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The Getting Real With Hilary Show, April 16, 2024

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The Getting Real With Hilary Show
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Seeing Neurodiversity as a Gift Rather Than A Problem with Rachel Barwell

The Getting Real with Hilary Show with Hilary Burns

Title: S2 EP25 | Seeing Neurodiversity as a Gift Rather Than A Problem with Rachel Barwell

Rachel Barwell used to call herself "clumsy" as a child.  Little did she know that she suffered from something called dyspraxia.  She only found out later in life that this is something that be helped with specialized learning methods.

Rachel started her career as an adult educator in corporate, prisons and indigenous environments where she learned that a large percentage of people who struggled with learning had dyslexia or other learning differences.  She began to specialize in this and is making a huge difference for people who never thought they would be able to read.

Imagine being a 69 year old successful politician who hid her dyslexia until Rachel taught her how to read. 

Imagine children who no longer drop out of school and end up in the prison system because they have learned to read.

Rachel, as a Davis methods facilitator, is changing the lives of people she works with.  Her work has now spread to Kenya.  Rachel is also involved with the Innovuntu project which is collaborating to make Zambia a thriving country.

Listen to this inspiring and educational interview with Rachel and please share it with people who have suffered with dyslexia or other neurodiversity.  

Rachel Barwell hails from New Zealand in the South Pacific.  Her commitments span global social justice, education, environmental and equity issues.  An adult educator by training and profession, she now specializes in dyslexia education in New Zealand and with communities in Kenya.  She also engages in community efforts to adapt to the changing climate and increase food security through regenerative farming practices.

She is a founding member of the InnoVuntu Initiative, designed to support stakeholders to create and fulfill the transformation of Zambia’s food system -  a future where Zambia’s people, environment and economy are thriving in 2050.  Rachel is also a founding member of the African Women’s Leadership and Mental Well-being Course, drawing together thousands of women from diverse backgrounds across Africa and the diaspora to engage in transformative leadership training.


Leadership transformation and food security in Africa:
InnoVuntu for Food Security:
African Women’s Leadership Course:
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