Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, March 2, 2021

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Creating Opportunity from Adversity and How to Receive the Benefits of Meditation Without Meditating

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Creating Opportunity from Adversity and How to Receive the Benefits of Meditation Without Meditating

Dr. Sheila Robinson, owner of Diversity Woman Media, shares pearls of wisdom on turning lemons into lemonade on the climb to corporate success. And Dr. Sergey Sorin, cocreator of Biogenics and creator of Samvit Sound technology, discusses how brain synchronization and binaural beats induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much quicker.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Dr Dravon James

In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Dr Dravon James helps to inspire, empower, and educate people to live the life of their dreams. Focusing on health, wealth, and relationships, Dr. James offers strategies that work for everyday life.

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start your day with a positive affirmation and attention since 1924 two months of daily affirmations articles and spiritual poetry to keep you inspired and motivated check out the digital subscription package your subscription today visit dailyword.com or unity.org<br> experience the difference Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with Doctor dravon James<br> hello and welcome to our show I'm dr. Dre Bond James and this is the everyday piece show I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing every day I just want you just pause right there for just a moment wherever you are I just take a moment because you deserve it and just inhale that you piece whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality right now in this moment I want you to know that yes it is possible to live a life of Peace yes you deserve it and we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you is you create your life of peace every day so we are just two months into 2021 and it has been a wonderful great year for us on the show we had some marvelous gif<br> this year and to share all kinds of wisdom with us as our regular listeners you know our anthem for 2021 is what are we waiting for we do not need to wait for anything to begin our personal journey to Everyday piece we have everything we need right here and right now so let's get started I'm super excited to see a special announcement with you at the very beginning of her show today I will be hosting an introductory class on everyday piece the principles of living a life of everyday peace and what that can do to energize and improve your health your wealth and your relationships you know those are our three pillars and everyday peace and I will be hosting this introduction class on March 18th on the infinity Foundation. Platform it's at 7 p.m. Eastern in last 2 hours this is a great interactive session designed to build the foundational principles of a<br> to balance light and unlock your full potential this is a unique opportunity so if you know someone or if you yourself were interested in engaging and learning how to improve your health your wealth in your relationship using the principles of everyday piece hop on over to Infinity Foundation. Org website and check out learn more about that also last week last week if you were not here with us last week boy did you miss something fantastic but that's okay I'll tell you how you can catch up and just a moment we had two incredible speakers we welcome back to Greer who shared her story of how she heard from her health ailments and the lesson she learned about natural healing along the way we also had The Incredibles Shelly Wilson who share the wisdom from her new book 28 days to the new you both of these women were simply fantastic and if you missed last week's show I strongly urge you to go back and listen to this great information you can do that you can listen to last week shows and<br> previous podcast by subscribing to dr. Dre Bond James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen on the unity online radio website now if you have not taking your free course on discovering your passion I don't know what you're waiting for you deserve to be living a life of passion send email to dravon James at gmail.com put the word free in the subject line and we'll be sure to get that out to you we have an incredible show lined up for you today we will start with the dynamic dr. Sheila Robinson CEO of diapers woman medium who will discuss<br> how to climb the corporate ladder and turning lemons into lemonade on the way up to the top of the corporate ladder and all those things that diversity and inclusion we also have Dr sirgay suorin whole creator of biogenics and creator of sand bite sound Technologies to discuss new methods for achieving the benefits of meditation I am so excited to speak with these two incredible guess but first let's start with our everyday peace moment I've been doing a lot of thinking you all about existing in the Stillness we've heard that said before write the space between the chicken the talk of The Space Between The Raindrops existing in the Stillness quieting the brain that space between your current thought in your next thought there is someone wonderful space that exists right there in how we get to live in that space there so many different modalities that you can use to exist in that space But I want to tell you that space is over<br> lockable space of recovery Rejuvenation so some call it meditation we're going to learn about different ways to achieve a meditative the benefits of meditation without having to spend the time I'm meditating if that's not your thing but let's for a moment just think that meditation is your stick and you are meditating or you would like to know about that what is the purpose of meditation meditation helps to reduce stress bring Clarity of thought and leads to better mindfulness for another way of saying that is focusing on the present moment without judgment can you even imagine living in the present moment without judgement why is it so hard for us to focus on this present moment without judgment there is a reason our human brain is the most amazing biological thinking machine ever invented it is but it's not perfect and it has not perfectly evolve to today's modern war<br> the brain's primary let's say instincts your purpose is to protect us and those we care about sounds like a very novel job right is it was to protect us he wants to protect the people that we care about and how does it do that the brain assesses all of our previous experiences so it can learn how to better protect us on this part in all this part of the brain that is constantly reassessing what we have done or what we have experienced in the past so he can help us to make better decisions to predict impending danger right it's all about avoiding danger that's what the brain does now I know some of you right now saying that's what so we can use those two terms interchangeably so the brain is trying to avoid us from getting her keep us safe right to this part of the brain is trying to predict what's going to happen in the future and its trying to protect us from either the past or protect us from the future and that's what I mind keeps going back and think about things that happened in the past<br> that's what keeps trying to go forward and think about things that might happen in the future this constant tug-of-war going on in the brain between the past and the future<br> actually can be helpful it can be as helpful he do it everyday piece we use everything that shows about like so it can be helpful in a way to help us drive and predict a better future and plan out a better future as long as it stays in Balance but too often the brain will swing too far in One Direction or the other as humans we cannot change the past and it's hard as we try we all know that we cannot control the future what can we control you guessed it we can control the present moment we can do what we can control is right now this present moment and so will we get into the Stillness what we're seeking to do is to calm the brain to live in the moment without judgment and to achieve Clarity in the present with Clarity in the present moment we can focus on what we can control and apply the full measure of ourselves to any Endeavor remember success is not simply a destination at the end of a journey<br> the structure that you must build<br> everyday peace allows for today's success and lays the foundation for tomorrow's success<br> and that is our everyday peace moment that brings us to our first guest dr. Sheila Robinson is an author or publisher is celebrated speaker and business consultant and is an expert in diversity and inclusion dr. Robinson climb the ladder of a Fortune 100 company before becoming CEO of diversity woman medium welcome to the show Doctor Robinson<br> oh thank you so much out the grave on I am so delighted to be here let me first and foremost a everyday piece I love that title and brand and you're opening you have put me at peace I am in a place of mindfulness and I can't wait to hear from the good doctor as well so thank you so much for the opportunity to share this space with you and your audience I'm just so thrilled to have you here of course I read about your story know all about you but I like to just open up just give us a brief bit about your amazing story and tell us a bit about your journey that's got you on this pathway in the great work that you're doing<br> you know in the spirit of peace every day Pete's my journey started you know just what the phenomenal career after college in wanting a family and being able to reach my full potential as a professional woman climbing the corporate ladder ended up having to navigate many barriers that was out there but I always looked at the the glass is half-full I always was so very positive and solution-focused and throughout my journey My Philosophy was with someone says or does is a reflection of who they are what I say or do is a reflection of who I am and I carry that Spirit throughout my journey rather I was a boarding office politics or you know managing<br> family issues at home or you know helping other women and individuals with their challenges and my organization sold by division and I went out looking for other opportunities to no avail and I always had a passion and a love for magazines and after exploring and realizing there was not a career or business magazine that spoke to me and and women I decided decided to just explore you know to take some safe healthy wrist and to explore you know turning my love of magazines and supporting and helping people Advance into their career I ended up turning that into a business and Fast Fords today 16 years later it's been a fascinating journey and would love to share anything I can with your listeners oh I heard so much in that draining I just<br> pull out just a little bit for people who are listening something happened and you said fast but I want to go back to your your company sold your division so too many of us what we hear automatically is oh my goodness write the foundation is rocking the ship in the bottom is falling out the ship right but what you did with that with your philosophy of the glass being half-full you said here is an opportunity to get to know exactly what that was something that you are right you took a party in this is what I love I love in this is service to but you took you love magazines and eat so you went into service and we know that that is the formula for Success when you when you put your passion to service to serve others have a winning combination there so tell us right now you mention this before we became on are on the air that you're doing some wonderful work this particular month with women and wellness and what's what's that what's going on with that<br> will you know millions of women had to leave the workforce last year as a result of Colvin and children being at home and brother is handling the elderly parents or or children or or loss of jobs but they dropped out of the workforce and their millions of women still in the workforce and and and we're all struggling with covid-19 441 thing rather is mental health rather is I call it eating out of order instead of eating disorder eating out of order brother is some you know lack of being able to get into the gyms are rather is not practicing mindfulness we've lost our joy our peace in our happiness and when you lose your peace as you say that's why I love everyday peace and you look when you lose that piece then<br> there is no happiness there is no joy and we're hanging on by a thread and there is a reason that the flight attendant tells you to put your mask on first put your mask on first before you help others and women have a tendency to help others first to help the children to take care of the spouse of the maid to take care of the job to take care of the community and what I am trying to help women understand is we have to take care of our first ourselves first to self care brother that is getting proper sleep right nutrition on eating properly or just getting on the phone with a network to say I'm tired I am tired and so we have a wellness Wednesday free webinar every week to help women in the workplace we also women in the workplace or business owners and we're having in our of women's History Month we're having a big huge what will we run<br> Wellness women are we've been running it through January and March so it'll end at the end of women's history month and then we're having a huge free virtual Self Care Health and Wellness conference with some of the most dynamic speakers that we can you know and instantly the the mindful doctor and yourself could be a great speaker as well but will expecting thousands of women from all over the world and finally lastly I would like to add that we filed with the National Archives day proclaiming the last Friday of every April as World Wellness women's day and we received our Proclamation and so officially beginning April 30th this year women will have the right to take a an official mental Wellness day the last Friday of every April<br> oh I love that called the world Wellness say that one more time world Wellness women's day I love it I love it April 30th fall on a band together and get some of that goodness you do as you were talking and thank you for everything that you just said that is so very much needed because I believe that you know women are part of a team player part of a whole family team apart of a corporate team we all fit into a team and so it's much like that I was going to change my work it's like when you ride a bicycle spokes in that bicycle is broken that will could be in top condition for the very very pleasurable ride because a member of the team one of those folks is not properly charged and working is not functional strongly support what you're saying because it benefits companies that the benefits benefits communities in the country as a whole<br> we need to talk and get whooped by small equipment would you give to who are still in Corporate America dealing with covid-19 and try trying to really they have their I I think when you're visiting with your book title they got the right on that corner office to Secaucus right and they're hitting up to opposition and it was so easy quick fix is there somewhere to be cut encouragement something they can keep your eye on doing it very difficult times of cold all the pressures that are going on<br> I was so focused on your on your resilience and in focus on your resilience and self-care and fight for that piece and carve out some time I'll give you a quick example I am slammed and overwhelmed but I have decided to take the last Friday and the last Monday of every month off I've never done that and so you got to carve out some time rather it is an hour a day and say I'm going to do my lunch or you know you got to find out that time and I'm sure the good doctor will let us know where can I when are you going to call about that time for that mindfulness that's to gain that piece and then get your strength that's more important than anything that's what I do find it as funny things that I said often should you be amazed at how many great ideas of circle circle rate circulating excuse me right in your mind right now but because you're so fatigued and overwhelmed that it's hard for<br> to push them forward into the world they're inside of you know you just got the vibrate at the second energy level as those which means you do have to eat a healthy diet you do have to get some rest you do have to do some cell phone exercise into your into your life so that you can resonate at the same internet as the answer and stop rubbing it in that the energy level of the question right of the problem and so that does require that we do some mindfulness and I think that's so important I love the fact that it is becoming so much more mainstream I could quit funny story woman that I used to know she's passed away now but she was from Birmingham Alabama and she told me this when I had my first child I had my children were hospitalized after the referral for a long. Of time and then you could go to the hospital for 30 days of rest that was considered something that was needed and now I think<br> if you were to say that you're tired is almost taboo do you find that a lot of times women are bashful to admit that they are because they feel like they lose Steam and maybe even Steven and reputation in the corporate world because it really is moving at such a backspace<br> I totally agree we are a tired population right now men and women and we have to fight 2 week we have to fight for some normalcy and brother no matter how small it is but in a minimum an hour got to find some hour for some me time if it really makes a difference so what would you say your mindset is for turning adversity the opportune I do you say earlier that you you really are a glass-half-full type of individual How could a person develop that mindset<br> you may not be where the first thing is when a crisis happens you know instead of going to the negative I always think what's the solution at first of all and I always I never point the finger even if it's somebody else's fault I look at me okay where's my accountability what can you do what can you change how do you know when Kobe hit I just the first thing came to my mind was okay are we going to survive this or is everybody going to die that's the first thing came to my mind and then I was like okay looks like looks like if we just do what we supposed to do stay home but you wear your mask we're going to be okay then I went into I wasn't even worried about my business or cuz I have a 8.2 B plan a Sienna D playing okay I was worried about where can I help where is the solution where can I help pay a part of doing<br> positive lightning even in the division that our country has gone through politically and the racial Reckoning if we have more people looking at how can I be a part of the solution instead of pointing a finger at why is the problem that we will resolve things quicker so that is how I turn a versity into Opportunity by always looking what is the solution<br> but I love it and I hear another key thing in there that is something that I that I tell it all over the place looking for ways to be a service is the quickest way I know of to pull your your self-image up your self-confidence up to pull you out of this depression has not I'm not talking about that what's the point of the Blues in the dumps in the worried because a lot of this tiredness is stress-induced so sometimes a lot more energetic than we think but we have all the stress on a Stanley steel just really tired and stressed out of that to us but you mentioned something you were looking for wasn't worried about my business I'm looking for what it is and I would like forever since you're really keen on that look for ways to serve it when you look for ways to serve look for ways to serve that you consider that also<br> stimulates you so if it if you know going out and handing out food basket is not your thing but you like to do some community cleanup and I'm just giving some basic things that you like to do some business Consulting and he like to dedicate that and some Financial repair for look for the things that excite you and find ways to make that up service you amazing what they would do changing the energy around you and allowing you two Again by braided at the energetic level of the answer instead of the problem and all of a sudden you get this clear your mind so in the end I know and I'm listening to you. I'm hearing that I'm just hearing that that you're doing all this service and you got this mindset up you're out there and you're giving inconsequent what does the University of Pitt gets back to you and you have this great business that you're doing in this service was also make you successful<br> to our end of the the laws of leadership can you grace us with what you considered to be an effective leader in Corporate America what are the characteristics of an effective leader<br> with my experience an effective leader has has empathy they have courage that has a confident they're there their confidence in their self their transparent and an honest and and you know they're really more concerned about the success of the people in their organization than they are about the own personal success that's a dynamic leader I think that's a mouthful and pathetic courage they are confident in their concern about the success of their team right they're not in there just looking for how they can make their mix their next move or and what happens as the team succeeds they look better so it it it does pay off but they're really in there for their team and making sure that their team is getting that chance has to be promoted chances to increase their Learning and Development<br> definitely being transparent and honest transparent and honest and not leading people on letting them know this is where we are if you want to be a part of it you can if you don't we still have the courage to meet on with what we have all to me all of those are great attributes of a great leader my goodness silk Robert Cummings it towards the end of our time and I don't want to end our session because without talking about the wonderful books that you have out there that could really be of help to people who are trying to climb the corporate ladder it's not as easy sometimes without having a role model or having a tool chest and you have two books the Insiders author of Let Me by Example excuse me lead by example and Insider's look at how to 6 Elite in Corporate America and then your second book entrepreneurship and your<br> Phuket to success the professional woman's guide for advancing to the c-suite and you just bring up just a wealth of information I'm super excited had you here with us today to share with our everyday and we look forward to having you back cuz you have a plethora of information and you can share thank you so much and you have a wonderful evening and thank you so much I look forward to ask connected on the other side<br> you were listening to Unity online radio<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with Doctor dravon James<br> welcome back I'm dr. Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I'm so excited to introduce our next guest Dr sirgay Soren is a board-certified physician experience in general family practice emergency care and Bariatrics dr. sorin is an advocate for of the Mind Body Spirit holistic approach to Medicine in currently works as CEO and medical director of the Sheeley suorin Wellness Institute he is also the co-author of the book 30 days to self help health welcome to the show dr. Sergei going to call your doctor s<br> we're so excited to have you here and you know whenever we get a medical doctor who is really embracing the holistic medicine approach everybody stops and they really want to hear about your stories to tell us a little bit briefly because there's so much to talk about today but how you get on this journey and you're not you know one of those doctors who said although there's nothing to that although we know that even mentioning Healthcare is really starting to embrace this but what is your story how did you get on this journey<br> solutely how did I get from the conventional or the sick care system to the holistic let's start from beginning when I was I born if I didn't have a choice really well when I say jokingly because my grandparents and my my email for my grandparents generation my grandmother was a Pediatric Cardiologist and women weren't allowed to be in positions of power in the former Soviet to add those days so she achieved something of tremendous value but it was difficult my uncle was a physician and my mom was a nurse set and there was two generations moving back so I intend to think about the system the Healthcare System be back in the former Soviet that's what it was called in time before the breakup of the Union is that they weren't too many resources the system was about 20 years behind what do are you the u.s. is in terms of modalities<br> Diagnostic Center to so you have to actually think out-of-the-box you have to be open to different things and that's what I grew up with my cousin and I grew up visiting and seeing with my grandpa and grandma did and what my uncle did and my mom so it's I literally went up I was asked what do I want to do when I grow up late was I want a simple especially when I came here and I do have to say that for years of medical school and residency subsequently pretty much beat the holistic concept out of me pretty much so in a 2007 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3 and I was told I would be dead within 2 years<br> my life literally came to a halt right there so I just started going to die in my hand other than the initial brief episode of oh my God so I got a death sentence to hear we do without chemotherapy and I did Little Kim of therapy for discovering that sometimes when the treatment is worse than the disease well you have to think about the answers to the reintroduction of the holistic approach Mind Body Spirit and just thinking outside the box so that's what got me going and that was the greatest gift present that I could have gotten a present being in the present moment because it literally put me in the present moment and I changed my lifestyle I change the change my stinking thinking hurry up I got divorced that wasn't a good relationship that I was leaving and I literally became a whole new being and as I evolve to from 2007 until<br> 2015 I actually developed a nice and my specialties Family Medicine in emergency medicine and so I partnered with a another doctor in creating something old something Wellness where are the Caucasus speaking the languages of the brain and other one quickly before we go on with that I do not want the audience with something that you just said and I want to backtrack you said that you had a disease cancer you got a divorce and this is Dre Vons for the end it birth a whole new person a happy to know this is the thing that we've got it you just got to talk about this binaural beats and all this stuff but listen to this<br> the continent every tragedy that shows up in your life has not come to destroy you in fact and everyday piece me teaching we talked about that everything that shows up in your life as shown up for one reason and it made it to bow down and serve you as you consciously create your next level of greatness and my goodness if you didn't just say that doctor and she said that you got a divorce and it birthed a whole new person the person that you are today that happy individual that you are to date one of these organizations providing this fabulous service you have your father's new wife and you're still practicing medicine and you intubated this holistic approach please take them that whoever is listening to that who needs to hear that today that we are you are today it's whatever situation you find yourself in that situation has not come to destroy you<br> please allow me to do this job which is to birth the whole new you I want to jump into really quickly because we're talking about this meditation peace and I meant to say that I could have used your your knowledge this morning when I was doing my meditative practice what are binaural beats just what is that<br> I got introduced to by Nero beats back into a 2011 at that is when I know I was introduced by a colleague of mine who would become my business partner in Summit Wellness about a year so down the line and the way the Doctor Brian Daley has described it is it will change your life and so I thought I liked him I trusted him and I didn't know exactly the time what that meant that and a personal level it's literally exploded my mind it's so there's an expression and I feel something like I tell you no come minds are like parachutes once fully open them you know you can go back or something of that nature. So what happened was I TMI Monroe Institute I'll make a short story of it but it's literally a fascinating journey of Discovery whereas I came in as a primarily a lift<br> brain oriented person meaning of logical you know everything goes into boxes and everything is organized in if it's some doesn't serve the purpose nope you'll go back into the box you go back on the shelf and then I'll decide if I'm going with my current project<br> what happened was I will tell you what it did first and then I'll describe what they are he's getting too literally opened up my entire right side of the brain killer in other words, the left and the right brain and for the first time I found myself in a place where I was literally overflowing to the Motions I would never show emotion previous late night I never grew up with the concept of expressing myself emotionally and came out of me and then it took me some time to integrate that but that was a wonderful a journey that leads to further programmes further learning and eventually it led me to become a normally have part of the professional teaching learning and advancing this and if an amazing stuff but also on internal review board for the research and<br> starting my own company Sunday Wellness when I couldn't find the products and services that I wanted to in the healthcare field and 1/2 by Nero beats are and how they found out what is I would really like them to understand you just said it opened up the right side of your brain was more creativity attached to your emotions but you know open up to your emotions and accepting your emotions how are they doing that<br> play recent virus a binaural beats orgasm get well in the sun with sound which is a type of a binaural beat but pulsing more than that is anything less than 20 hearts of cycles per second is not going to be perceived by the brain in other words we cannot hear that frequency but that is where the magic happens and that is where the languages of the brain take place all the way from Delta all the way through beta and I'll mention a little bit of briefly about each one of the sound a hundred cycle frequency current 200 200 in the in your left ear and then a hundred and four cycles per second in the right ear through a series of neural networks and connections actually begins to<br> which of the brain is responsible for it is intimately involved with the Deep Sleep relaxation with people who don't sleep don't arrest them or basically don't recover from mold from stress they are missing their sleep and Recovery that's also when the brain detoxifies and many other prophecies and that's it essential oil Delta the next one is called my favorites until I discovered in came up on, but interesting thing about cameras removal long is the part of the approach it blew it literally takes everything to come full circle to activate the entire brain so it's not just one versus the other it's how the whole thing comes together<br> beautiful complicated messed it just works at 1 to sleep by 3 if you want to break down into separate components state it is from 4 to approximately 7 cycles per second and Theda is responsible for the AHA moments it's the type of moments where people see gravity all the time they do things fall from the tree for example but the Newton to him that the Apple fell from the tree and then he came up with the law of gravity that is the kind of stuff that happens in Theta spend a lot of time in that state and it's wonderful State it's a very relaxed state of being an r and r l a i like that in its beautiful it's when your 12<br> you mentioned it if you were back in the childhood that would be how wonderful it would get to see a world through a child's eyes and this is what it is exactly what that is strange next playing with your the brain is actually cold Alpha and Alpha goes all the way up to 12 cycles per second from Branson to 3/8 to 12 + Alpha is the example of would be if you are driving a stick-shift vehicle and you're basically is 15 years from now so you can go into more aware States or you can go into more relaxed States many people are not able to go into relaxation. I heard you talked to her earlier during the previous stuck a wonderful conversation by the way about how do you get into the place where you can shift your mind how do you get into the rapid the transition place where you can get the f<br> meditation for Stillness or being present being present is the most powerful thing in the universe is a pattern or patterns we bring forth and the future is possibility Quantum field full of uncertainties if you have to know if you will stay in the present and you literally stay in the present and you focus on the present moment you will literally have the entire range of options in any given situation<br> and that's what that's place of magic I start right beside myself so funny because my mother used to say you can't pray and worry at the same time so you need to pick with you pick which which which one you want to stand on you understand on the warrior you want to stand on the prayer so in the same thing as you're saying is it's the same concept you can't be stressed and at peace at the same time to pick where do you want to be and do the practices follow the practices developed the disciplines that allow you to stand in that space drink is actually a very important for attention for awareness for Reproductive function work<br> stop doing things for accomplishing things for understanding for talking for listening it's called Data in lower beta you are actually in a functional state but in a higher beta you enter into a place where there's anxiety stress worry it's where the monkey brain takes over and literally a person out of control so it's a pros and cons of course there's always pros and cons to everything is how you used the tools but it's the key is to learn to control the right now Beyonce de Leon 30 Cycles 4 seconds it's you answering to something called Ghana and remember I mentioned that the human brain does not to comprehend has no hear the sound of frequency less than 20 Hertz or 20 cycles per second so if I want to print zempel create a 4 cycle per second frequency in the<br> that's something that you cannot hear from outside but you can create internally I would for example have differential frequency of 100 and 104 cycles per second and the difference and of course it takes multiple by Nero beats to having the process of neuroplasticity and university city is in his amazing he actually learn a new pattern<br> this is where I eat when I died and where and when I leave work with clients same as much as medicine it's much as conventional medicine is holistic a it's the entire thing and I literally get people to change their patterns how do you get somebody to change a pattern that's not working well first thing is awareness and then you go further into willingness to change and then practice desire other frequencies that we just mentioned Delta through beta that's actually supports the brain into whether it's awareness or relaxation or simply intake and to accept the gift the present that is all around the energy vibration<br> I have to interject and ask you this you said you've said a lot that and thank you for the explanation of saying how the binaural beats you know where they're working in the brain you know where these cycles per second are but here we are we are we are this individual and we returned on some binaural beats and I understand that the bunion helps to a cheap a synchronized State what do you mean when you say synchronized estate this is insane in the brain obviously but what does that mean is that where all of these Alpha Beta gamma all this is working in concert is that what we talked about the brain becomes whole holistic really truly means everything mind-body-spirit make it happens when there's a left and right brain different entities and you just imagine two people standing back to back to each other and not given<br> indicating and now there's a little Arab reaches across like so that just corpus callosum tickets structures that connect them but the structures that are not very significant to them so we could communicate between the brain to combine The Logical the emotional and basically the entirety of the human being is very difficult it would take decades that literally Decades of meditation purpose and it's a wonderful world they work but for many people we don't have the luxury of being in a cave or in a monastery learning to meditate for decades so that is where the frequencies comes in so that leads me to my next question I'm sure clients who say to me that the drayvon I would love to meditate but I cannot and I always start small I think you know where we're going to sit for 2 minutes and we're just going to sit for 2 minutes for this Wednesday in the Stillness 2 minutes and some people can do 2 minutes and some people just really cannot<br> with themself for 2 minutes they are tormenting them self if they sit there so and I and I was very attracted to your message when you talked about here you can achieve these great benefits of meditation and less time by using the binaural beats how<br> how does a person go about they say you got this individual and they just can't meditate for whatever reason they can't they can't steal them self they can't sit long enough for you know what's their first step if they want to use binaural beats are some other process and purpose where ever you are you if you direct your mind whatever you choose to do to become a werewolf to practice to in the two to strengthen that is what's going to get stronger those patterns that we do not engage in it said that the patterns that we ignore this text so if there's an expression you can stitch an old dog new tricks that actually incorrect happened to the moment of death transition<br> opportunity to change to modify to become stronger to take every single calendar and turn it into an opportunity and that's what I advise my client friends family as well as that's what I've done with everything that happened in my life every challenge turned into an Ubuntu pull amazing opportunity to learn to become stronger to become better and we don't get anything in our lives that we cannot handle that's the bottom line and so how would you go about like there's a there's a wealth of different options with binaural beats what does a person how do I know where to begin so you know you have a wonderful chords to biogenix course.com so let's see a person persons on that site where do you where do you start, do you know people are coming in they're so full and they're so overwhelmed I think a lot of times having a lot of options as great as a sign of<br> open development you got so many options but also can be confusing for people they just get overwhelmed and they're already stressed and they don't know where to start. We will start with them I've been into martial arts and sports my entire life but I've been into looks like for example of a boxing for a couple of years and mixed martial arts for a couple of years for a couple of years and then just so on and so forth now if you bounce around from a system to assist them than you learn different things now you're older better for it but you're not going to be as good as if we if you just take some like one system for example karate or otherwise and you take it all the way to would you call Lake of the blank Ballot or the top level because of that point you have we will have learned pretty much all the tools that you need to be holistic comprehensive that is where I came into the system called biogenics developed by dr. Norm shealy who is my well he's my mentor<br> is my spiritual father and Anna mayonnaise at basically at this point 89 years old still practicing. Books Publications everything exercises 2 hours a day teaches educates does amazing things great minds and follows through and everything that he does and what he has created among other things is a system back in 1972 to 74 in those two years he came up with and he established the pH decreases in humanistic psychology based on self-regulation self-regulation and Stress Management and Stress Management that I'd love to have this is a separate Topic at some point cuz there's so much to say about that is behind stress behind over 85% of all the disses that happens to humans and that includes anxiety depression<br> list of physical illness chronic disease and why because you for the tour has seen a microfiber is up of the muscle but then the muscle get stronger so that's the same concept one more moment cuz we do have a caller that's been on the line for a while it's going to pick them up hello you on the Eric's dr. Dre by and James are fabulous yes Doctor S today did you have a question or comment have a question of the doctor said so many great things the one thing you just said a few seconds ago when he talked about how it doesn't matter how old you are because you can you can change your change your mind or even up to before you expire and so my question was how do you get when you become older how do you get yourself in the mindset to believe<br> that you can change your things can change because the older we get why must be for myself the older I get the more I now find myself very settled in the way I think in the way I see things and soul talk about change I'm going to let something that you know it's very catastrophic and you really need to make a change I just talked about this change in your life like how do you how do you develop the mindset at a older age to believe that you can change for things can change you want to kind of get to that question it's a great questions I just want to make sure you get to the end of it had about a minute left<br> actually I would like to address that at you know in the holistic perspective and that's a wonderful question thank you okay we are a mind body and spirit wear the entire being and so by working with a physical therapy feedback and mental and emotional success forgiveness acceptance tolerance pedal so who am I what is my true nature and when you realize that you are a spiritual being we are old Spiritual Beings we are more than Flesh and Blood that's a nice meat suit but we have physical body and we are more than our physical body we have thoughts feelings and emotions and patterns of those things and we're more than those patterns that's how you can change by realizing vaginal itching that you are greater than all of that and you have a choice<br> great thank you thank you for that and I want to thank dr. XR Fabolous yesterday to learn more about the great work that doctor S is doing you want to visit the website www.match.com to learn neuroplasticity and speaking the language of the brain I want to tell you once again and if you are interested I hope that you are an improving your health your wealth of your relationships check out every day piece on Infinity Foundation. Org and our upcoming horse on March 18th I absolutely love you thank you<br> you've been listening to Everyday teeth for dr. 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