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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Getting There with Paul Puckett

Getting There with Paul Puckett
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Paul Puckett Getting There

One of the most challenging issues to balanced living begins with money. Whether it’s not enough or more than we need, money can become our focus and prevent us from living a happy and healthy balanced life.

Money is not your life. It is simply the means to the life you want.

If money is getting in the way of your life, join the conversation on Getting There. Yes, it is a money show, but the focus is on life. Because our lives are about much more than money, expect most of the show to center around living.  In addition to money issues, the conversation will include gardening, cooking, books, travel, and interviews with guests from the financial field as well as chefs, gardeners, authors, and spiritual leaders.

Call with any questions you may have about your investing portfolio, but the answer will always be based on how the money will be used and how these decisions may affect your life.

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Guest, Lori Peters March 30, 2016
Guest, Chef Craig Chasky March 23, 2016
Paul E. Puckett Jr.
Tampa Bay
Investment Advisor, Investment Consultant, Insurance Agent, Speaker & Author

Paul’s unique talents and perspective help people enjoy their lives without the worries related to their money. He uses humor and an entertaining approach to reach audiences interested in understanding how money fits into their lives.

Paul is an investment advisor representative of Q1 Advisors, an independent insurance agent, talk show host, speaker and author. His books include Investiphobia: Overcome Your Deepest Investment Fears and RetirementIncome Lock. Both are in the Whole Investor Network® series of books designed for individual investors.

Investors need to be empowered to live their lives without money getting in the way. They need tools to find the answers, advice and support to make sound decisions that won’t keep them up at night. And they need to focus on their lives instead of their money. Paul’s books and his show, Getting There, are intended to help people live a happy and healthy balanced life. The show is broadcast on BBS Radio and on 1490AM WWPR Talk Radio in Bradenton, FL.