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Galactic Connection, July 23, 2013

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Galactic Connection
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Guest, Martyn Ellis

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors

Guest, Martyn Ellis

Guest Name
Martyn Ellis
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CE-5 First Contact Trainer
Guest Biography

Martyn Ellis is the Founding Director of the Centre for Research & Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations (CeRPER), an independent, non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales engaged in extraterrestrial contact, research and training, encouraging a non-harmful, non-prejudicial contact with extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.  Consequently, the philosophy and fundamental principles supporting peaceful diplomatic human initiated contact, are upheld by CeRPER and reasserted to continue that approach through the promotion of the UK CE-5 Diplomat Training Program. Orientated towards a rational non-anthropocentric understanding of the ETi [Extraterrestrial Intelligence] subject, CeRPER also encourages a synthesis of empiricism and spiritual understanding as a necessary component for successful celestial/ETi contact and communication which to date, empiricism alone, has failed to achieve.

Galactic Connection

Show Host

Galactic Connection... connecting minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. Even those of us who have done an immense amount of work are still learning how much the 3D set of rules and limitations has pervaded our recent outcomes.

What you will learn as you listen is news, education, research, healing information, and out-of-this-world perspectives in regards to people, government, country, world, planet, aliens, UFO’s, Galactic Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond.

This show is designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

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