next corner, he could pick up the call box and it would ring police headquarters. And if you go to some places, New York City and Philadelphia, they still have some of the remnants, just like the old firebox that you could pull the thing for emergency. oh yeah so they had a call box and they would they would walk and they got they became acquainted with the neighbors so they would know the people in the areas they work like the mailman a mailman in some areas in the north uh primarily or in in the less rural areas they walk they know what's going on in the neighborhood they they they are your best proactive police that you have are the the uh the post the the the post people you know the male the mail carrier I don't want to say mailman because I don't want to you know the mail carrier the male woman mailman they know they're they're they're wrapped they know where what they know what cars should be where at what time they know who they know who's home and who's not they know because they walk it every day So they know. And a lot of times, and a lot of credit is not given to the postal carriers, but they report a lot of stuff that they see. I can imagine. And they do save a lot of people because they see things that shouldn't be going on when a moving truck is moving all your furniture out of your house. But they know, geez, Bianca C. isn't moving. I talk to her every day. She hasn't put a change of address in. Her mail is still coming. I'm delivering it. Why is there a U-Haul in her driveway and seven guys carrying all the furniture out when I know that she's recording a show right now with Eric? You know what I'm saying? But when they created air conditioning and then at least the cars, they didn't have air conditioning. So the windows were open. You could yell, help, right? Or they had their arm at least out the window when they wait. They had some resemblance. Or like the whistles, like... They had some resemblance of communication. A two-way communication instead of a car with the windows rolled up and presumably music playing, a podcast, a movie. We've seen plenty. I actually have footage. I actually have footage from body cams who some of these officers forgot to turn off body cams, and they're watching movies in their car while they're driving. You, my friend, are on the phone, and I have one I'm going to bring forward eventually. This guy... in north carolina by the way another one he pulled somebody over and issued a summons to them for talking on the phone while they were driving right they argued said we weren't They said, I was just moving, taking, it was actually navigation and they took it off and moved it out of the way. They were not actually using the phone and they were actually able later on to prove from the phone carrier. They got a copy. This person went and got, and thank God they reached out to me. So they have, they got a copy from Verizon of all the incoming and outgoing. So they were able to prove that there was no text messages. Nothing was being done on the phone other than having maps open, which you're allowed to have. Oh. So this officer pulled this person over, accused them wrongfully, and who, by the way, was not polite, was very rude, who was very condescending. You know, you're typical that you see on YouTube towards, you know, towards John Q. Public. The person said, but sir, you know, they're trying to rationalize the situation. They're trying to be reasonable with the officer. They said, listen, I really wasn't this way. And the officer just did not want to hear it. right so ultimately this person they poked the bear this person was like I'm not going to pay this ticket even though it wasn't a big ticket but they said I didn't do this and because of all the audio out there and video out there it's it's easy it's easier to catch people doing stupid things well this officer was in his car watching a movie on his iPad in the car he actually used The MDT computer, he used partially that to cover the screen so he could balance his iPad on there to watch the movie. And his body cam footage was running while he made the motor vehicle stop. And the movie was still playing. And the body cam footage, from which I've seen, and I don't want to say the movie. However, it is a good movie, folks. I did enjoy the movie. So I'm not going to say what movie it is. But he had the movie on. starts talking about this person he pulls them over movie's still going on the body cam footage you can hear the movie you can see the movie you can hear the movie then he gets out of the car and he issues a summons for somebody else doing exactly what he's doing but even worse he's watching a movie while driving a vehicle, blocking the screen of his government-issued computer so he could have his iPad on watching a movie. And then he has the nerve to pull over another vehicle, issue a motor vehicle summons for using a device that they shouldn't be using while operating a vehicle while he himself is doing that same very thing. And when he goes back to his car, he had it on pause. He unpaused the movie while he wrote the ticket. body cam catching the whole thing what a hypocrite and there are many instances of these folks and you you hear about them all day long everywhere but it just the this that is the big elephant in the room and I think that if we want to fix a lot of things in this country we have to get back to basics we have to get back to our roots our foundation what our four founders what their philosophy was and what they were creating they were creating a new nation under god new nation under God yes I said it God forbid oh my lord I said it three times now beat me up I said God alright there we go I did it enough time now so we they beat me enough times because I don't want somebody to say I heard that I said the word and then know if they complain because someone will blow up that I said that so anyway the document money what was that Isn't God still on our money? In God we trust, all others pay kish. Right, right, right, right. There are some states that when you get pulled over... Do you actually read it? It does say it. And they've been talking about taking that off for a while. Some people, but that's not going to happen. I mean, it's in every document that we have. I mean, our nation was created with that, and that's it. When you go to court, you still raise your hand. Come on. Anyway, so... fact is that we need that we need to go back to basics folks yes we need to go back to our principles our roots what are our roots and our principles first life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what our nation was created life liberty the pursuit of happiness and you know what and the pursuit of property because the streets are painting gold in the united states aren't they I mean, I don't know about you, but I want to believe that that still exists. Unfortunately, we have racial disparities where everybody is going at it with each other. We're supposed to be the melting pot. believe we are the melting pot but I believe when you come to a place you assimilate to be the same because you went to that place because you wanted to be there so if you're gonna go to that place then you should be what it is that you went to go be right I mean if you are going if I'm gonna go to um let's say well I was in okinawa right well I spent time in okinawa so yes I don't speak japanese or maybe I do but I won't tell you but if I did right yeah good point uh if uh but I don't expect when I was there I didn't expect when I left far into into the area or I flew to the mainland osaka or wherever well you respect their I respected their culture and I i didn't I didn't expect anything I knew where I was and I knew that this is their nation, and I'm there, I'm a guest in their home, and I need to abide by their rules, and I need to respect the way they speak, the way they act, the way they talk. Well, when you come to this country, you should do the same. I think. Yeah. Don't give the finger to people on the screen when you're being filmed or whatever and disrespecting our country. Right. And that person was here. That is a no-no. They were here illegally, right? And they beat up. That made me so upset when I saw that. I was like, oh. And they assaulted a law enforcement officer. NYPD, the finest police department in the nation by far. They have a true police academy. Separated from everybody else. They do physical training daily. They have a real police academy. Just like New Jersey has a real police academy. Just like most places have real academy classes. Then some places have stupid courses at the college. But anyway, so... Back to basics where I was saying in that one where the guy gave the finger, he was an illegal. He had come here illegally through the poorest border in the South, right? And then he beat up a law enforcement, a NYPD officer, a police officer, New York City. And they were kicking him when he was on the ground. And then this guy gets released and he gives the finger. I mean, it's just a disgrace. It really is. You know, I blame the parents. I blame the parents, but I blame what in the world was our system thinking by knowing that the first thing that this person did, he apparently was coming to this nation because he wanted to be in America, but obviously he didn't want to conform to what America is. just wanted to come here. And then what's the first thing they do? They break the law coming here. So right away, they broke the law. See, Governor Abbott of Texas has the right idea. And it's a crime. And they want to prosecute them in the state of Texas. People are crossing the United States border, the poorest border with all the holes in it, crossing into our country. When they come here, that time they come here, they are committing a crime when they come here. So their first act of saying, thank you, America, for accepting me, the first act they do is break our law. and we allow that and then they end up in new york city or wherever and what do they do they don't even get they don't even say thank you to themselves and thank you to everybody else that yes I did break the law and come into your country and now I'm reaping the benefits of getting free stuff and and I'm up in new york city now I'm getting a trip to new york city right how'd they get there somebody paid to get them there he didn't walk he didn't walk to new york city somebody paid for him to get to new york city what did he do he assaulted nypd and then I blame our system he guy just walked out and gave the finger as he left the court but that's a whole other story the point is back to basics we got to get back to basics we got to get to what is the crux of the problem And I'll say it again, it's the vehicle. When the car was created, yes, we need vehicles for law enforcement. Obviously, police need police cars because, A, you need to transport people. They need to get to places quickly. But you also need to have, they also took away that interaction with the police and the public. You know, they have, what, National Night Out now? One night a year, one day in July, and that's supposed to make up for the 364 other days of the year that your officers drive around in a car with the windows up listening to music and radio shows and podcasts, and even like this guy watching a movie with the windows up. They're oblivious to what's going on, or they're just oblivious. They're just looking for something to do. So they're looking for you to have your phone in your hand and he's assuming and you know what happens when they assume they make an out of you and me. So when you assume you make an ASS out of you and me. So I don't know. Air conditioning is was the thing that I remember. We talked about it when I was in school. And I discussed it in multiple classes, criminology, sociology, social problems, intro to policing, community policing. I can name the courses that I took, which each course was longer than that BLET course. Each one course was longer than their entire training that they offer. But anyway. on that on that tangent that is going to be the spin show that's coming out soon and the docu series it's a docu series we're going to be highlighting me and uh other other people in in the in the business are going to be highlighting some specific cases but um what if there's a what about de-escalation They need to learn that. Getting back to that veteran who was out there with the sign, and he didn't have a sign, but they said, you know, he didn't. But, you know, I will work for food or whatever. He didn't even have that sign. But either way, if he did or he didn't, but he didn't. But we'll just say for the sake of in generalization, whatever it was, he was slammed to the ground. I also watched, I also was given a video recently of a girl, 18 years old, pulled over by an officer who had been on the job for less than a couple months, pulled over an 18-year-old girl, he was a white officer, she was a white girl, pulled her over, 18 years old, just turned 18, pulled her over for speeding seven miles an hour over the speed limit. Seven miles an hour. Folks, I'm gonna leave it at that. Think about that. Just think about that. Seven miles an hour. that's very easy to do everyone has done listen yes in the beginning because they don't know how to yeah that's when you see people jam on the brakes jam on the gas and the cars are jerking forward back and forth because it's very hard when you're learning to adjust your foot to get to that number so seven miles and you know what was was I don't know what he used did he use radar Did he use Vascar? Yeah, look that one up. I bet you they don't teach you Vascar. Did he use laser? what and what kind of radar did he pace the vehicle where you get behind the car and you actually have to have a certain amount of distance between you and the car two seconds between a point a and point b and then you drive for a period of time and your whatever is on your your uh speedometer should be roughly what their speed is that's that's pacing but again calibration word of the day again is was the the uh the odometer speedometer calibrated on the police car was the speedometer calibrated on this 18 year old girl's car we don't I don't even know what form he used he also alleged that she had a light a light bulb out a headlight out this was daytime and it wasn't raining I don't know. You go figure that one, you know, daytime, daytime, no rain, no rain. I don't know. Headlights, one light out. I don't know what scratched my head. This might scratch my head moment. So anyway, so then the glass broke. I mean, the, the headlight broken. No, he said it was out. I don't even know. I mean, I know if you have daytime running lights. mean that's the only way to check you know if it was something then it's out well if you have daytime running lights they're supposed if you have a if your car comes equipped with something it's supposed to be operational but not every car has daytime running lights and I i know that some states have the law if the wipers are on the lights must be on you know new jersey has that rule lights on wipe wipers on lights on I can never tell when they're on though like the back No, those are your parking lights. They go on automatically when you put the lights on. But anyway, so the story on this with the girl was he yanked her from the car and threw her to the ground. He opened her car door. Why would he yank? I know, right? I got the video. We'll be putting it out. He opened the car door. I don't know why I was scared. And then he, and then, and then he gets, and then he's con then he forgets to turn his body cam on. But again, the businesses that this occurred in the two different places and her father has a website up now too. Oh wow. Yeah. Sign the petition. I'll be putting attaching in the description to the show, this particular website for the family who was signing petition against the officer and the department. Because when the guy didn't have the body cam on, He got, he lied. And, but then the business owners of where, of where this occurred, not the dog, the girl got the full video. He walked up to the car and, um, he opened the door, opened the door. You're not supposed to do that. And and then and then we're coming on a time crunch and I want you to get one song in. So he opened the door. She was trying to fumble for her ID. He didn't. And he said that he arrested her for for failing to produce ID and for resisting arrest. She was looking for her ID, and when he slammed it to the ground, guess what? Underneath her body was her ID and her phone because she was trying to get it out, but he didn't give her a chance to. And then he arrested her for that and for resisting, which ultimately was dismissed because when you read the statute, she didn't actually resist. she he opened the door forcefully without permission and then afterwards they searched the car illegally folks searching of the vehicle they need a warrant or incident to arrest an incident to arrest includes what is in reach of the person suspected of a crime whatever is in arms reach of them well she was out of the car and they searched the car after she was handcuffed in the back of the police car. So the bottom line is, why did they search the whole car? The link will be in the episode. You can check out the website. The father set up a full website. All of the video from the two stores and from motorists passing by that filmed it on their phone, et cetera, moving on. Miss Bianca, do you have a song? And then we're gonna, we're coming to a time crunch. This was only gonna hurt if I warned you that the fire is gonna burn. Would you walk in? Would you let me do it first? Would you let me lead you even when you're in the darkness, in the middle of the night, in the silence, when there's no one by your side? Would you call the name of the In the name of In the name, name In the name, name If I told you we could bathe in all the lies Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky Would you trust me, would you jump in from the height Would you fall When there's madness, when there's poison in your head When the sadness leaves you broken in your head I will hold you in the steps of your despair It's all in the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of, in the name, name. I want to testify. Screaming the holy lies. You bring me back to life. And it's all in the name of love. I want to testify. Screaming the holy lies. You'll bring me back to life It's all in the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of love In the name of In the name, name In the name of Miss Bianca, unbelievable. Unbelievable. So unfortunately, folks. I forgot to say the name of the song. Yeah, what is the name of the song? It's called In the Name of Love by Bebe Rexha. Okay, yeah, you got to give the shout out because, you know, that's the rules. I was like so rushing into it. Anyway, folks, we have come to a hard end. Thank you for coming to the Hostile Zone yet another day. In your face. Stay tuned for more. We will be on again later tonight on our sister network, KKTC 99.9. And we will be available again every other night. And check your favorite podcast platform. We're on all of them. Or just Google the Hostile Zone. Miss Bianca, how do we end this show with pride and glory? Absolutely by the national anthem. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight For efforts we've won Were so gallantly streaming And the rocket's red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there It's not going anywhere. That's wonderful, thank you very much. You did a great job, Ms. Bianca. As always, thank you very much for coming out to the Hostile Zone and Sonati Zone.

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