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Relationship Help Show, January 23, 2018

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E28: Call It What It Is: Abuse!
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Guests, Liberty Forrest and Christine Baumgartner

Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

​Guest, Liberty Forrest and Christine Baumgartner

In a timely response to the court statements of Aly Raisman of US Gymnastics Team to her accused abuser, Dr. Larry Nassar, guests Liberty Forrest and Christine Baumgartner discuss how to recognize all kinds of abuse...and call it what it is!

Guest, Liberty Forrest

Guest Name
Liberty Forrest
Guest Occupation
Author, Speaker, Psychic and Medium
Guest Biography

Liberty Forrest is an award-winning author, a columnist and Huffington Post contributor. She's written articles for numerous publications in several countries and has written several books. Previously, she specialised in non-fiction inspirational self-help books but she now focuses on family saga fiction with a paranormal element.

 Liberty's professional background is in social work and counseling, later adding hypnosis to her bag of tricks to further help her clients.

 Drawing on her own turbulent life and healing journey, which had its roots in childhood abuse, she combines her personal and professional experiences with her passion for writing, resulting in gripping, compelling stories that readers say they can't put down.

 Her stories are suspense-filled fiction about characters who deal with challenging obstacles and family relationships, and about their interactions with those who are in the Spirit realm. Liberty's characters feel like real people all of us know and love -- or love to hate.

 In childhood, Liberty discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium. These abilities continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally. Previously, Liberty enjoyed an idyllic life in rural England, where for five years she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners.

 Eventually, she took to the stage, where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit.

 As a practicing witch, she has also been hired on numerous occasions to cast spells for clients, or to remove negative energies and evil entities from homes where they were most unwelcome.

 Currently, she is working with clients over the internet, helping them to develop their own abilities as psychics and mediums. This includes one-on-one guidance to assist them in overcoming various personal challenges that are often reflected in their relationships with others."

Guest, Christine Baumgartner

Guest Name
Christine Baumgartner
Guest Occupation
Dating and Relationship Coach
Guest Biography

Christine works with singles who are ready to finally have a loving partner in their life and are willing to tackle what’s been keeping that love away so they’ll finally attract the committed loving relationship they desire and deserve.

Christine’s coaching capitalizes on over 25 years as a wedding planner where she witnessed the benefits of people meeting and marrying “The Perfect Catch” (and the huge challenges that arose when they didn't).

This inspired her to focus on what happens BEFORE the marriage, which ultimately contributed to her to becoming a dating and relationship coach.

Christine then became a top coach for John Gray and by combining this coaching experience with her own personal dating experience she created her Transform Your Dating Life system.

Christine knows this system works because it’s how she met her husband Tony; they married in 2007.

Her Transform Your Dating Life system helps her clients
• Clarify what you want and need from a partner so you’ll begin choosing men and women who are match for you.

• Learn what’s been keeping you from attracting the right type of men and women, so you’ll stop wasting your time going out with the wrong people.

• Finally feel comfortable and confident in your dating and relationships.

Christine knows this system works it’s how she meet her husband Tony; they married in 2007.

Relationship Help Show

Show Host

The Relationship Help Show:  Handling Hijackal® Havoc offers the insights, strategies, and skills you need to recognize what's really going on in the crazy-making relationships in your life. Relentlessly difficult people and relationships in can cause you to constantly second-guess yourself and question your sanity.

Get relationship advice directly from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor. Learn from her expert guests. Each one has a very unique voice on solving relationship problems with particularly difficult people 

Are these relationship issues on your mind?

  • Are you with a Hijackal?  Free ebook, How To Spot A Hijackal, 
  • Want to know how your relationship can shift and you can grow closer?
  • Or, need to know if it's time to leave? 
  • Need insights into troubling behavior patterns?
  • Want to deepen your emotional intimacy?
  • Need to distance yourself from toxic people?
  • Can't communicate...or someone won't?
  • Trying to figure out what's your problem and what is theirs? 
  • Does every conversation quickly become an argument?
  • Have you been discarded by a relentlessly difficult person, a Hijackal?
  • Are you with one? Or, leaving one? 

You will get help with those here!  

What is a Hijackal, exactly? 

A person who hijacks relationships–for their own purposes–while scavenging them for power, status, and control.

They make you question your sanity and second-guess yourself constantly. That’s their game…and, they are very good at it!

Every time you think of being near a Hijackal®, you get anxious. Why? Because the main purpose of Hijackal behavior is to win.

Recognizing chronically difficult people requires admitting that they not only like to win, they have to win. Yes, to win…and in all circumstances and at all times. Yes, they will give you the illusion of agreeing with you…but, only when it suits their purposes, or their longer “game.”

Know one? I’m thinking you must because you’ve found yourself here on this page with me. You’re ready to escape the Hijackal Trap.

It might be your partner, ex,  parent,  co-worker, or someone in any organization–family, workplace, government, court, church, community project, board, or association.

We have all had interaction - at some level, at some time - with a Hijackal... whether we knew it or not. They are unavoidable. AND being in a relationship with a Hijackal - whether at home, work or play - requires some insights and knowledge to navigate and keep yourself safe and sane. 

Those are the things we discuss a lot here. Join us. 

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