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Dawsons Domain, November 28, 2020

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with Jeff Dawson
Dawson's Domain with Jeff Dawson
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I'm your host Jeff Dawson for another episode of Dawson's domain we cover the spectrum of life's pressing issues and events from politics to relationships Sports tahor alternative history to poetry humor to baseball coaching and everything in between
good good afternoon this is Jeff Dawson from rather cloudy overcast 59 degrees Dallas Texas and we've got a lot of rain is going to be moving and finally going to get our first blast of wonderful winner that some parts of the country of already indoor that's one of the greatest things about Texas is unless you're living up in the Panhandle around Amarillo and I'm not sure anybody would want to live there but
we just don't get hit hard we occasionally get some ice little bit of snow but for the most part it's pretty mild
today's episode we're going to do something a little different I've got several topics I'm going to go over thanks because it's his Thanksgiving weekend Sports relationship and yeah we're going to talk a little politics but that's not going to be the real Focus the first thing is thanks and what am I what if I've been thankful for over the years while one is a renewed relationship with God which I have failed at miserably for quite some time but to see my children picking up the slack is that's that's pretty heart mean that I wasn't their greatest spiritual leader would have talked about it
but we didn't go on to his death but all three of them have found their own way and their beliefs and practices will as I can so I'm very thankful for that I am thankful for the 11 grandchildren I have
and basically because they don't live with me which that's probably their + 2 is like who wants to live with an old man who's always hooting and hollering and yelling but when you get down to their Ali they're all really good kids all 11 of them they all have their issues they all have their problems but you know we got to watch our children grow but we were really involved and it's so we missed a lot of things because we were more worried about what are they going to screw up what are they going to do wrong what the hell am I going to have to bail him out of so we focused a lot on the negative his parents and the things that they didn't do right
is grandparent where she could sit back and now we get to watch it from the outside of watching our children raised their children and then listen to them talk about it and no it's not like we'll I told you so it's more of taking it in
and then being able to go back and remember when we were that age when our children were that age and the challenges that we all face and how would deal with them and yes it's a moment of reflection that we can look back and say you know if I had that to do again maybe out of done that a little different and I actually got to do that with my dad I was very thankful that I was able to spend
his last seven months and take care of him that was that was a bonus to be able to do that
and I don't regret doing that because he too we talked about the things that I thought should have been handled a little different and he could actually agree and his 80s that you know I did make some mistakes and as parents we have to be able to do that on occasion yeah we're not going to tell our kids time but we can go back and when we get that breather and we get a break and just think about how we have handle certain situations
maybe I could have done that a little different and if we can help our kids do that as they're raising there's then hopefully they won't make the same mistakes that we did
I am thankful for
a lot of friends that I have and they're from all ages all Races different backgrounds but when it comes down to it
we're all one we don't aren't going to agree on everything we aren't going to just be a bobblehead and not all the time and say yeah you're right you're right you're right because what is the point of that no one can be right on it for send the time and believe me I have people that will look at me and say you just think you know it all even my mom told me that and I was like no but if we're discussing a topic that I'm very familiar with and I'm strong and yes I will vigorously debate it
that's just the way it is
but I do I have I am blessed with a host of friends and I was very thankful that
I was given the opportunity that's a lot of people aren't of reuniting with a high school love and that was Debbie Beck and I've talked about this on past episodes and on my YouTube channel Debbie and I were high school sweethearts
and then I went to college the relationship crash like a meteor hitting the Earth like Armageddon
and we did run into each other a couple of times at Oklahoma State or both went and if I do get distracted occasionally through this I apologize but OSU is playing Texas Tech right now and unlike the embarrassment from last week they are actually winning 52-31 so I am thankful that they decided to show up and play ball today and we'll talk about last week in a minute but I was very thankful that with Debbie
that we reunited back in 2009 and were given seven wonderful months together before her breast cancer took her on July 20th 2009 that was a very sad day but
unlike many people we were actually able to finish what we had started so many years ago
and packed a lifetime of love in those seven months of which I have written a book and its and title loves true second chance
and yes I'm the author but of every book I've written it is my favorite because it's true story and there's no white knight in it this is a story of a real relationship the ups and the Downs 2 challenges
that we all face in trying to mix two families together and we know how challenging that is and we did this in a seven month. Now we did have a few instances in ups and downs but that just enriched our relationship because we work through them
and realized this is all trivial there were a few major issues but for the most part
the trivial was eliminated and we focused on all of the good even when she got her last diagnosis that last diagnosis was just I mean I'm standing there listen to the doctor goes through it and all the drugs she's going to have to take to fight the cancer the drug she'd have to take to combat the chemo and I'm like she does one round and she'll die cuz she it's not fully recovered her strength and her psyche to from the last round of radiation and came out with the chemo and that I believe in November
and when we got back together she had like I think two more or three more radiation treatments in the if you haven't been to that with anybody you will be amazed at how much energy it drains out of them I member
walking out of the doctor's office and this gentleman who I've been talking to just looked at me with a kind of styes and he said take care of her I said sir I have every intention of taking care of her so I was very thankful that we were able to finish what we have started so many years ago and I've told people if it happened again I would do it again even knowing that it's not going to be forever in this won't last that's how much I love Debbie it is a great book
on the front side
I am very thankful for the old ones that I have I have two that I have known for over 40 years we all met in junior high when we were 14 15 and to this day those relationships continue I have some solid ones from high school not so many from college but that's okay but then from business and career and work and then just going out and socializing in mingling in that part I have met some very fine people
and I will give a shout out to where we met because this is a great place to dine is called Dunston Steakhouse it is run by Jim Johnston who is in his early to mid 80s he works everyday at the one we go to which was is at 8526 Harry Hines in Dallas Texas and has another location at 5423 Lovers Lane if you're looking for a great family atmosphere laid-back son restaurant and reasonably priced this is the place to go it doesn't have an exotic menu it's not supposed to be this is a family style restaurant that those of us in our sixties and above this is what we grew up with
in our childhood and our preteen and teen years we had one in Tulsa for the name is Ghost brownies was called brownies that was a great place it was an old fashioned. If you don't need all the fancy Glitz and the four stars in the five stars and all of this
it's just a great laid-back place and the one on Harry Hines for those of us in the menorah is still smoke they actually have a complete dining area just for the smokers with a fireplace that's a great setting but I have met
some really neat people
and I'm going to acknowledge them
and I'll tell you why that's Jerry and Patty Barry and Lisa and Kevin and there's two other friends Doug and Fred now they weren't there last night and it was the first time I met Lisa and Kevin and really talk to them I think I'd run into them like 6 months prior to that
but we really didn't have a chance to have a conversation last night we did
these are great folks and yes I sold them some books but that's not what makes them great folks what makes them good people is we were able to share stories we were able to laugh we were able to listen and we were able to learn from each other and for me that is a complete evening that makes it worthwhile if I meet some good people and I learn something new
then I have enriched myself but the only way I can do that as if I listen in a x
some people that I that wore friends they had forgotten the art of listening is like I really don't need to do this anymore because it's going to be a one-way conversation and nobody's going to get anything out of it so I'm very very happy that I met them and in fact
they asked maybe about my radio show cuz I brought it up and then go what's your topic and as of 10 last night I didn't have one
which usually
I will start writing notes a week in advance on okay what do we want to cover I had no clue and I told them that I don't know what the topic is
so we close down the restaurant got home about 11 or 10 and I started writing those Miss like this will be the topic today these will be the topic
of which I have to thank Jerry Patty Lisa and Kevin for helping with this and I mentioned listening I didn't say, he was going to be part of this but this you know there's some stories I just hope I don't screw it up that are really good
Kevin didn't tell me who he work for
but he did tell me that he was procurement agency and did a lot of work for the state of Texas he has some federal Conte contract Andy also kind of deals with the prison system
there were a couple of waitresses I'd come back to have a smoke break and they got to talk in and they started laughing and I think it was Lisa turned around said if you heard Kevin's Bagel story it's like no
well you just won't believe this okay someone's about to tell me a bagel story now your initial reaction is
I mean the last time I dealt with Bagels is when Debbie and her girls came down we went to Kay's Restaurant off of 75 and bought fresh Bagels okay and yeah I know people have gone to Einstein's and they get bagels and cream cheese but the way they said it was an interesting Bagel story it's like
there's got to be something more than what they're letting on to
and Kevin turns chair looked at me and proceeded to tell me that one day he thought he would give a shot at trying to do some work to get some contracts with the prison down in Huntsville
Auntie got in touch with the gal cuz they had a new product line coming out and they discuss the details
he got a temporary contract so he's happy his boss is happy
they sell in this is probably where I'm going to get the numbers wrong but
it will progressively get better it starts out with like five hundred cases
and then he gets another order for se-500 then he gets one 4:15 then he gets one of these are like two to three-week increments then it gets 143 he gets another one for 3
and then every two weeks he's things are rocking things are rolling people are happy product is moving money's coming in and then bam
not a peep nobody's calling nobody's reorder it well
I'm in construction so if I have a good client that has been doing say two jobs a year obviously I'm going to touch base and ask them what's going on how are things haven't seen you been in anything lately is I think I'm going down the pipe and they will respectfully reply well we're in the design phase with got some procurement issues permits are hung up the Prince Seven men afro blah blah blah
that's not the case here
so just out of curiosity been like a belief six months
had passed by nothing
will the fiscal year it ended
any thought you know I might need to give her a call so he calls the Gallup
I believe her name was Debbie
I was like well Debbie y'all haven't reordered anything from his serve their problem
she goes you have to call Susie
he's like why
you're the one in charge and this is who I started with so now I've got to go back to square one you have to call Susie
when I was kind of scratching his head gone oh what the hell
okay fair enough so he calls up Susie
and how are you doing life been good
is there a reason you haven't placed an order with me
and she said
we will never purchase another bagel for the prison system
was it an inferior product
I mean were they not properly packaged or they not
it will what this doesn't make sense cuz you please expand a little bit on it
and her reply
we are never going to buy bagels for the prisoners again
why not I mean look at these orders I mean it looks like the prisoners love them and her response and they got to use your imagination
they're not eating them
and he had to pause for a minute and then realized
the bagels have holes in them
so yes you could say that that was a new game of ring toss that the inmates were doing down in Huntsville and I'll let your imagination take it away from their so
yeah that's going to be like a boomerang coming back Bagels holes prisoners yeah connect the dots and you are correct in your assumption puts a whole new Wrinkle In the game of ring toss doesn't it
okay had to throw a little humor in there
so I'm very thankful that I have met these people and I do look forward to chatting with them again it was just a wonderful evening
alright football
at least I can be thankful today that we're still up 5237 and not embarrassing my god did anybody watch that crap last week OSU OU Jesus Mike Gundy is now I think 2 and 17 against the in-state rival
2 + 70 is there any other Division 1 school that would put up with this Mike Gundy has been great for Oklahoma State he has done a lot for the program he is cleaned up the program he has given them National prominence but he cannot do one thing to be a real force in the Big 12 - 2 and that is beat OU and Texas consecutively and consistently
before OSU played Texas that were ranked number six and I did a YouTube article back in it had to have been October
where I laid it out this isn't ridiculous the guys who ranked OSU number 6 or smoking the wrong stuff they're not a number 16 and of course I got some blowback from some of my OS we just don't have any faith I said no I'm a realist and we're about to get tested so it play Texas and they lose in overtime to text note drop the number 14
okay that's about where they need to be but I've also watched though you play God I can't stand watching them play
and yes sometimes it's because they're just that damn good that scored 62 Points each and their last two games I wish you had managed to scrounge like 35-40 was with the vaulted defense I kept talking about
if you watch the OU OSU game you saw just how bad one team is in the other team wasn't and it sure the hell wasn't always you in fact that fourth-quarter was nothing but an embarrassment
I was like cod can it get any worse
well I didn't think you could get worse but I was proven wrong
the Dallas Cowboys
where's old Jimmy Row Michael how about them boys yeah how about the ass kicking the Redskins handed them the other night
you know
watching that game was like watching OSU OU
can we get any worse
well with Jerry Jones at the helm anything is now possible and I understand I know I'm going to hear the arguments what we got a backup quarterback we got a busted up offensive line you know those are the same excuses that people were talking about with OSU identical situation
well that's where
those players that finally get a chance to play need to shine
and it sure the hell ain't happening with the Cowboys I meant talk about apathetic division
the team that wins
let's bastardize NFC East Division will have a losing record and we haven't seen that since Seattle went to the playoffs with a 7 and 9 and I believe that's the year that they played the Cowboys and their first playoff game in quite some time and the Cowboys lost because Romo couldn't handle the snap and they missed field goal y'all remember that play and of course Tony was just blasting and then they talked about will the ball was liking this that the Cowboys lost the game and then I believe the Seahawks went on to win their they played another guy think that played the Bears and lost their but they were seven or not
so we are going to have if you've been watching the NFL which I'll be honest up until Thursday I haven't watch the game cuz I'm not supporting BLM I'm not any of that crap you don't like that then
I'm not the person for you I'm not supporting cuz I've read their letter that they sent to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and if you haven't read it and you can handle going to the BLM site and that's where I had to go to get it
then download it and read it
it doesn't matter who is going to win this presidential election
because one of them is going to have to deal with this if by some freak accident
can be supplied that shows voter fraud and I'm not talking about the conspiracy theories I am not talking about what I heard or what somebody said I'm talking about the cases they are compiling
and the reason you know think about this
why everyone on the left is all excited will that case got shot down that case got shot down that's all we hear about
we know I Hillary didn't do this because they had no proof of voter fraud we didn't have this mess of mail-in voting five states had in 16 but not 50 big difference and I've done
videos on that
on my YouTube page director 59
you didn't have this going on at 16 we do have it going on in 20 I don't know if there was fraud I'm not on the inside I'm not counting ballots I can't see what the hell happened
and yeah if there's smoke there fire and I think there's more smoke here than there ever was with the little Matchstick that somebody lit and it just you know the old wooden matches you strike and boy flares up and gets all excited but there was why you got it done well that's what the Democrats had starting at 16 they decided they kept trying to get this bonfire that was never going to happen with Russia and then Ukraine and for those who weren't watching
add a cat saying in like 3 weeks before the election they started bringing Russian collusion and interference and again why because they were setting up and preparing that if Trump wins this guess what story we were going to be blasted with all over again it was going to be the Russians interfere there was foreign in in intervention blah blah the same shit we listen to for four years was going to be raped re-ignited
and again there would have been no proof but we would be barraged with it will sense it didn't happen or it hasn't happened
we don't talk about that
because if you do talk about it
are you going to say that since Trump put Putin in his place in Syria and Ukraine that the Russians realized well if we did interfere maybe we ought to try and go with the other candidate this this time would that be a headline story and do you really think the MSN with hand would cover that fully objectively
hell no
they would say it was okay more than likely
which brings up
I found something out that I didn't realize did you know that we have at large senators and representatives
and our government I didn't know this I'd never heard of it
I'm at 1 thanks to Douglas and Don Newsom fine hosts of the show that make it work it's one of their friends Kevin D Brown he is a senator at-large from the District of Columbia
so I did some research into this what the hell is a standard or large they don't get to sit at the table
they do get to
meet all of these people at the table and with lobbying support trying to convince them
on how to vote on certain bills in these positions are not paid positions mean I'll look this up
and I looked up mr. Brown on ballotpedia which is a it's a great source to find people because they also have a questionnaire of which you don't have to fill out but most of them do it's what they're so much information on that side of blow your mind that's it's just unbelievable
I read his bio because we're debating this current election and he is the Hardline Democrat you lost we won you lost we won
what were they saying in 16 on Trump one was not my president it's illegitimate he didn't get the popular vote will Bushton get the popular vote in 2000
but the Electoral College
made Bush Junior and Donald Trump president so what is the last response eliminate the Electoral College it's outdated we don't like it did you hear them pitching mound when Obama want no it was a landslide now you did win the popular vote
but there were no problems with the system when the Democrat wins but by God of the Republican when it's Antiquated it sold it needs to be reformed we need to become a democracy and not a republic and a 5 million and 1 people voted for Joe Biden and 5 million voted for Donald Trump than Joe Biden is the present what horseshit you know that's why when you look at how are Senate and House or set up before the nuclear option thank you mister Harry Reid
and your nuclear option bullshit
why the Republicans didn't get rid of that
but it was like well you did it so now we're going to do it
what a bunch of damn kids
this you know there was a reason that you had to have 66%
of the Senators agree on something
not 51 cuz now you have a consensus of America and not a consensus of the power of the party in power
this is why they sent the Constitution up the way they did
it's not about that didn't set it up that my side right my side is right and your side is wrong it's about if you can get 66% of these dumbasses to agree on something then that's a pretty damn good consensus of the American people yes know the answer is yes
oh no we have to come up with a nuclear option
it's just inside but let me get back to mr. Brown I was reading his the questionnaire and one of his answers and goes on term limits and his response was this
well term limits they just vote you out of office will if you have a huge War chest in your opponent doesn't who's going to win continuously
the person with the biggest war chest
unless something really bizarre happens
in my response to him was
what's wrong with term limits
that was a week ago
now what has like 3 or 4 days ago
don't ever respond yet
what why would someone be opposed to term limits either side Democrat Republican independent why are you opposed to term limits
you'll hear the argument of what you're going to lose a lot of experience
well if it's bad experience we're not lose injection are we know we might be gaining something
you know you always hear about we have to listen to your peers with my peers an idiot I'm not going to listen to him
and that's how I've you say 80% of those in the house and the Senate I'm your peer will that doesn't make you God and it doesn't make you this great legislature it just means you've been here longer you know the ins-and-outs of DC and you know how to make a shitload of money and nobody ever find out about it
that's how many term limits
that allowed
how do you walk in and take a job
that's pays $175,000 a year and in 10 years you are
a multi multi multi multi-millionaire I understand you can make some good Investments I mean you know if you got in on the ground floor with Yahoo Walmart Xerox IBM Twitter Facebook Google Amazon you get in on the ground floor you got enough money to buy stocks and the price keeps going up and you keep rolling over and buy more yes I can see that but how many people actually do that it's a very small percentage how can we have so many millionaires in Congress
well that right there is a big problem and that right there is why we need term limits
I suppose. There's plenty of Republicans I think grassley's one of them it's time to go your old it's time to go move on you've done your job
but this 40 years in the house and the Senate this this guy stopped how do you get new blood in there and get new ideas will you don't
you just get the same shift gets reach regurgitated year after year after year in the voters are left with nothing but ate a scarred landscape of morons
so I do look forward to him possibly answering my question.
And like I said if I didn't say it it's not a paid position the at-large senators and representatives
so it's not a paid position
but you have political pool
political poll
that is what Donald Trump referred to as the Swamp
it's all there is to it
Lobby simple okay
Trump and the Supreme Court
this is a little different
the pain and watch which news Outlet you watch
and who your base friends are
well by and one
the popular vote okay
and Trump lost the popular vote okay
and right now Biden is a 306 electoral votes I think in Trump 232
I understand that
but someone explain to me
how the State of Arizona
had 41% more people vote this presidential election then it's 16
that to me is a flag that did that many people actually decide to get out and vote because I believe there's 3.2 million registered voters in Arizona have to check that again
or 3.5
and 3.2 million voted
the next closest state was North Carolina's 18% more people voted then in 16 then he had Pennsylvania and they're at 10% and then the numbers to start going down in the Battleground States
41% more people voted how many people moved into Arizona in the last 4 years I don't know
but wouldn't that raise an eyebrow
cuz by the news everybody was leaving California and moving to Texas how we had signs on the freeway that said welcome to Texas leave your politics in California
okay cuz for decades that's all we've heard is that the Democrats going to turn Texas blue yeah okay whatever
so was there voter fraud let let's get back to this Trump and Spring Court I don't know do you
and if you do do you have proof okay
and this is my take on it
these attorneys and legislators are filing suits and watch your Facebook tweet your Facebook feed
throwing out throwing out throwing out so you can see the Democrats or just jumping up and at it was thrown out I was throwing there's been 30 throwing out so far
damai they're firing shots across the bow
they want to see if they get a hit
an estate and this is this is a military plan
and the Press isn't going to really investigate voter fraud because that's not their job
their job is to prop up Joe and we know they will which that's fine no biggie
but to me they're firing the shots they want to see if anything has if it hits okay that one solid in this state
but then
you know they're doing it on the local level and then they're going to the state-level cuz I've got to get the state Supreme Court's to knock it down
and then I can go back and look at why it was
declined we're not going to hear it
so they're going to take all this ammo
from all these cases that are getting shot down
and they'll file I'm going to guess it would file one big suit with the United States Supreme Court cuz this is where it's at it just like it didn't mm
and that's where we're going to see the Kraken That Sidney Powell talked about I don't know if there's one
maybe there is maybe there is I don't have proof one way or the other and I'm not going to jump up and down about it I'm just trying to look at it analytically
you know
are are pressed today I'm so glad they weren't around the World War II because the way they are today they would have told the Germans that Dwight Eisenhower is building an army around George Patton that is not going to that is a fake Army it doesn't exist and they're not going to land at the paddock haole
and if Hitler knew that then he would have left the 15th Panzer Division at Cal way he would have put them probably in a mobile Reserve
and then would have been in deep shit when we hit the beaches of Normandy golden gold Juno and sword would have been really bad if that Army would have been Unleashed on lab
so I kind of look at that analogy is I do what's going on right now
they're shooting across the bow
and the ship just to see if they can get your attention
and just when you think they're going to turn away
they are going to reverse Direction and come in at you at ramming speed
and you're not going to know what to do
is that what is team of lawyers are done
to me it makes sense
I mean we saw it for 4 years didn't we
Russia Ukraine Russia Ukraine Russia Ukraine to the point we could actually spell those words and spell it right
and learned the politicians in those countries
and there was nothing there
nothing I read the odds I read Mueller's report of 18 I read the mule at the IG report of 18 where they indicted the 15 Russian Nationals I read the Mueller report of 19th and I read the IG report that came out in December of nineteen
there's nothing there what was there especially in the ig's report in December of nineteen
was pal bad the fisa warrants were that the FBI submitted to investigate Trump they didn't have an iota of evidence speculation speculation assumptions is like one boss told me that I work for like a man we're talking about a job and I said well I assume he said Sonny shouldn't want Hannan assuming the other and see which one fills up first that's like no damn
OK Fred point taken I will never make another assumption because I know the rest of the Seine
that makes both of us look like an ass doesn't it goes ya get out of office boy okay okay
so that is what I believe they're doing and they've got a very short fuse to deal with
there is one advantage
and I've brought this up and I mentioned it early about this BLM letter one of these presents got to deal with BLM and antifa
hell or high water
if Trump wins The Electoral College is going to be a lot quicker
because those people will just what we saw on the Summer's going to be microcosm compared to what they'll do this time if Biden wins and they might give him six to nine-month to initiate their policies and their transition and their agenda and if John kumalo and
the house don't move on it those people are going to move on them
and we've seen what happens when the National Guard is called out and democratic-controlled areas they're told to stand down there will be no standing down this time the military will have to be called out and the orders will be shoot to kill
we'll have to tension centers
there's not any prison military comes in they're going to take over they have their own way of handling Insurrection and putting down
and it's not going to be with rubber bullets
now who do you want in the White House when that happens
I don't want it to happen
but unless all of our French radical organizations on the right and on the left are put down this thing is going to explode
that I am not thankful for because if this country gets into another civil war it's not going to be like it wasn't 1861 you're not going to have this dividing line with the North and the South there's not going to be a Mason-Dixon line
you can cut the state of Texas and a half right now in those of us that live here well Texas will just secede
you got 45% of the state that voted Democratic who's going to secede Corpus Houston Brownsville San Antonio Austin
El Paso Democratic strongholds Dallas County where I live that is a democratic County
this is not going to be
this is going to be 50 Civil Wars well as the Alaska Hawaii
not so much there The Dakotas Montana ya don't have a lot of population
did you get into the metropolitan areas and that's where it starts turning blue
California you get off the coast and it's a red state
San Francisco LA Sacramento Sacramento San Jose hard blue
these are going to be inter-state civil wars
now think about that who's going to win that
are we going to turn the United States into what cereal looks like your member Sarajevo where they held the Olympics
and then they had their Civil War look up pictures is Sarajevo I know
people after the summer were talking about the Middle East ever talk about Mogadishu go look at Sarajevo before it's like Lebanon look at Lebanon
Beirut before the Civil War Pull up pictures when they cities Thrive and then pull up pictures after they had their Civil War that basically nobody want
sure there was a new government power but what are they governing
look at what we did to put the RAS in the British Air Force did the Europe during World War II what was there to take over lot of land
but look at the city's and that was a very difficult rebuilding operation in a lot of people starved
a lot of German citizens died because of the food shortages and no housing there was no place to live because we had blasted it into Oblivion
every Metropolitan town in Germany
was destroyed is that really what you want to happen to the United States
cuz sadly this is the path we are headed on
and I hope whoever is elected whoever is finally determine the winner will pull their head out and deal with these radical groups and look at policies that are good not for the party
but for the country and don't sit there and say what we spoke and 7 million more voted for Joe
well we spoken 16 and we spoken 2000 and 2004 and you didn't like a damn thing we did or the conservatives or the Republicans. From 08 to 16
which had been some of the most horrendous policies ever passed
we were happy why because your party wine and because those policies addressed only your party and your beliefs G nuclear option 66% have to pass bill and the House and Senate
there's a reason
Founders set this up the way they did
and it is time the people pull their head out
and started realizing this
and the last thing is DC to be a state if and I won't get into the whole deal bit if the founders wanted the District of Columbia to be a state that have made it a state but they didn't for one simple reason no it's not in the Constitution but is very simple
no state will lay claim that the capital of the United States is in their state because they have a state capital we are the only country that has the
and if I'm wrong tell me I'm wrong
but I don't think I am there is a reason they did this
and there's a reason the Democrats wanted to become a state senators and more Representatives
I'm down to about 30 seconds you can find my books on or Jeff Dawson author. Site they're all there and you know I want us talking about iOS uou the Cowboys and the Redskins now bad is if your Dallas Cowboys fan and you want a satire from The Glory Days of the nineties with Jimmy Jerry and Berry then I guarantee you Irving Titans is a book for you
cuz it's got everything that you could want
you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend and I will talk to you in two more weeks God bless and goodbye
we are out
I hope you enjoyed our time together I know I did Without You wonderful listeners this show would not be possible if you want to know more about me and how my brain works that's a scary thought check out my books at Jeff Dawson on website l d DJ Enterprises and Jeff Dawson author. Site for upcoming releases and teaser excerpts from past to present Publications you can also contact me at Facebook LD DJ Enterprises publishing or email l d DJ Enterprises at Jeff Dawson 59 have a great week and look forward to seeing you on the next episode of Dawson's domain

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