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Galactic Connection, July 12, 2016

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Galactic Connection: Breaking News
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Guest, Kevin Annett

Today, for the first time, a Canadian government insider has confirmed that a secret  program has operated since the spring of 1998 to silence or eliminate witnesses to Indian residential school crimes, and to stop any real inquiry into those crimes.

This latest whistle blower has confirmed what some of us have known from experience for many years.

When I read the report of this exposure, my first thought was not of criminals in high office but of Vancouver friends who are long since dead: men and women who were targeted and killed by the covert black ops program of April 3, 1998. I see the worn and hopeful faces of Bingo Dawson, Ricky Lavallee, Billy Combes and Harry Wilson – poor and homeless aboriginal survivors of the residential schools genocide who were all targeted and killed by a program approved by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his cabinet.

The disclosure by one brave, honest civil servant of a confidential memo describing a plan for state terrorism  is more than a smoking gun – it is an enormous smoking cannon.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

Galactic Connection

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Galactic Connection... connecting minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. Even those of us who have done an immense amount of work are still learning how much the 3D set of rules and limitations has pervaded our recent outcomes.

What you will learn as you listen is news, education, research, healing information, and out-of-this-world perspectives in regards to people, government, country, world, planet, aliens, UFO’s, Galactic Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond.

This show is designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

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