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Dare To Dream, June 28, 2016

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Dare To Dream
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Guest, Carrie Greene

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger and guest Carrie Greene

I haven’t always been a coach. I have a Wall Street background and a degree in economics. I spent 15 years working on Wall Street and ten years working at the New York Stock Exchange.

9/11 was a turning point in my life. I was working for a company located in New Jersey on the Hudson River overlooking lower Manhattan. I happened to look up from my desk just in time to watch the first plane crash into the World Trade Center. Watching the world I knew crumble in front of my eyes was traumatic and it’s taken me years to heal from the experience. What I didn’t recognize at the time was that I was given a gift on that day. As people escaped Lower Manhattan by ferry, they came to a pier in front of my building. I was able to talk with survivors and make a difference in their experience on that day. This was the beginning of the of end of my life on Wall Street. I started to feel more and more separated from the faceless traders that I “helped” by doing my job.

Then I was given an escape route. In 2002, the company I worked for was acquired. I was faced with a decision. I knew I was very good at my “Wall Street job” but I was uninspired and I wanted to find a way to be home with my children.

I decided it was time to help myself and help others make a difference in their day-to-day lives. I went into business for myself.

Over the years my business has gone through many changes. I started a business called The Desk Finder and worked as a professional organizer. The Desk Finder didn’t last long.  Within a year, I found myself working as an ADHD and productivity coach. I changed my business name to CarrieThru.

It took several years before I realized how seriously I had taken my “escape” from Wall Street and the mistake I had made.  You see,  I ran away from all of it. Sure there were things I wanted to leave behind, but I ran away from everything I learned, and that was wrong. In 2008 I re-embraced my own business background, the experience I had on Wall Street in marketing and product development. I also acknowledged the skills I gained as I ran my own business. I established myself as a business coach.

As 2013 wrapped up I found that CarrieThru no longer represented who I was. Sure I’m all about helping you get things done but it had become so much more. It was time for more changes and I reestablished my business as Carrie Greene Coaching.

As the years have gone by and my own experience as a business owner has grown, I find myself drawn to helping other entrepreneurs like myself. Entrepreneurs with lots of big ideas who struggle to get them done. Entrepreneurs who want to make money but don’t want to sacrifice their life in return. I help my clients with marketing, strategy, sales, planning and productivity. More than that, I help them create a business on their own terms.  A business that they enjoy running.  A business that supports them. A business where they recognize their own value. A business that puts a smile on their face.

In 2013 I created a manifesto.  This manifesto is what I stand for as a person.  It’s what I believe Carrie Greene Coaching stands for.  Click here to read it.

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