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Dont Panic Its Organic, June 23, 2018

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Dont Panic Its Organic
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with Dr. Theres Nicassio

Our guest Dr. Theresa Nicassio from Vancouver, Canada, is an Integrative Psychologist, Author, Radio Show Host, Mom, Chef and Nutrition Educator. Theresa provides hope in the face of despair, helping those she serves heal from the inside-out. She offers simple solutions to the "ache" that so many feel about their health, their relationships, and the planet. Her publication 'YUM: Plant-Based Recipes For A Gluten-Free Diet' is a resource book for those wanting to live a healthier, more vibrant or conscious life, and who are living with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. We'll be talking about her passion for organic and sustainable living, what's at the core of our current environmental crisis, and what we can do to work together to promote the wellness and sustainability of ourselves and our planet.

Guest, Dr Theresa Nicassio

Guest Name
Dr Theresa Nicassio
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Integrative Psychologist, Radio Host, Wellness Educator and Award-Winning Author
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Dr. Theresa Nicassio is an integrative psychologist in private practice, as well as a radio host, wellness educator and award-winning author of YUM: Plant-Based Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet. 

An agent of change who is fiercely committed to empowerment, Theresa offers simple solutions to everyday problems about health, relationships, & our ailing planet. Her radio show (The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show) reaches over 1/3 million monthly listeners and her website,, are her way of offering the wisdom she’s learned on her personal and professional journey to as many people as possible. 

As a health, environmental and disability advocate, Theresa is doing all she can to bring to life her dream for everyone to have access to cutting-edge information that can equip them to join the revolution to make the world be a kinder, healthier and more sustainable place.

Her website is:

Dont Panic Its Organic

Listen to
Don’t Panic It’s Organic!

Banish pesticides and chemical fertilizers
from your garden.
The Invisible Gardener is here
to show you how to work with
Mother Nature instead of against her.

What are you putting in your soil? How are you dealing with garden pests and diseases? Conventional horticulture assaults the earth with pesticides and chemicals, sucking essential nutrients from the soil with each harvest. Organic gardening offers a healthier, more productive, and more sustainable alternative.

andy Lopez, a.k.a. the Invisible Gardener, started his business in 1970 and through this show he will reveal how to work in partnership with your garden while consuming less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

Under Andy’s expert tutelage, you’ll discover -

  • the importance of having 'living' soil 
  • natural tree care by understanding the Law of Cause and Effect how you can control bark beetles and other pests and diseases
  • natural disease control by using a Refractometer to get Brix readings
  • what Brix is and how you can use it for your garden
  • the correct way to make use of compost and mulch, and why we make it in the first place
  • natural pest control, the Greater the Stress, the Greater the Pest
  • you will know what Brix is and how you can use it for your garden
  • the correct way to make and use compost and mulch, and why we make it in the first place
  • natural pest control: my motto is the Greater the Stress, the Greater the Pest
  • organic lawn care and weed control
  • natural spraying methods
  • how to reduce your garden’s water needs
  • what the role of Mycelium is and how to help it
  • what rock dust is and how to use it

Conventional horticulture still clings to the claim that organic and conventional growing methods yield the same results. Andy reveals the flaws in this argument, proving organic practices and heirloom seed use can actually increase harvests. 

Even if organic and conventional growing methods had the same results, which would you prefer: soil leached of nutrients by chemical overuse, or rich, natural loam cultivated by your own hands and Andy’s practical, proven methods?

A real gardener knows the answer instinctively. Don’t Panic Go Organic - you’ll never regret it.

The Invisible Gardener show will be a mix of andy’s gardening wisdom along with electronic music he writes himself. He is also an environmentalist and his shows reflect this. Listen to him live on every Sat Mornings 1 to 1:55 pm pst

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