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Dr. Harriet Lerner, author of The Dance of Anger, discusses ways women can transform anger in their relationships.

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters and Guest Lisa Marie Jenkins on Empowering Women in 2015. Especially important for men to listen in to support the women they love.

Let’s Find Out— Sunday, Dec. 19,  Bonnie MacDade  interviewed Elliot Katz, the author of the informative and controversial book Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants. He dares to ask such questions as, why are women so frustrated with today's sensitive guys? Why is it that when a man takes a woman out on a date -- he can't even decide where to go for a cup of coffee? What is going on with men, that women initiate most divorces? The reason: Today's men don't act like men. In these times—men need to learn to be men. So, what can a man do to improve his relationship with his partner?

As women, we often times give the entire essence of who we are to others, not honoring our own self-worth, nor understanding how to balance the life we have created or been given. "Sacred Sundays", was written to help the powerful and powerless super women living on the edge of burnout and breakdown, find ways to press pause and take time out of their busy schedules to restore and rejuvenate their mind and bodies, as well as how to find spiritual transformation through personal and sacred intimacy. Isn't it time for you to care for yourself the same way you care for others?