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Having It All, May 17, 2017

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Having It All
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Guest, Wendie Colter

Having It All with MarBeth Dunn

Guest, Wendie Colter

Guest, Wendie Colter

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Wendie Colter
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Medical Intuitive
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Discover the Hottest New Training That Actually Enhances Your Intuition – You Can Learn to “See” the Source of Illness and Pain for the Healing of Others, Yourself & Loved Ones 

Wendie Colter, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Master Healer Explains How Anyone Can Master this Extraordinary Work!

Imagine having the ability to “see” someone’s illness and understand the core issues underlying it simply by focusing your thoughts on them!   MEDICAL INTUITION…It’s no longer a fantasy or the realm of storied shamans.

A Master Healer, Medical Intuitive and Clairvoyant, Wendie Colter will captivate your audience as she shares her personal story about her childhood clairvoyance, her intriguing experiences successfully assessing and uncovering the root causes of dramatically challenging medical problems – and providing laser-sharp guidance for patients’ paths to recovery. Her unique training program teaches Medical Intuition. She refers to this skill evaluating patients as being able to “get a view of all their systems” such as circulatory, lymph, endocrine and nervous systems.  An engaging and informative guest, she has been featured on OM Times Radio and numerous other programs.

Wendie is one of a very few instructors of medical intuition in the U.S., successfully training doctors, nurses, therapists and energy healers. Medical intuition is used by practitioners in many therapeutic methods from surgery and chemotherapy to psychology, massage therapy and Reiki, since it is a very neutral approach and a skill set, rather than a modality itself.

Health care providers learn fast and effective pinpoint visual identification skills to locate and evaluate the root causes of imbalance, illness and disease in clients and patients. This skill enhances the accuracy and completeness of medical evaluations and assessments. Noted doctors, nurses, psychologists and health professionals from every discipline report that Wendie’s Medical Intuitive Training, was pivotal for them.

"A great course that provides the tools for anyone to enhance their intuition." -- Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM, President, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)

"After learning how to connect intuitively with my clients using Wendie's methods, my work has become deeper and more effective. In my psychotherapy practice I am now able to offer witnessing that taps into a person's self-knowing and self-acceptance in ways I didn't know were possible." - Anne Stirling Hastings, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author

“I now have the knowledge and confidence to see images through intuition, which gets to the core issues that underlie my client’s health issues. This allows me to focus my energy work more accurately and effect change more efficiently. Wendie is an outstanding teacher who is capable of guiding and encouraging anyone to make use of their natural intuitive capabilities.” – Linda Negrin, Pranic Healing® Practitioner and Author

Wendie has had a thriving private practice in Los Angeles for over fifteen years, and has been teaching intuitive development and energy medicine for nearly ten years. Her unique, comprehensive program in Medical Intuition is approved for Continuing Education credits.

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Having It All

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