Getting There, April 20, 2016

Getting There with Paul Puckett
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Getting There
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Guest, Jerry Catalano

Getting There with Paul Puckett and special guest Jerry Catalano

Guest Name, Jerry Catalano

Jerry Catalano
Jerry Catalano The Music CPA
Certified Public Accountant

I have been representing musicians, recording artists and entertainment industry professionals for over 25 years and have extensive expertise in the complexities of royalty auditing, tour accounting and tax compliance.

I'm a frequent instructor on accounting for the entertainment industry and a member of the Illinois CPA Society, American Institute of Certified Public Accountant, National Academy of Record Arts and Sciences, and the American Association of Composers and Publishers.

I also am the lead singer of my band The Fource which has 3 albums and a seperate single on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.
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The Fource is Four guys with a love of music, having a good time bringing it to others. Poets at heart, putting the words to melody. Songwriters with a purpose.

Getting There

Getting There with Paul Puckett
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Paul Puckett Getting There

One of the most challenging issues to balanced living begins with money. Whether it’s not enough or more than we need, money can become our focus and prevent us from living a happy and healthy balanced life.

Money is not your life. It is simply the means to the life you want.

If money is getting in the way of your life, join the conversation on Getting There. Yes, it is a money show, but the focus is on life. Because our lives are about much more than money, expect most of the show to center around living.  In addition to money issues, the conversation will include gardening, cooking, books, travel, and interviews with guests from the financial field as well as chefs, gardeners, authors, and spiritual leaders.

Call with any questions you may have about your investing portfolio, but the answer will always be based on how the money will be used and how these decisions may affect your life.