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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love, November 25, 2020

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love
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Gratitude-themed episode for Thanksgiving

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

Moments of loss make us more grateful. Even when we're angry and sad and hurting. We give extra thanks for every thing I cherish that is here now, every thing I've loved that has been, and every good thing that is still to come. 

Thanksgiving will have a different flavor this year. Could be our deepest ever. A 2020 Thanksgiving on Crazy Sexy Midlife Love radio. 

We're staying home. We're having no guests. We are not shopping for turkey or cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. But we will have Thanksgiving in spades. Because the list of what we have to be grateful for is endless.

And tonight we're broadcasting a new, live, gratitude-themed episode.

We're going to pull Tarot cards again. It's become an audience favorite, and it's a great device for positively approaching life's challenges and changes. Tonight on the Gratitude Episode of Crazy Sexy Midlife Love radio.

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love

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My husband and I are 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries. 100% his idea. And honestly, when we hit 100 we’ll probably keep going, cause we’ve been in honeymoon mode for 5 years now. (He’s a smart man.) We met at 45. Started getting married at 47… back in 2014.

My philosophy is love gets better and more fun at midlife, especially for women. We’re smarter. Men are more relationship ready. (And if they’re not, it’s so obvious! Next!) I want to punch holes in all that negative, fear-feeding nonsense I grew up hearing about age and love for women.

Getting Married around the World

The reason for this is simple. Love and travel are two of our favorite things. By combining the two we unite the best of our worlds. Yes, at least, 100 weddings!

100 Weddings, So Far

Yes, we are aware that we are just getting started. 

1. Los Angeles, CA USA — May 23, 2014

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — June 5, 2014

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia — September 14, 2014

4. Kotor, Montenegro — September 15, 2014

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina — September 18, 2014

6. The mountains above Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska — September 22, 2014

7. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

8. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

9. Bled, Slovenia — September 29, 2014

10. San Marino, San Marino — October 4, 2014

11. Rome, Italy — October 5, 2014

12. Vatican City — October 5, 2014

13. Gesi, Turkey — February 12, 2015

14. Norwalk, CA — May 27, 2015

15. Villa Del Palmar, Loreto, Mexico — June 17, 2015

16. Wizards Academy, Austin, TX — October 6, 2015

17. Sri Rahti, Penestanan, Bali, Indonesia — May 8, 2016

18. Toronto, Canada — August 10, 2016

19. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico — June 15, 2017

20. Colima, Mexico — November 18, 2017

21. Sedona, Arizona — November 10, 2018

22. Paris, France — September 26, 2019

23. Brussels, Belgium — September 29, 2019

24. Madrid, Spain — October 11, 2019

25. Lisbon, Portugal — October 17, 2019

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Devon and Morgana have been celebrating midlife love by getting married 100 times at 100 countries.

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They believe grown up love gets better and for fun, especially for women. Everyone smarter wiser. Men are more relationship ready

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And if they're not, it's obvious forget anything. You were told about being too old or too late for loving adventure.

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Instead, get fresh new tips on dating relating and travel to exotic destinations and best of all call in for personal guidance grading Crazy Sexy midlife love in your life.

00:00:49.080 --> 00:01:11.340
Morgana Rae: Hello. Welcome. I'm worked on this is my husband Devin, and we are crazy sexy in midlife love. Today is the day before Thanksgiving. So it's like I think for everybody on planet Earth. This year Thanksgiving is different. It's weird.

00:01:13.800 --> 00:01:24.990
Morgana Rae: And I find that the more we lose the more I focus on gratitude.

00:01:26.820 --> 00:01:34.950
Morgana Rae: I've never, I think in my life been more focused on what I'm grateful for.

00:01:37.020 --> 00:01:43.380
Morgana Rae: Devin and I lost somebody really important to us, who was 

00:01:44.430 --> 00:01:51.000
Morgana Rae: part of our life at least three days a week every week for two years, and young and vibrant and funny and generous and and

00:01:52.770 --> 00:01:53.640
Morgana Rae: And it's a shock.

00:01:56.310 --> 00:02:05.280
Morgana Rae: I know Devin has had monumental amount of loss this year. This is the second person close to me and

00:02:06.540 --> 00:02:10.470
Morgana Rae: and this person was really like part of our life.

00:02:17.790 --> 00:02:23.100
Morgana Rae: My way of responding to a loss like that is to just be more grateful.

00:02:24.390 --> 00:02:32.550
Morgana Rae: More grateful to have known such a wonderful human being and received the gifts of we what he gave us and

00:02:33.000 --> 00:02:44.610
Morgana Rae: And grateful for all of our blessings in the moment. Like even if you have health challenges or relationship challenges or physical challenges, gratitude for

00:02:45.420 --> 00:02:56.760
Morgana Rae: Everything good because there's always something good. And sometimes that's hard to see, and then gratitude deep gratitude for all the good stuff that is coming in the future.

00:02:58.170 --> 00:02:58.890
Morgana Rae: And

00:03:00.480 --> 00:03:04.590
Morgana Rae: My poor husband, I'm not giving them any space to speak, how unusual is that

00:03:05.820 --> 00:03:07.620
Morgana Rae: One final thing that I

00:03:08.970 --> 00:03:16.650
Morgana Rae: Keep giving me the side I want one. One thing that I do want to say is, like I so I feel this. Just one.

00:03:17.550 --> 00:03:33.900
Morgana Rae: Please, I'm very I'm very liberal, but the idea with the term one. It's a very large one right its unity. So please so includes everything. But yeah, speaking of unity. It's like, I feel this just got wrenching rage.

00:03:35.190 --> 00:03:46.470
Morgana Rae: And grief and gratitude. At the same time, and I think it's really, really important to say that because there's so much

00:03:47.880 --> 00:04:02.730
Morgana Rae: Nonsense out there saying that you can't feel these opposing feelings simultaneously, that if you feel gratitude, you won't feel anger or you won't feel for, or you won't feel sad or you won't feel fear and that is completely not true.

00:04:03.510 --> 00:04:14.100
Morgana Rae: I mean, and none of it is bad or wrong feeling angry is not wrong feeling sad is not wrong grief is not wrong, it is

00:04:15.360 --> 00:04:16.380
Morgana Rae: Honestly,

00:04:17.790 --> 00:04:28.830
Morgana Rae: In this context, this is what love feels like like I really, really love this guy, and I'm furious that he's not with us.

00:04:30.030 --> 00:04:32.130
Devon go at you. What do you want to say.

00:04:35.700 --> 00:04:49.800
Morgana Rae: You want to chat about Phil, um, you know, what do I want to say. So, Phil. Phil. Phil was a guy Adams Phil Adams was a guy who is a sort of like a pioneer in the West Coast swing community.

00:04:50.370 --> 00:05:01.890
Morgana Rae: And probably like if you were to type in West Coast swing and like West Coast swing champion like on YouTube and watch these videos are these incredible dancers, you probably taught all of them.

00:05:02.460 --> 00:05:08.730
Morgana Rae: And it's kind of like a very well known thing. This isn't a surprise. This isn't like a debatable thing.

00:05:09.000 --> 00:05:24.750
Morgana Rae: He was just a guy who started doing this, like, you know, in teaching for 30 years or 40 years over 40 years he was a kid at child when he started teaching. Yeah. And so he and I would go have coffee and talk about our, our significant others.

00:05:25.560 --> 00:05:33.690
Morgana Rae: And just talk about life and talk about dance and talk about other stuff and you know obviously more kind of our fledgling dancers.

00:05:34.140 --> 00:05:41.820
Morgana Rae: But grew to love. Love it very quickly and I you know I mean for what it's worth. I mean, you know, Morgana has talked about her father and

00:05:42.120 --> 00:05:55.260
Morgana Rae: His all simers and one of the ways that you sort of stave off all simers is by dancing, which is why Devon came up with the idea of us taking dance classes. Right. And so we were going to do.

00:05:55.800 --> 00:06:03.480
Morgana Rae: You know, the idea is that when you do partner dancing. There's two things that are happening. There's a, there's sort of like the physicality part of it, you know.

00:06:03.780 --> 00:06:14.430
Morgana Rae: Moving you know your right foot in and your right foot out and then you shake it all about, so there's there's that element to it. But then there's sort of like specifically West Coast swing is sort of a dance where

00:06:15.030 --> 00:06:29.850
Morgana Rae: You are really connecting sort of like your brain and your physicality and because it's improvisational the concentration. It's like, it is a form of extreme meditation, you have to be so incredibly in the moment.

00:06:30.360 --> 00:06:37.800
Morgana Rae: Kind of outside of your head, because you don't know what's coming though. Well, the leader does he hopes.

00:06:38.670 --> 00:06:55.950
Morgana Rae: Who believe in that. You still have to do is if it's the if the follower doesn't do what the leaders expecting, then you have to shift on the fly and part. And by the way, the follower is supposed to add flourishes so that it is a dialogue.

00:06:58.170 --> 00:07:16.890
Morgana Rae: And the music music goes to a really deep part of the brain that Alzheimers doesn't touch. So it's like the music. The physicality. The focus and the concentration. I learned by accident. I think

00:07:17.970 --> 00:07:28.470
Morgana Rae: Six or seven years ago, visiting a friend in Northern California. And she said, hey, I want to go Waltz. And I was like, yeah, because we both she and I were both former ballerina. So we went to

00:07:29.910 --> 00:07:43.230
Morgana Rae: A waltz and Oakland, which is such an Oakland thing to do. And I met a Stanford physician who told me that partner dancing is the number one activity, bar none to

00:07:44.640 --> 00:07:55.170
Morgana Rae: prevent and reverse Alzheimer's and because my father had just been diagnosed, and we were seeing the effects of it. That was very, very high in my mind and

00:07:56.370 --> 00:08:04.680
Morgana Rae: One of the joys of midlife is you start to realize that everything we have is not permanent. I had a

00:08:05.520 --> 00:08:17.070
Morgana Rae: Early hinted that in 1983 November. So, November is a really significant month for me because I was hit by a car in front in a common almost died. And then you kind of forget because then you go

00:08:18.090 --> 00:08:35.130
Morgana Rae: You know 40 something years without any major catastrophe. But you start saying your parents and loved ones and family and friends start to get sick and die. And this is, you know, this is the time of life, where we start to realize how precious our little bit of time here is

00:08:37.230 --> 00:08:41.850
Morgana Rae: How how temporary. It is our own mortality and

00:08:42.990 --> 00:08:47.190
Morgana Rae: And health becomes really, really interesting.

00:08:48.240 --> 00:08:57.660
Morgana Rae: So partner dancing. Great for the brain. Great for the relationship, except that

00:08:59.040 --> 00:09:16.980
Morgana Rae: Learning to follow and learning to lead are really, really hard and and one of the great things about Phil Adams, who was the kindest most patient gentle teacher that I've ever seen.

00:09:19.080 --> 00:09:25.470
Morgana Rae: He wouldn't he we would do a private together, Devin and I with Phil and and and

00:09:26.130 --> 00:09:42.690
Morgana Rae: And Devin is so angry how I'm not following and I'm so angry at how Devon is not leading and and it was like Phil would find the problems that we didn't know about. And it was like couples therapy and then we'd be in sync with be dancing be so much better.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:47.430
Morgana Rae: And we'd be so much more in love. Because really, there's

00:09:48.930 --> 00:09:54.300
Morgana Rae: Very few feelings better than being that in sync. Like when you're dancing.

00:09:55.740 --> 00:09:56.370
For me,

00:09:58.830 --> 00:10:17.640
Morgana Rae: You can talk to. Can I wasn't. No, I didn't. I better pounds. Yes, this is your last chance. Yes, thank you. So, so anyway, Phil and I would go have cups of coffee and talk about life. Lots of stuff on life and lots of bad things about philosophy and and just sort of

00:10:18.690 --> 00:10:24.360
Morgana Rae: So he was like a good friend. He was a good friend, and we were becoming buds and we talked on the phone and and

00:10:25.290 --> 00:10:32.310
Morgana Rae: You know, I, it's one of those things that, you know, in talking about dance. We had talked about its health benefits we talked about, sort of like

00:10:32.610 --> 00:10:44.040
Morgana Rae: The wellness. It gives because it's you know it's just it's aerobic exercise and it keeps your brain active and all that other stuff. And so, you know, we had talked about sort of that and I think

00:10:44.640 --> 00:10:59.040
Morgana Rae: I think he just assumed he'd be here for a really long time and there was no reason to, you know, I don't know if there was any reason to think otherwise. And so I think it's just one of those things, it's healthier lifestyle as any human being can

00:11:00.090 --> 00:11:02.610
Morgana Rae: I don't know if that's true, he

00:11:04.110 --> 00:11:13.410
Morgana Rae: Wasn't he was saying he made such, but he was physically active all the time he was had a great relationship happy and in love.

00:11:14.040 --> 00:11:25.230
Morgana Rae: And that is, we're not talking about. I'm just saying. I think if we're sitting here, he would probably go okay you know I haven't made the sainthood yet so I think

00:11:27.150 --> 00:11:40.080
Morgana Rae: I guess the bigger picture is here's a great guy. And one of the things that is absolutely true. And you know, I was discussing this with a houseguest we had here for the last couple weeks. We were just talking about sort of like

00:11:41.130 --> 00:11:51.660
Morgana Rae: There is this idea that energy is sort of a permanent right energy is sort of like this one thing that's a constant like something when something dies or when things change.

00:11:51.960 --> 00:11:58.380
Morgana Rae: The energy doesn't necessarily disappear. It's not when somebody passes that all of a sudden we have less energy

00:11:59.160 --> 00:12:12.390
Morgana Rae: We still have the same amount of energy. And so what ends up happening is we also have to understand that while that energy is permanent, that there is constant change mentors constant rebirth.

00:12:13.470 --> 00:12:16.140
Morgana Rae: And so, you know, I don't want to get too philosophical

00:12:17.850 --> 00:12:25.560
Morgana Rae: But if I were to get philosophical that I think part of the the lessons of life. Is that sort of impermanence to it that

00:12:26.040 --> 00:12:43.260
Morgana Rae: That you get to sort of like, you know, I guess I talked about, I've had a whole lot of people die this year people that I really cared about. And so a lot of it is none of it was coven related. And I think we've already had this sort of sad episode, we don't know that we

00:12:44.310 --> 00:12:58.740
Morgana Rae: Diagnose but heart attacks are about. I was I was hearing from a friend that about 20 to 30% of the mark Coleman and I think that's because coven counters want them to be counted. No.

00:12:59.220 --> 00:13:13.440
Morgana Rae: There's no reason for that, that nobody makes any more money from that. But we do know that coven attacks the heart and causes blood clot and that causes strokes and heart attacks. Right. I think it's a leap, because we don't have that. I don't think there's a need to be tested. So the

00:13:14.880 --> 00:13:28.590
Morgana Rae: Political subject that has nothing to do anything about politics is science, medicine, nothing about the show me the science and what you just said after the show. Oh, right.

00:13:30.990 --> 00:13:34.920
Morgana Rae: Right now, right. So, so anyway, getting back to fill

00:13:36.810 --> 00:13:50.130
Morgana Rae: He was used great guys. Great. Really good dancer. Oh, it's too talented dancer. Well, I mean, he's a he was a world champion. Yeah. And then his, his world champions. Yeah, and then

00:13:50.460 --> 00:14:00.930
Morgana Rae: Today's world champions. He was, he, he was the dance, Dad. And that's part of what hurt so much is even though he was very close to our age.

00:14:02.100 --> 00:14:19.290
Morgana Rae: He was my dad was my dance drill for like eight years. Um, he was my dance dad. He was like such a safe and and he was a good guy. He would bring snacks to dance class so that everybody could nosh

00:14:20.490 --> 00:14:24.000
Morgana Rae: You did all those kinds of things. Yes. And we went to his last dance class.

00:14:24.510 --> 00:14:30.690
Morgana Rae: That was in Whittier. You know, we had a ball and there was like a very few group of people and just to be safe. We all sort of like

00:14:30.990 --> 00:14:34.470
Morgana Rae: Danced and corners of the room and nobody knew about

00:14:34.770 --> 00:14:52.230
Morgana Rae: That that it was transmitted through breath so we didn't know how high risk, it was he also brought all these big jugs of hand sanitizer, because at that time we thought that's how it's transmitted. We were also like one of our last dance classes was first Saturday of

00:14:55.050 --> 00:14:57.480
Morgana Rae: March February. Oh, right.

00:14:58.650 --> 00:15:03.120
Morgana Rae: Well, we went know we went to the 40 year anniversary of him being a full time teacher

00:15:03.960 --> 00:15:13.020
Morgana Rae: And by the way, when he started teaching, he was a kid of 21 who had students who were in their 30s and 40s. So like these people

00:15:13.470 --> 00:15:27.510
Morgana Rae: There were there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people at the events and a lot of them were really old because they've been taking classes with Phil for 40 years

00:15:28.050 --> 00:15:35.670
Morgana Rae: And by the way, old people are the best dancers. They especially the guys. They just know how to lead. They're amazing.

00:15:37.020 --> 00:15:46.470
Morgana Rae: And so much love and so many of the people who like invented new ways of dancing and hybrids and and and

00:15:47.670 --> 00:15:59.760
Morgana Rae: Really you know where the leaders of West Coast swing and other variations on swing and other ballroom dances were there because everybody loved Phil and I knew was high risk because we were just

00:16:00.420 --> 00:16:10.350
Morgana Rae: Getting the news because it was, you know, the first weekend of March, I think it was like march 7 or eighth whatever the Saturday night was, um, but I couldn't not be there.

00:16:12.600 --> 00:16:25.230
Morgana Rae: I think that may be where I think I did have Colvin the first week of March, because I got exhausted and couldn't get out of bed. A week after that and then you followed suit. And we got better.

00:16:26.370 --> 00:16:34.170
Morgana Rae: Um, but he yeah just the impact that he the global impact and to be so loved is

00:16:36.420 --> 00:16:48.120
Morgana Rae: What a great life. What a great life and I'm grateful that I got to see that yeah I was honored to know him. And one of the things that we did talk when we talked about coven specifically he and I

00:16:48.690 --> 00:16:52.620
Morgana Rae: And hopefully we won't have to talk about code anymore because it's just

00:16:53.550 --> 00:17:09.780
Morgana Rae: I mean, I get it, I get it. But one of the things that he said was, I understand. I wear my mask. I'll wash my hands on through all the appropriate things but I refuse to live in fear and that's one of those things that's like, I think that's what you get with a certain amount of

00:17:11.250 --> 00:17:26.160
Morgana Rae: Age and maturity and I think it's just like an important thing. Like, yeah, okay, we're in this very challenging time. I understand that. And at the same time, we take our action and you know it's like I think for me the bigger picture is always

00:17:27.360 --> 00:17:35.280
Morgana Rae: You know, I get to take action and the universe gets to supply the results. Right. And sometimes, like I'm going to be super healthy

00:17:35.700 --> 00:17:41.940
Morgana Rae: And nobody knows what the response is going to be. I mean, I grew up seeing numerous things I just remember

00:17:42.750 --> 00:17:55.200
Morgana Rae: There was a sky pistol Pete maravich and Jim Fixx who are like these guys who are famous athletes and who both just had heart attacks and died when they were 14 young guys in shape and living healthy lice.

00:17:55.590 --> 00:18:05.520
Morgana Rae: healthy lifestyles and quickly. And so it's just that kind of thing. So, you know, we don't know how much kind of time we have, but i makes the time we have.

00:18:06.150 --> 00:18:25.110
Morgana Rae: So important. I think that's one of the reasons relationships get better at our age is because like I know that for me, starting in 40 I started just not having time for nonsense and that just becomes more and more true

00:18:27.390 --> 00:18:33.930
Morgana Rae: I interrupted you can take over again. I don't remember what I was saying, please go on. Well, yeah, you were talking about.

00:18:34.470 --> 00:18:40.770
Morgana Rae: We just don't know which is what makes it all so precious. So yeah, this Thanksgiving is different.

00:18:41.400 --> 00:18:58.530
Morgana Rae: I'm obviously I'm the one who takes the, the science stuff more seriously. I come from a family don't even think that's true I come, I come from a family of medical professionals and rocket scientists and all that kind of stuff. I love that stuff. I was a national merit.

00:18:58.740 --> 00:19:01.020
Morgana Rae: Scholar in math and science. When I was a kid.

00:19:02.430 --> 00:19:08.910
Morgana Rae: So we're going to have Thanksgiving tomorrow. Just us nobody coming over where you aren't going anywhere.

00:19:09.210 --> 00:19:21.420
Morgana Rae: I don't know that will have any traditional Thanksgiving food, but I think it will be one of our deepest sweetest thanksgivings because it's about the gratitude and and that to me is limitless.

00:19:23.340 --> 00:19:27.090
Morgana Rae: And it may be horrible for you, my husband. I'm so sorry for

00:19:29.010 --> 00:19:42.300
Morgana Rae: My it'll be fun. Light a candle will say a prayer will talk about gratitude, which is really what this is supposed to be about. Yeah, I think, I think to start our show today is about that idea.

00:19:42.720 --> 00:19:51.300
Morgana Rae: That, you know, we have this moment we have today, and we have each other and regardless of whether you know you're listening, what your situation is that

00:19:52.500 --> 00:20:00.240
Morgana Rae: You know you are cared for and loved and, you know, we have these opportunities that I think our chest

00:20:01.140 --> 00:20:05.280
Morgana Rae: You know, I think all the stuff that we're surrounded by personally is sort of like this is how

00:20:05.910 --> 00:20:12.420
Morgana Rae: We get our lessons and this is how we get to learn things like gratitude because I think gratitude for a lot of us is hard because it's easy.

00:20:12.750 --> 00:20:21.960
Morgana Rae: To focus on the thing, right. In other words, you go to a party and 39 people hug you, but that 14th person gave you the stink eye.

00:20:22.380 --> 00:20:40.830
Morgana Rae: Or didn't shake your hand or set some weird thing that just felt wrong and maybe it is wrong, but to devote my time to the one person when the other 39 are clearly on my team is that's the tricky part. Right. In other words, if I focus on that one person.

00:20:41.970 --> 00:20:55.860
Morgana Rae: Then I get to not be grateful for the things that I have in front of me and right there. I am grateful for the people who are not on my team, even though it stings, even though I want everybody to know Me and love Me and understand me and rah rah.

00:20:56.460 --> 00:21:08.550
Morgana Rae: Um, the people are not on my team don't belong on my team and they will be happier on somebody else's team and I will be happier with them on somebody else's team instead of

00:21:09.510 --> 00:21:16.290
Morgana Rae: draining my energy. And I think that's the way it's supposed to be. And we can and we can be kind to each other anyway.

00:21:18.210 --> 00:21:37.920
Morgana Rae: And I was thinking about this last night when I was thinking about today's show. So if you are in a happy relationship. Hallelujah. I think there's no greater treasure in the world. And if you're single, cuz I was single for 45 years with the, you know, little, little blips in between, um,

00:21:39.300 --> 00:21:52.440
Morgana Rae: I was aware even though I didn't want to be single, and I was lonely and it was a huge source of pain. There was, remember I told you I can feel things simultaneously. I also felt gratitude for

00:21:53.640 --> 00:22:02.430
Morgana Rae: Being able and that would relieve the pain of of just like when you're single you get to do anything you want to do.

00:22:03.060 --> 00:22:15.570
Morgana Rae: You don't need to ask permission. You get to have all the adventures and you get to steer your ship without having to check in with somebody else and that's a great experience to have to

00:22:16.260 --> 00:22:27.630
Morgana Rae: And have a lot of it so that when you are ready to be in a partnership you haven't missed out on anything and you don't have any like what ifs lingering around

00:22:29.010 --> 00:22:38.340
Morgana Rae: A dear friend of mine who also past few months ago. Ron would used to say, we can't control the land, but we can

00:22:39.780 --> 00:22:49.350
Morgana Rae: Check our sales and move our sales around to to move. And so that's one of those things that kind of always butchered that quote

00:22:50.190 --> 00:23:02.280
Morgana Rae: Run. What was the name of a Rolling Stone. Oh, yeah. But, but this is the better wrong okay issue with you and your friends, right. This was not. This is definitely not

00:23:04.230 --> 00:23:11.910
Morgana Rae: To be sure, but just like a, you know, I think that's what we get to do so. And this is one of those moments that

00:23:12.210 --> 00:23:24.840
Morgana Rae: We get to reflect and I think we get to take the good things that we got from the relationship and be better for it and then hopefully, remember this sky as a valuable person that he was, which I love.

00:23:26.460 --> 00:23:46.710
Morgana Rae: So I asked, Devon to pull out his magic tarot cards again tarot cards. Okay. Yes. And I did some shuffling before we signed up, even though you're not pulling your card shark shuffling is very impressive to me. Yeah, turns me on. I'm sure lines me that you have a bad boy past

00:23:47.940 --> 00:23:59.040
Morgana Rae: Just because I look like I've read your book. I know you're a bad guy, so I'll default thousand miles with my dad father's ashes. Yeah, no, that's true. That was a I was a curious.

00:24:00.540 --> 00:24:14.070
Morgana Rae: About my life so anyway about death and about death. It was actually about my father's death. And so he was he was a really a unique interesting guy. And so, anyway.

00:24:15.630 --> 00:24:20.100
Morgana Rae: You know, in general, again, I don't know. You know, sometimes we have time to ask

00:24:20.460 --> 00:24:33.300
Morgana Rae: If somebody has a specific question. We can do that for that person. We didn't do that. Yeah, I'm asking if you're on the website. You can see what our calling number I'm gonna because I don't, I can't remember. So the question.

00:24:36.030 --> 00:24:46.590
Morgana Rae: Yeah, the question that Devon came up with the well. There's the question is the default question, which is the question that I was going to is what is my the rest of my week going to look like.

00:24:47.220 --> 00:24:56.250
Morgana Rae: And what do I need to know from it. Okay. And so I kind of do it like the first card I Paul is sort of the what's what's happening right now.

00:24:56.580 --> 00:25:09.900
Morgana Rae: And then there is a sort of the card that comes that sort of like represents the past and a card that represent the future. And no, by the way. And I kind of say this is sort of like if you're at home and you know a little bit about taro

00:25:11.100 --> 00:25:19.380
Morgana Rae: But not a ton and you turn over, let's say I turn over one of the cars that tends to be scary, like the devil or the tower. I like those.

00:25:19.650 --> 00:25:29.130
Morgana Rae: They're great card. I tend to get all the pretty friendly comfortable cards. When I do readings. Right. So, but the other cards are great too. But the point is if one of those cards come up

00:25:29.550 --> 00:25:34.080
Morgana Rae: It's not a reason to panic. It's actually the opposite. It's just kind of just

00:25:34.530 --> 00:25:44.880
Morgana Rae: You know it's changed its multi dimensional. It's not just death card. You're gonna die. It doesn't work quite that way. Oh, so to call into the show to ask questions.

00:25:45.630 --> 00:25:50.790
Morgana Rae: So you can be preparing your question I'm going to ask Devon why he chooses his as his default

00:25:51.660 --> 00:26:10.770
Morgana Rae: One. Yeah, if you have something going on and you want to ask the cards or you want to ask about love, or you have an experience that you want to share the phone number to call us is 888627608 so if you're listening because we know a lot of you are listening right now.

00:26:12.630 --> 00:26:21.720
Morgana Rae: Producers been giving me the numbers. And I think we're getting like close to 20,000 listeners a month. Thank you. That's great. That's very exciting to us.

00:26:24.150 --> 00:26:37.020
Morgana Rae: So the number to call in. If you've got a question for the cards are for Devon, not for the cards because the cards are going to be read right now 8876008

00:26:37.590 --> 00:26:43.890
Morgana Rae: Hours to make this into a tarot reading show right I'm horrible that way. I tried. So we're not okay.

00:26:44.430 --> 00:26:51.480
Morgana Rae: But if you are at home and you have a different question then apply that question to the past, present, future card.

00:26:51.720 --> 00:27:02.850
Morgana Rae: That will be talking about now. Maybe we'll do an extra special episode where we have people write in their questions in advance if we get another enough questions and we'll do a whole show.

00:27:03.270 --> 00:27:06.960
Morgana Rae: Well, the reason I'm bringing up the Terrell, even though this is not a terrible show

00:27:07.560 --> 00:27:29.430
Morgana Rae: Yes, it's not video. I think it's really a nice visual thing because it's not like some gypsy with a scarf and a crystal ball. It's actually a great tool because it's it is sort of a war shack. It's a great tool for interpreting what's going on and coming up with empowering.

00:27:31.440 --> 00:27:46.260
Morgana Rae: Decisions for what you know for moving forward. That's how I see it. And I see it as 78 cars that sort of represent different psychological places that humans land themselves.

00:27:47.130 --> 00:27:55.620
Morgana Rae: And so I'm ready to read the card. Did you want to talk through I could talk forever. But you play darts. Now, are you sure I don't know. Are you sure

00:27:57.450 --> 00:28:01.110
Morgana Rae: I'm actually have no idea. All the chi. Are you sure yeah

00:28:02.550 --> 00:28:08.430
Morgana Rae: This card represents sort of a present state and that first card is

00:28:08.850 --> 00:28:25.050
Morgana Rae: The six of cups. So let's talk about what's on the six of cups. So basically, what we have is sort of like a male, female, perhaps, brother, sister combination. But more importantly, sort of a youthful relationship.

00:28:25.920 --> 00:28:36.030
Morgana Rae: By the way, this card frequently is connected to ideas of romance, ironically, depending on the deck that you're using, sometimes more sensual ness.

00:28:36.390 --> 00:28:49.200
Morgana Rae: But for this particular card. We're just going to look and notice that there are six cups. Each one filled with flowers and they're vibrant and green and healthy and alive.

00:28:49.680 --> 00:29:02.010
Morgana Rae: And so we see this sort of safe environment and will notice that we've got sort of like, We're next to a nice house the house everything around it looks kind of manicured and cleaned and ready to go.

00:29:02.310 --> 00:29:11.340
Morgana Rae: And it looks like maybe dad on the other side here is coming home. And so in general, we look at this card is sort of like a

00:29:11.910 --> 00:29:26.160
Morgana Rae: Measure of prosperity abundance and good things. So, and I always heard it's nostalgic hard it can be an established card again, you know, this may be like a hearken back to youth.

00:29:26.910 --> 00:29:33.270
Morgana Rae: I don't necessarily always see it that way. It depends on what other surrounding cards. Maybe I will hearken back to it.

00:29:33.960 --> 00:29:40.950
Morgana Rae: If there's some other cards. But in general, I think, like, in other words, if we're talking about our President, I would say this is a fairly content.

00:29:41.280 --> 00:29:49.620
Morgana Rae: place to be. And this may have to do with we're getting sort of like positive signs in terms of like just you know the world order. In other words,

00:29:50.130 --> 00:30:02.700
Morgana Rae: Quite a few people are sort of looking to the political landscape as being positive right now. And that's kind of easing up and I think a lot of people are looking for change. And then, of course, in terms of the

00:30:03.870 --> 00:30:07.440
Morgana Rae: Sort of the pandemic stuff we do we have different

00:30:08.700 --> 00:30:09.330
Morgana Rae: Different

00:30:10.560 --> 00:30:18.690
Morgana Rae: Vaccine Mac manufacturers that are sort of like quite hopeful you bringing up politics and Kobe. I don't want to

00:30:19.320 --> 00:30:27.390
Morgana Rae: A lot of people care about those things. So, but I guess what I'm trying to say is if this is you, then this is a great place to be in another word.

00:30:28.050 --> 00:30:36.300
Morgana Rae: And, you know, one of the things that we know. And this is a sort of like a human psychological sort of sensibility, is that if you've gone through a particular time.

00:30:37.140 --> 00:30:46.350
Morgana Rae: It may take three or four months of things being better for the person who's gone through the hard time to recognize that things were actually on the upswing

00:30:46.740 --> 00:30:52.740
Morgana Rae: So if that might be you. I might like take a moment to go, whoa, this is what's happening to me right now.

00:30:53.100 --> 00:31:06.660
Morgana Rae: Look around me. I totally get if you haven't been doing well haven't been feeling well. This is an opportunity to check in with yourself and say, hey, how are things going. Hopefully this card represents that for you at this very moment.

00:31:07.290 --> 00:31:12.090
Morgana Rae: Not talking about the recent past. We're talking about it today thing how things been going

00:31:12.330 --> 00:31:25.470
Morgana Rae: And I would argue, basically, based upon this card. There's a lot of promise here of what's happening. So take stock and what's going on in your present moment. So card number two, when we talk about our past.

00:31:27.090 --> 00:31:35.190
Morgana Rae: Is. And by the way, I do not read reversals. That's my personal preference or reversal is when you see a card upside down. That's why.

00:31:35.520 --> 00:31:44.160
Morgana Rae: I straighten it out right side, just for the viewers at home. But even if this was sort of like an upside down card. I personally would not have read it that way.

00:31:44.730 --> 00:31:51.420
Morgana Rae: Because there's other cards that will point out particular things. So the past. As you can see, we've got this rainbow.

00:31:52.200 --> 00:32:01.500
Morgana Rae: That's great. And then we've got these 10 cups. They're all up in the sky. We've got children playing in the foreground. We have the parents, presumably

00:32:01.770 --> 00:32:12.180
Morgana Rae: Looking out at the wonder of this clear sky with happiness and joy and all of the glittery cups in the sky.

00:32:13.080 --> 00:32:21.000
Morgana Rae: We've got sort of like a little stream. We've got the happy family house off in the background there is joy and wonder

00:32:21.360 --> 00:32:33.180
Morgana Rae: In this card, which is all good. So what if somebody is coming out of a really horrifically awful period. How would you interpret a card like that. Well, I haven't done. I haven't finished interpret it, but thank you.

00:32:33.930 --> 00:32:47.160
Morgana Rae: Thank you for continuing. So if there is a downside to the car. There is certainly a again this is sort of a measure of abundance right the cups hold things and that's frequently like a wonderful thing.

00:32:47.520 --> 00:33:01.260
Morgana Rae: There is a downside and actually a traditional capitalist might say, but hey we frequently see and talk about rainbows as something that you don't want to look at because they're capable

00:33:01.890 --> 00:33:11.010
Morgana Rae: The reason why a rainbow has a negative side effects, at least to the traditional capitalist as the light is sort of this one unity.

00:33:11.460 --> 00:33:27.690
Morgana Rae: The rainbow is the a fraction of that light that separates things into colors. So it's frequently a rainbow is frequently seen is almost like as an omen of negativity and while this card within itself is in fact quite positive

00:33:28.770 --> 00:33:38.280
Morgana Rae: We're also talking about a ton of positivity in what would be considered mouth Kufa in other words the 10th place on the tree of life and that's kind of

00:33:38.610 --> 00:33:48.420
Morgana Rae: Where I tend to view the cards overall is their position on the tree where this particular card connects to the credit card with the two children present card.

00:33:48.930 --> 00:33:57.540
Morgana Rae: Connects to this idea of to Ferris, which is along the middle column and frequently dealing with ideas of balance. We're still dealing with balance.

00:33:57.870 --> 00:34:08.520
Morgana Rae: Along this middle column here, but you're also dealing with, sort of like the first this first of this Sephora away from sort of, shall we say, the perfection of unity.

00:34:08.820 --> 00:34:12.930
Morgana Rae: So that means we're sort of like dealing with the earthly elements and so

00:34:13.740 --> 00:34:25.980
Morgana Rae: Lots of abundance can be quite positive, but we also have to recognize the too much of abundance can frequently lead to issues of addiction, which is sort of like the negative attributes of this card.

00:34:26.520 --> 00:34:46.530
Morgana Rae: Tend to bring on sometimes wastefulness sometimes in impulsiveness perhaps in practicality. So it's like, oh, things are so good. I'll just buy more stuff because everything is so good. I'm feeling. Fantastic. It's time to really revel in our Black Friday sales.

00:34:47.550 --> 00:35:00.480
Morgana Rae: Look, everything so cheap. I just the more so more is great abundance is great and really part of the lesson in this card of the past is that perhaps

00:35:01.170 --> 00:35:13.770
Morgana Rae: Especially if this may apply to you is that if you look at your past is like, hey, I may have seen all this wonderful abundance, but I have the capacity to see it in

00:35:14.370 --> 00:35:18.360
Morgana Rae: In sort of like a bottomless pit of abundance. You know, it's sort of that.

00:35:18.690 --> 00:35:24.690
Morgana Rae: And to the grasshopper, where the grasshopper is just going to hop around and play in the sun and not care on the answer just going to kind of like

00:35:24.930 --> 00:35:35.070
Morgana Rae: Well, we're storing up for winter. How about you and the grasshopper is like not me. I am going to dance in the sunlight. And so this is wonderful.

00:35:35.640 --> 00:35:44.910
Morgana Rae: And we have this sort of like this rainbow that has the separation of light into compartments right and so that within itself is has

00:35:45.330 --> 00:35:53.190
Morgana Rae: Again we admire the rainbow. We love it. And we also embrace the fact that there is some imperfection in having too much.

00:35:53.520 --> 00:36:03.720
Morgana Rae: Abundance in our lives, and perhaps making poor impulsive choices and perhaps again this card is also connected to addiction response and things like that.

00:36:04.110 --> 00:36:12.930
Morgana Rae: So what's the future look like. And by the way, this is I'm not proclaiming this to be a negative card. I'm saying there is abundance here.

00:36:13.530 --> 00:36:25.380
Morgana Rae: Can we see this abundance as being too much of a good thing we can so we point that out. So, you know, in other words like in general, life is good for most of us, and that's a wonderful thing.

00:36:26.400 --> 00:36:35.580
Morgana Rae: And we recognize that sometimes we're we're giving too much. We can take those things overboard. Well, it also means that, you know, depending on who you are.

00:36:36.450 --> 00:36:41.250
Morgana Rae: And your own life experience, you're going to see the card differently than somebody else.

00:36:41.910 --> 00:36:47.850
Morgana Rae: That's what I mean about the Rorschach test is you get to see, well, how does this apply to me right

00:36:48.360 --> 00:37:01.890
Morgana Rae: So, and then, finally, our card sort of our future of this week. And so we're not we're not broadcasting out forever. We're really talking probably are determining that outcome of the runoff election and now we're not already getting okay right, good.

00:37:03.060 --> 00:37:05.220
Morgana Rae: So, so here

00:37:06.480 --> 00:37:15.930
Morgana Rae: Again, not down is the six of one, so again, when we talk about six as we talk about to fair. We talked about sort of like a certain balance.

00:37:16.560 --> 00:37:21.150
Morgana Rae: When we talk about a certain balance and in reference to to fair if we're talking about

00:37:21.960 --> 00:37:32.220
Morgana Rae: Ideas that are much more sort of like part of what would be called the ethical triangle meaning. Sometimes we talk about sort of like the thing that's just about me.

00:37:32.820 --> 00:37:38.520
Morgana Rae: Right, all the things that are happening in my life for me right now because I'm really just concerned about me.

00:37:39.390 --> 00:37:55.170
Morgana Rae: Those are sort of like, shall we say much more about Maluku which we were just talking about this one is much more, a little bit more of a high minded sensibility to it. And if you notice, this is the six of wands and if you will notice that in each of the six of wands.

00:37:56.880 --> 00:38:04.860
Morgana Rae: We will see that sort of like there's a celebration going on. And they're honoring this guy here who's dressed in red.

00:38:05.460 --> 00:38:11.040
Morgana Rae: And I will notice his horse is trusted green and he is wearing a

00:38:11.670 --> 00:38:24.300
Morgana Rae: Garland on his head. And then we've got another Garland exactly so forth on a white horse representing purity, the green representing ambition, the red record representing

00:38:24.900 --> 00:38:37.110
Morgana Rae: Power. So there's a lot of positive stuff going on here. And because we're talking about to fair it were sort of talking about, again, not necessarily my riches, but we're talking about sort of like

00:38:37.860 --> 00:38:54.030
Morgana Rae: Sort of like the ethical parts of how I believe the world should work. And so, and I can't use that as the outcome card for the runoff election. You could if that's where you choose if you chose to take it there. So ultimately, this card is sort of like

00:38:55.020 --> 00:39:00.570
Morgana Rae: I think a victory card. I think those around you are probably liking you are appreciating you

00:39:00.840 --> 00:39:14.190
Morgana Rae: Are singing your praises. You are high and tall in the sandal saddle on your pure horse and it comes after a car alarm card of hard work. So if like success after the work right.

00:39:14.730 --> 00:39:21.150
Morgana Rae: And so this may be like a good card for Thanksgiving moment right for where we're going to be able to sort of like

00:39:21.660 --> 00:39:27.900
Morgana Rae: I'm can enjoy my weekend have the victory in it revel in my gratitude appreciate where I've been.

00:39:28.260 --> 00:39:35.400
Morgana Rae: And realize this isn't necessarily I'm coming out of, shall we say, the complete and total, abject

00:39:35.760 --> 00:39:45.570
Morgana Rae: Confusion of the pandemic. No, this is probably not that this is much more about this week. But, however, this is a good week. Right. Like, I think.

00:39:45.960 --> 00:39:54.060
Morgana Rae: Ultimately, we have a really nice trajectory of where these cards have laid out. Maybe it's a sign that you're on the right path that's going to lead to a

00:39:54.450 --> 00:40:00.060
Morgana Rae: Good outcome to oh yeah no without question. Like, I think if you've sort of taken some sort of

00:40:00.840 --> 00:40:07.980
Morgana Rae: You know, if you've taken action by the way. Anytime I personally believe it when we talk about sort of like middle column stuff.

00:40:08.790 --> 00:40:17.070
Morgana Rae: Again, which is tree of life cover last right one day I'll have a big long conversation about, I'm still thinking about taking class. If you're interested in

00:40:17.430 --> 00:40:22.320
Morgana Rae: Me teaching you magic class, let me know. I'm thinking of starting up a new one and we'll have fun with it because

00:40:22.620 --> 00:40:32.790
Morgana Rae: It's a lot of it's just like philosophical understanding of yourself and how to move forward. Well, and there's also mystical solutions to Matt to modern love. Right. Yeah.

00:40:33.300 --> 00:40:49.410
Morgana Rae: That out next year and that is loaded with Kabbalah. Yeah. No, it's, it's a lot of couple. Ah, but it's really how to apply it to your daily life to sort of like shirt to to ensure that love is in your life and in your heart. But getting back to this card.

00:40:50.160 --> 00:40:56.760
Morgana Rae: Again, we're sort of like there's, you know, they're singing your praises it's going it's moving forward in a positive way.

00:40:57.390 --> 00:41:07.320
Morgana Rae: This is sort of like the victory card. And so I think a lot of positivity and so I I am going to proclaim that you are going to have really a wonderful week

00:41:08.010 --> 00:41:16.920
Morgana Rae: You know, don't overindulge and certainly don't overindulge and drive your car but enjoy yourself. Have a great weekend. Have some food.

00:41:17.700 --> 00:41:28.110
Morgana Rae: And stay safe and wear masks. Okay, yeah, that to all of those kinds of things. So anyway, that's my reading of the week if just to, to recap.

00:41:28.710 --> 00:41:33.900
Morgana Rae: What do we have here are our first card is the present, which is sort of like our

00:41:34.860 --> 00:41:48.660
Morgana Rae: Sort of abundance card, but in a very sort of like content positive the cards relationship way pretty abundance. Yeah. Without question. So this is sort of like a relationship card like. In other words, home life is probably pretty good.

00:41:49.470 --> 00:42:02.670
Morgana Rae: This is sort of like again we've got, like, you know, abundance crazy stuff there is some potential things to watch out for. But that's really more in the past least where you can connect to it. And then finally,

00:42:03.270 --> 00:42:14.910
Morgana Rae: We're talking about our victory it by the end of this week, so I hope everybody is doing well. I hope that gives you a little bit of insight and happiness and joy and there we go. And maybe look for

00:42:16.260 --> 00:42:32.190
Morgana Rae: Where the abundances I know a couple of weeks ago last time we're trying to refocus. Okay. It's not me, just show me my hand. That's interesting. Yeah, we are kind of blurry. Aren't we, yeah, no problem with the fancy camera there might be. Um, no. It'll snap back

00:42:33.420 --> 00:42:39.150
Morgana Rae: Okay, so where were we, we did some talking did talking about things a little and focus

00:42:40.260 --> 00:42:46.440
Morgana Rae: So it's like, no, there's just a lot of Vaseline on the lens. It's very, very

00:42:47.970 --> 00:42:52.470
Morgana Rae: When I was younger. Yeah, very forgiving. Um, so

00:42:53.850 --> 00:43:02.730
Morgana Rae: So a couple weeks ago when Devon was pulling cards. The, the future card was actually not one of the happier cards. That was the five of cups and

00:43:03.690 --> 00:43:13.980
Morgana Rae: For those of you who are not taro masters and memorize all that stuff, which, by the way, I'm not and i don't i know how to read cards. I come from generations of that. I don't know as much as Devon does

00:43:15.240 --> 00:43:23.310
Morgana Rae: But I'm more than happy to comment and correct them anyway, right, which happens a lot. It's your scientist. Yes, I'm generous.

00:43:26.760 --> 00:43:39.090
Morgana Rae: But the five of cups, is this really sad devastated looking person in a black cape, who is mourning over three overturned cups in front of him.

00:43:39.540 --> 00:43:48.900
Morgana Rae: And by the way, that's just the picture on the rider Waite deck. There are certainly other cards are having different pictures and different thing. You are totally out of focus. Try to get close to them.

00:43:50.910 --> 00:43:53.760
Morgana Rae: And yeah, you know, okay, so

00:43:56.190 --> 00:44:06.480
Morgana Rae: That that card showing this this really bereft person grieving over the three spilt cups.

00:44:06.960 --> 00:44:28.380
Morgana Rae: isn't looking at the two cups that are still up right and the pathway over the river to the castle and all the good stuff that's going on. So my invitation to you if you are going through stuff like we're going through stuff this week is also fine. Find the sweetness also find

00:44:29.670 --> 00:44:44.160
Morgana Rae: What is going well. What you do have, if you're sick. What, where are you not sick, you know it's it's if you are grieving. What about the people who are there. I mean, whatever the challenges.

00:44:45.090 --> 00:44:55.350
Morgana Rae: Find what you have, because that can lead you out of the dark place and moving forward and at the same time we honor the dark place.

00:44:55.830 --> 00:45:08.610
Morgana Rae: We're not kind of like snap out of it, don't feel it, because that's sick. That's, that's like really feel what you're feeling honor it you know feelings are there for a purpose and a positive purpose.

00:45:09.510 --> 00:45:27.870
Morgana Rae: And this is the time to find what to be thankful for. Because that's good for us as human beings to and there's so much if you are alive. Holy cow, that is that is a miracle in itself. And that's a very good place to start.

00:45:29.220 --> 00:45:41.910
Morgana Rae: So, Devon talks a lot about milk booth, which is at the very base of the tree of life. That's sort of like Samsara for, you know, our Buddhists and Hindus out there, it's, it's this world that we play in

00:45:42.480 --> 00:45:51.720
Morgana Rae: Like everyday reality is that correct what everyday reality. Well, it's really more about the physical world. Yeah, sure. I mean,

00:45:52.980 --> 00:45:54.960
Morgana Rae: There's a bigger picture where we can talk about

00:45:56.250 --> 00:46:03.720
Morgana Rae: The reality. You know, there's different components to that. But please go on this camera. This is

00:46:07.740 --> 00:46:09.180
Morgana Rae: Why, I understand that. Yeah.

00:46:11.370 --> 00:46:17.490
Morgana Rae: Yeah, so like if you're listening. Just be thankful that you're listening and not watching us to little blobs.

00:46:19.590 --> 00:46:28.770
Morgana Rae: Just a little. It's a little out of focus because Devon was holding the cards up and ruined everything. You really broke it, Devon. I know.

00:46:29.790 --> 00:46:30.330
Morgana Rae: Please, go on.

00:46:32.040 --> 00:46:43.140
Morgana Rae: I think I'm good. You think you're good. Okay, so, so getting back to this idea of gratitude. I think for me I am I'm grateful for my life I'm grateful for.

00:46:44.070 --> 00:46:54.720
Morgana Rae: My well being. My general health and welfare those around me sort of like my immediate circle you know you. My mom, my stepfather. My and

00:46:55.590 --> 00:47:02.610
Morgana Rae: You know, cousins by the bushels are by and large all healthy and happy and doing the things that they should be doing and are

00:47:03.000 --> 00:47:08.580
Morgana Rae: Are going to be celebrating and that's going to be great. And I think I'll probably I think what I will do tomorrow morning.

00:47:09.480 --> 00:47:16.350
Morgana Rae: Because I'm going to make a lot of calls. I'm just going to call up all kinds of friends and family.

00:47:16.800 --> 00:47:26.100
Morgana Rae: And say hello and wish them a great day and I probably, I don't think any of the calls will probably last more than a few minutes, but that's fine because then I'll be able to just kind of like

00:47:26.610 --> 00:47:33.450
Morgana Rae: You know, reach out and say hello. I got some really lovely text messages. I'm not a big fan of texting.

00:47:33.720 --> 00:47:49.140
Morgana Rae: But I haven't sort of a certain age group. Yeah, of a certain ironically the people who are all texting or of our vintage as well, but the the text messages were all just like, Hey, man. Love you. I hope you're great many blessings. Eat well

00:47:49.710 --> 00:47:58.620
Morgana Rae: And I like all that. So that's kind of what I wanted was sort of like an E well have gratitude sort of thing. What do you want to on Thai food tomorrow.

00:47:59.730 --> 00:48:12.390
Morgana Rae: Yeah, thank you. It'll be a tie tanks, giving the Titanic skimming yeah and it's delicious. I will probably maybe even ordered two entrees because I haven't had Thai food can quite a while.

00:48:12.750 --> 00:48:22.470
Morgana Rae: I don't even know if they're open least the place that we go to, I'm sure. I hope so. Well, we'll figure it out. We'll figure it out. My guess is it's like there is certainly a

00:48:22.920 --> 00:48:32.010
Morgana Rae: Kind of like, at least in the movies that there's always a Chinese food restaurant. But I don't know how the ties feel about that, whether or not they honor. Well, you know,

00:48:33.810 --> 00:48:45.690
Morgana Rae: We'll find out tomorrow we will find out tomorrow. So if it's not Thai food we can call after the show we could find out. That's the best thing to do is to check in with reality and find out if there's food to be

00:48:47.730 --> 00:48:58.470
Morgana Rae: So what are you going to be, what are you having gratitude for what is your plan for tomorrow. Well, my first gratitude always comes to you. I just am just so happy to be with you.

00:49:00.720 --> 00:49:01.830
Morgana Rae: That we have a home.

00:49:03.180 --> 00:49:07.920
Morgana Rae: Now that we have savings and security that we have health

00:49:10.800 --> 00:49:21.900
Morgana Rae: My beautiful family, my friends, I see things turning a corner in the world. I see you know things getting better things getting better health wise.

00:49:22.650 --> 00:49:38.640
Morgana Rae: Getting better with the economy with jobs getting better for a lot of people. I think it'll start slow, but I think it's going to really be building up over the next two years and I'm excited for that. So I'm actually extremely optimistic.

00:49:40.050 --> 00:49:57.300
Morgana Rae: I'm thrilled to be planning to go back to Bali to leave my retreat in June. Yeah. When the Show's over, I'm going to be communicating with my with the three razzi cottages resort to to arrange payment and conditions on my rooms.

00:49:58.440 --> 00:50:02.340
Morgana Rae: I know I gave them. We gave them a shout out last week, I just, I love them.

00:50:04.860 --> 00:50:09.360
Morgana Rae: And I'm grateful for my flexibility that

00:50:10.380 --> 00:50:23.040
Morgana Rae: I can pivot and I can change. So if tune doesn't work, then we'll change the month and we can do that and I'm grateful for that. There are plans for me to be coaching on the ground in China.

00:50:23.970 --> 00:50:33.990
Morgana Rae: Late next summer. Whoa, that's very exciting. And my grandmother was born and raised in China. So there's kind of a connection to that too. So

00:50:35.640 --> 00:50:55.950
Morgana Rae: I'm thrilled to just be home with Devon and do our own gratitude ritual and keep his parents safe, so that we can have many, many thanksgivings maybe we can have a Thanksgiving together in April, or whatever, it doesn't have to be tomorrow, just like

00:50:57.330 --> 00:51:09.630
Morgana Rae: We don't just have to save up all of our love and affection for Valentine's Day. We can make Thanksgiving valid and Valentine's Day and all those days every day because that makes life more fun.

00:51:13.440 --> 00:51:22.470
Morgana Rae: What it, what are you thinking right now. What am I thinking right now. Yeah, I was just checking the clock. So we have a few minutes left to go. So what are your pearls of wisdom.

00:51:22.920 --> 00:51:37.620
Morgana Rae: My pearls of wisdom for today is Go hug your family go. I mean, I know it's probably the wrong time to hug, but I still believe that if you can live in the same room. Nobody's under quarantine right but so if you

00:51:39.510 --> 00:51:51.600
Morgana Rae: Are until out. I mean, I think, again, is really what it is I'm just using the word has but really what I'm talking about is, like, just tell the people you know obviously with sort of like, you know, the death of our friend.

00:51:52.620 --> 00:52:01.110
Morgana Rae: A couple days ago, I think it's just one of those things, it's you know you. We're here, we're here on this ridiculous spinning globe for

00:52:01.380 --> 00:52:12.390
Morgana Rae: Really in the grand scheme of things, a very short amount of time and and maybe we've been here many generations and maybe this is our one shot. Either way, I don't know if we get to know what the answer is.

00:52:13.410 --> 00:52:23.520
Morgana Rae: And so I think we have this limited time. And so it's it's sort of like, Hey, be nice to each other because it is everybody's I think at the worst. I think it's just been a real challenging time

00:52:23.970 --> 00:52:36.360
Morgana Rae: Across the world you know well the entire changes like when we're young, time is interminable it just is so slow waiting to turn five

00:52:36.990 --> 00:52:55.620
Morgana Rae: Waiting to lose teeth and get teeth. It just went on forever and it speeds up at our age which actually makes everything you more valuable every experience more valuable. My grandmother before she died a couple of years ago.

00:52:57.660 --> 00:53:04.590
Morgana Rae: When one of her adopted multitude of of children and grandchildren.

00:53:06.120 --> 00:53:16.860
Morgana Rae: Because she just adopted like not formally but she would just meet somebody go your mind and that person belongs to her for the rest of her life and

00:53:18.180 --> 00:53:22.740
Morgana Rae: One of them was a childhood friend of mine who went to read the Tibetan Book of the Dead with her.

00:53:24.240 --> 00:53:39.300
Morgana Rae: And he was like, virtually in tears and her response at the end of that was That's bull. I don't know if I'm allowed to say the following word on this show. I'll have to check with our producers, so I'm not going to finish that, but she says

00:53:40.710 --> 00:53:55.800
Morgana Rae: She just essentially was saying and saltier terms that's malarkey. And she said life is about having experiences have lots and lots of experiences and she did. She lived one of the greatest lives any human being could live

00:53:56.370 --> 00:54:05.340
Morgana Rae: She's kind of my role model for life rather than living pretty well too. So living really really well. Well, I can't wait to travel again.

00:54:06.330 --> 00:54:13.590
Morgana Rae: Miss that because I have so much to say about travel but you know we're not quite there yet. So I'll have things to say about Bali in China.

00:54:14.310 --> 00:54:23.070
Morgana Rae: You know, let's, then I'm going to go back to Portugal. Yeah, well, we'll get there and it'll be there after all of this is over and and

00:54:23.700 --> 00:54:38.340
Morgana Rae: You know, we'll just until then we'll so keep safe and wait for vaccines to arrive. Well, like I was saying, you know, if you are happily in love. Hallelujah. That's the greatest thing in the world. And if you're not yet.

00:54:39.570 --> 00:54:55.710
Morgana Rae: Then enjoy everything you can about where you are just like we can't travel but I love and cherish being home with Devon poor trap person that he is

00:54:56.910 --> 00:55:08.160
Morgana Rae: And I do leave you alone for bits and pieces of time right brief, brief moment no most of the time. Yes, that's true, that's true. But, you know, just

00:55:08.790 --> 00:55:21.720
Morgana Rae: As much as you're capable of not to deny your experience in the moment as much as you can. Treasure, really, the better life experience. You'll have because whatever is going on now will change guaranteed.

00:55:23.190 --> 00:55:28.830
Morgana Rae: And some of those changes are shocking and not welcome and some of them are

00:55:30.270 --> 00:55:33.600
Morgana Rae: Unexpected and better than you ever imagined possible

00:55:34.440 --> 00:55:49.470
Morgana Rae: Yeah so. And by the way, we're thankful for you for spending the hour of your time with us. And you can always check us out more. I mean, I haven't seen our update from our. I don't know how much time we have left, right, they turned it off on us.

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00:56:47.370 --> 00:57:00.180
Morgana Rae: Anything else. No, I think we're, you know, what are we doing we're hanging out here. Yeah. Got 60 seconds left to we can't be very efficient. I don't know if we are, yeah.

00:57:01.350 --> 00:57:13.860
Morgana Rae: So what are we going to do next week. Oh, next week up. Ooh, exciting. So we're going to have guests again next week. Yeah. Michael and Carly Michael Stratford and Carly Anderson.

00:57:14.280 --> 00:57:26.340
Morgana Rae: Yeah, yeah. They're wonderful and they're wise and they're going to have lots of really useful tips on life because that's what they do for a living is advise people and

00:57:27.900 --> 00:57:32.730
Morgana Rae: That's it. I think we're really like, you're done. Yeah, so many blessings and see you guys next week.

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