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Happiness Hangout, November 4, 2015

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Happiness Hangout - Empowering Women
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with Lori Peters

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters and Guest Lisa Marie Jenkins on Empowering Women in 2015. Especially important for men to listen in to support the women they love.

Guest, Lisa Marie Jenkins

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Lisa Marie Jenkins
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Speaker, Author, Coach
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Lisa Marie is a professional speaker, executive coach, consultant, and workshop facilitator specializing in feminine leadership and a regular blog contributor to the Huffington Post.

At age 8 my father died abruptly and my mother became emotionally unavailable for many months. I can distinctly remember believing that I was not as good as other people, because I didn’t have a dad. The feeling snowballed into a major inferiority complex throughout most of my childhood. Around adolescence, I began blossoming and made the decision that the more insecure I felt in any situation, the higher I would hold my head to appear outwardly confident. Though this started as a coping mechanism for feeling insecure and intimidated, I unknowingly was learning how to “act as if” and eventually I truly did become confident.

 In the business world, this attitude born of my childhood trauma worked to my advantage, and I confidently pursued my career. It was natural for me to bite off more than I could chew, but I just kept focused on what I brought, and trusted that I could figure the rest out as I went along. I spent over 20 years in senior sales and marketing roles at hi-tech Fortune 500 companies and was recognized as one of the 200 most influential women in my industry. I went after what I wanted, stayed focused on my goal, instead of where I lacked.

In my personal relationships, specifically the romantic ones, I could not have been more opposite. My childhood wounds of feeling abandoned, and subsequently, ’less than’ translated into; I am not okay without a man. Over and over again, I gave my power and worth away to keep a boyfriend, partner, or husband. It was a pattern that created immense suffering throughout much of my adult life and led me down the path of a 15 year personal development and spiritual journey to finding peace and happiness within.

 Then, as if a brick hit me over the head, my true “a-ha” moment came. I realized there were many women in the world experiencing the same thing that I had experienced. I knew with certainty that my healing and transformation on the personal side, combined with my years in a successful corporate career, had groomed me perfectly to work specifically with professional women. I could work with them to develop the clarity, courage, and confidence to play big and lead authentically by overcoming self-doubt. I could use my experience to encourage other women to use their inherent natural feminine strengths.

 I love working with women to ignite their own passion and purpose, and most importantly realize that, they are the one they have always been waiting for. I now work to create a bridge that connects the conventional business world to personal development and mindfulness – It is fulfilling work that I love! 

Happiness Hangout

Show Host

A Show about happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and much more as it relates to personal relationships!

My guests are relationships experts, life coaches, therapists and much more. We discuss all aspects of how to create and keep a healthy relationship. 

Come hang out with us as we discuss thought provoking questions with audience participation.

Happiness Hangout show info:

  • Great for singles who want to manifest a great relationship.
  • Discussion around how to make your current relationship better.
  • Transformational stories for becoming a happier much more satisfied person and how to do it.
  • How to keep your happiness level up during higher levels of stress whether you're with a partner or alone.
  • How to Get Happier ASAP.
  • How to start over in a relationship.
  • How using tools like gratitude, mindfulness, law of attraction and others can help you in your daily life.
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