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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love, July 7, 2021

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Crazy Sexy Midlife Love
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How do you make it work with a person who is different from you

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love with Morgana Rae-Galaudet and Devin Galaudet

How do you make it work with a person who is different from you?

Crazy Sexy Midlife Love

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My husband and I are 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries. 100% his idea. And honestly, when we hit 100 we’ll probably keep going, cause we’ve been in honeymoon mode for 5 years now. (He’s a smart man.) We met at 45. Started getting married at 47… back in 2014.

My philosophy is love gets better and more fun at midlife, especially for women. We’re smarter. Men are more relationship ready. (And if they’re not, it’s so obvious! Next!) I want to punch holes in all that negative, fear-feeding nonsense I grew up hearing about age and love for women.

Getting Married around the World

The reason for this is simple. Love and travel are two of our favorite things. By combining the two we unite the best of our worlds. Yes, at least, 100 weddings!

100 Weddings, So Far

Yes, we are aware that we are just getting started. 

1. Los Angeles, CA USA — May 23, 2014

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — June 5, 2014

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia — September 14, 2014

4. Kotor, Montenegro — September 15, 2014

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina — September 18, 2014

6. The mountains above Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska — September 22, 2014

7. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

8. Belgrade, Serbia — September 26, 2014

9. Bled, Slovenia — September 29, 2014

10. San Marino, San Marino — October 4, 2014

11. Rome, Italy — October 5, 2014

12. Vatican City — October 5, 2014

13. Gesi, Turkey — February 12, 2015

14. Norwalk, CA — May 27, 2015

15. Villa Del Palmar, Loreto, Mexico — June 17, 2015

16. Wizards Academy, Austin, TX — October 6, 2015

17. Sri Rahti, Penestanan, Bali, Indonesia — May 8, 2016

18. Toronto, Canada — August 10, 2016

19. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico — June 15, 2017

20. Colima, Mexico — November 18, 2017

21. Sedona, Arizona — November 10, 2018

22. Paris, France — September 26, 2019

23. Brussels, Belgium — September 29, 2019

24. Madrid, Spain — October 11, 2019

25. Lisbon, Portugal — October 17, 2019

Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Morgana and Devin: And hello, welcome to crazy sexy midlife love, my name is Morgana, and this is my husband Devon, yes, yes and.

00:08:48.300 --> 00:08:55.680
Morgana and Devin: Like you we've just come out of fourth of July weekend and a lot of fireworks.

00:08:58.170 --> 00:09:09.600
Morgana and Devin: Not quite back to normal, yet not going to the fourth of July parties yet next year very, very hopeful that we'll get to do that again.

00:09:11.160 --> 00:09:13.590
Morgana and Devin: But I feel like we're so close to the finish line.

00:09:15.150 --> 00:09:27.000
Morgana and Devin: And you know, I just want to get back to traveling getting married if you don't know devin and I are getting married 100 times 100 countries 100% devon's idea.

00:09:27.960 --> 00:09:46.770
Morgana and Devin: And that's been on pause for obvious reasons forever yeah we may have to like have a really intense batch of weddings like we did the first year when we got married 11 times in I think a month and then in.

00:09:47.880 --> 00:09:52.230
Morgana and Devin: We got married four times in four countries in about 30 days.

00:09:54.660 --> 00:09:59.040
Morgana and Devin: Beautiful beautiful countries and, I think, for me the hardest part is.

00:10:00.480 --> 00:10:08.700
Morgana and Devin: deciding where to next I kind of it helps them Devon makes those decisions for me, you know I already did, which was.

00:10:10.710 --> 00:10:20.730
Morgana and Devin: Chile Uruguay, Argentina and maybe Paraguay yeah which I don't think anybody goes to I mean I think in terms of country to visit.

00:10:21.180 --> 00:10:28.800
Morgana and Devin: People don't think part of why and i'm not sure that you're supposed to i'm sure it's great and i'm sure that's got many wonderful things and it's kind of one of the more.

00:10:29.280 --> 00:10:33.600
Morgana and Devin: Interesting perhaps isolated countries but that's neither here nor there.

00:10:33.900 --> 00:10:39.720
Morgana and Devin: Maybe we won't get to Paraguay, but I certainly think we should hit those three countries, I just mentioned in South America.

00:10:39.960 --> 00:10:55.200
Morgana and Devin: I want to get married an ERG why where there's this feature it looks like you've had these five fingers rising up out of the sand that whoa that's just looks so cool well I think that's fairly easy to do just.

00:10:56.850 --> 00:11:05.520
Morgana and Devin: go there and extra pounds yeah you take a cab and you say five fingers from the stand like that and we'll finish my.

00:11:06.840 --> 00:11:23.010
Morgana and Devin: passion right now I don't think you need to include the passion for the cab driver i've been watching you watch that Tele novella and everybody speaks with great passion right but I don't think that's a regular person.

00:11:24.990 --> 00:11:31.530
Morgana and Devin: I think those are you know I mean listening the guy that the latest is that the guy was kidnapped.

00:11:32.730 --> 00:11:40.830
Morgana and Devin: and tortured, which guy the main guy most beautiful guy effort, because all the girls love the sky.

00:11:41.310 --> 00:11:53.400
Morgana and Devin: looks like a model but he's a baker pretending to be a bricklayer right there, you know that bought him that he wasn't actually a brick later later because the whole House collapsed on the villainous uh huh.

00:11:54.600 --> 00:11:58.020
Morgana and Devin: So anyway there's some stuff there's stuff a brewing.

00:12:00.120 --> 00:12:00.930
Morgana and Devin: and

00:12:02.250 --> 00:12:19.260
Morgana and Devin: God is very productive condos but no okay well cool so yeah a little by little practicing Spanish well and it's so funny that that's how you're learning Spanish I think when we weren't in most Star and her Bosnia Herzegovina which was.

00:12:20.430 --> 00:12:24.090
Morgana and Devin: One of our weddings I don't remember what number was.

00:12:25.110 --> 00:12:35.430
Morgana and Devin: Our tour guide spoke perfect English and she had taught herself English by watching years and years of how I married your mother, for how I met your mother.

00:12:36.750 --> 00:12:46.050
Morgana and Devin: I never watched that series you did, and then, when we went to Portugal, everybody speaks English because they watch American TV and movies, with subtitles instead of done.

00:12:47.250 --> 00:12:54.000
Morgana and Devin: So it's a fun way to learn, so when thinking about what to cover in today's show.

00:12:55.050 --> 00:13:09.180
Morgana and Devin: I had not really jokingly put out there, that I express love i'm I you know there's the five love languages and i'm very, very much words of affirmation and touch.

00:13:09.570 --> 00:13:22.950
Morgana and Devin: And so I express love by sharing with Devon every thought that POPs into my head, like, I want to share everything I wanted to be a total part of my life anything happens, and I want to tell him.

00:13:24.210 --> 00:13:28.200
Morgana and Devin: And Devon expresses his love by tolerating.

00:13:29.220 --> 00:13:35.910
Morgana and Devin: very generously my sharing every thought that POPs into my head and.

00:13:37.200 --> 00:13:49.830
Morgana and Devin: I think that has a lot to do with the secret of love is you find the person whose annoyances you can find charming and tolerable.

00:13:50.610 --> 00:13:57.030
Morgana and Devin: Whereas somebody else, and I know this because I was single until I was 45.

00:13:57.660 --> 00:14:10.080
Morgana and Devin: will find it intolerable and go running into the hills, so you have to you have to find your person who isn't settling and isn't miserable.

00:14:10.770 --> 00:14:19.710
Morgana and Devin: But just find that amusing and then life is a lot easier for both of us yeah I disagree with that completely okay go ahead, sorry.

00:14:20.490 --> 00:14:34.530
Morgana and Devin: I don't think you have to find somebody who tolerate you and you tolerate them, I mean it goes with this this magic word of settling which I don't think is I think that's just a ridiculous word I think I think what it is, is you can find a good person.

00:14:36.030 --> 00:14:41.760
Morgana and Devin: And then realize that the things that you like about them or their quirkiness.

00:14:42.180 --> 00:15:05.490
Morgana and Devin: will be have to be dealt with it's on some level somewhere and then you have to make a decision to stay within the relationship and work it out, because I have yet I have yet to speak to a single guy after many, many, many years, and this is also speaking to me, too, but many, many men where.

00:15:06.750 --> 00:15:17.730
Morgana and Devin: You don't have to just deal with the other person where it's like oh you just fit like a glove and everything was wonderful and there's never a bad moment because you're just happy constantly.

00:15:18.120 --> 00:15:21.480
Morgana and Devin: Now I have met a couple people who claim that they've never had.

00:15:21.840 --> 00:15:34.350
Morgana and Devin: A fight, but I don't know if that's because somebody made a decision to like hey This is my person i'm going to fight for them i'm going to be on their team my priority is going to be in the relationship.

00:15:35.100 --> 00:15:43.890
Morgana and Devin: I think that's what you need to do, and you find people to people who are mindful of that and that they may have stripe coming from other directions.

00:15:44.160 --> 00:15:53.730
Morgana and Devin: But they've made a decision that it's not going to come from a place in the relationship, and I think you can do that, but I don't think you have to I don't think you can plan it out in advance.

00:15:54.450 --> 00:16:02.130
Morgana and Devin: Well, I think that's kind of what you're buying I think my dear you just said exactly what I said in different words all right.

00:16:03.120 --> 00:16:16.020
Morgana and Devin: What is not about settling you never want to settle a be with someone who thinks they're settling that's not what this is about, and at the same time, there will be moments where.

00:16:17.940 --> 00:16:29.430
Morgana and Devin: The difference of another human being can be crazy making and that's that's when you have to make a decision, oh i'm going to listen i'm not saying every relationship is intended.

00:16:29.880 --> 00:16:41.970
Morgana and Devin: To be the final one, I think, for some people like I know people who were just like they were made to be in relationships and they're good at it or they're inclined to be forgiving and accepting.

00:16:42.300 --> 00:16:53.010
Morgana and Devin: And those are great wonderful qualities and their apt to have very long lasting relationships we get better, those of us who weren't born that way.

00:16:54.270 --> 00:16:58.620
Morgana and Devin: We hopefully get better at knowing what's important to us.

00:17:00.060 --> 00:17:02.730
Morgana and Devin: As we get older, hence midlife love getting better.

00:17:05.190 --> 00:17:10.080
Morgana and Devin: And I think it just took a long time to find my puzzle pieces, you know.

00:17:11.940 --> 00:17:22.560
Morgana and Devin: Not for lack of trying it just it took what it took for to find my my safe landing place um, but I also think that.

00:17:23.670 --> 00:17:33.780
Morgana and Devin: You know the more more humor and more affection, you can have for the difference and for you know the foibles of your partner and yourself.

00:17:34.290 --> 00:17:39.300
Morgana and Devin: The just the softer your love experience is going to be anyway, and then there are things.

00:17:40.290 --> 00:18:00.210
Morgana and Devin: That are in me that are in Devon, that would be total deal breakers and rightfully so for other people that are really kind of cool and make us a better match, you know and and, by the way we disagree about a lot of things, but yes, well, we just disagreed here.

00:18:01.980 --> 00:18:20.310
Morgana and Devin: 40 seconds right yes fight a lot, well, I mean it's, what are we fighting about what could we can I mean I suppose there are things we can fight about well I know we have thought about in the past but it's like those fights come up so like.

00:18:22.650 --> 00:18:27.180
Morgana and Devin: Rarely that I can actually remember them why because they kind of stick out.

00:18:30.930 --> 00:18:34.650
Morgana and Devin: And I think, so the question today is really.

00:18:35.850 --> 00:18:51.480
Morgana and Devin: Like how, how do you make it work with a person who is different from you, because guaranteed anybody you're with it's going to be different from you and and how you choose what those right differences are and.

00:18:52.560 --> 00:18:55.620
Morgana and Devin: I would wish that by now, I would have memorized.

00:18:56.760 --> 00:18:59.340
Morgana and Devin: Our phone number if our producer could type in our.

00:19:00.840 --> 00:19:02.040
Morgana and Devin: team philly also.

00:19:04.080 --> 00:19:10.200
Morgana and Devin: A class preparation, I usually have it right away if we were to argue, we might argue about.

00:19:11.580 --> 00:19:20.160
Morgana and Devin: This why me why we've done this show nap for like how long a year yeah but you know me and my memory, I have a head injury I.

00:19:21.030 --> 00:19:27.480
Morgana and Devin: up there, we go Okay, so the number is so there you go picking on the road with the head injury How dare you.

00:19:28.110 --> 00:19:38.280
Morgana and Devin: How dare you, you know I think I know your phone number now and we've only been together nine years right, and I still get it wrong sometimes okay that's true too so.

00:19:38.790 --> 00:19:51.630
Morgana and Devin: We this is we're having a live show right now, and what that means is, we would take a phone yeah we would love to get into a conversation with you, especially especially.

00:19:52.320 --> 00:20:20.520
Morgana and Devin: And this is a big one, because I heard this from a woman recently, if anyone has ever told you that you're undefeatable or that you're unlovable or your to this or to that too intense too fat too old to anything I want to hear from you, because i've had all of that said to me and.

00:20:21.540 --> 00:20:28.620
Morgana and Devin: I believe honestly that when somebody tells you that they're telling you that you're not the right person for them.

00:20:29.430 --> 00:20:49.380
Morgana and Devin: Which is very, very useful information so that you can move them aside, so they can find their right person, so that you can be free to attract the person who is going to adore you as you are, do we still need to work on ourselves and our self love and our.

00:20:50.880 --> 00:21:13.440
Morgana and Devin: ability to be a good relationship partner, of course, of course, but our like core being this is lovable and not we're not supposed to be to every single person's taste, thank goodness, because if we were then devin and I wouldn't have been available to meet each other.

00:21:15.360 --> 00:21:31.140
Morgana and Devin: So the phone number to call in is 8886 to 76008 if you would like to ask a question, get some love assistance.

00:21:34.020 --> 00:21:43.320
Morgana and Devin: And by the way we really respect privacy, so if you want to call in you don't even have to use your real name I think adult person configure that and.

00:21:44.670 --> 00:21:51.390
Morgana and Devin: Anyway, right when you call up please don't give us your first last name your phone number and your social security.

00:21:53.220 --> 00:22:05.100
Morgana and Devin: Do that you don't have it yet yeah That would be a thing, so we do like to hear from you, and in the meanwhile we'll just continue speaking so I started reading.

00:22:06.180 --> 00:22:15.240
Morgana and Devin: Some of your new book i'll write the first 25 pages i'll just to give a background i'm deep into the second draft of the next book, which is going to be.

00:22:15.480 --> 00:22:24.990
Morgana and Devin: it's really sort of a memoir on my love life I why, if who, in their right mind would do that and he'll in the right mind would do that and then give it to their wife to proofread.

00:22:25.170 --> 00:22:31.470
Morgana and Devin: Right, but the good news is all the ridiculous stuff and it really well look be ridiculous yeah totally ridiculous.

00:22:32.850 --> 00:22:42.030
Morgana and Devin: You know so i'm doing that, like it's been this sure it's about the weddings and that's great, and it is actually you're probably it's a lot of fun.

00:22:42.990 --> 00:22:46.800
Morgana and Devin: Especially if you like, travel so that'd be great pieces in it.

00:22:47.670 --> 00:23:03.120
Morgana and Devin: But so you i'm at a stage now where a probably like i've written the first draft i've done really the first two drafts of the book, for this is your second book your first book was 10,000 miles my dad father's ashes correct, and so the.

00:23:03.840 --> 00:23:09.450
Morgana and Devin: So the second draft means i've put in about 80,000 words they're about.

00:23:10.590 --> 00:23:20.910
Morgana and Devin: And that means i've spent a fair bit of time right that's right who writes about love, because the first book was about family love love for your dad.

00:23:21.870 --> 00:23:26.070
Morgana and Devin: I write about travel romantic love I do write about travel well that's what I used.

00:23:26.400 --> 00:23:39.570
Morgana and Devin: to travel into everything wrong because I did it for 17 years or so, but that all said so deep into the second draft, which means i'm really like the story is outlined it's in some sort of sequence that i'm comfortable with.

00:23:40.320 --> 00:23:55.050
Morgana and Devin: The stories mostly told now it's kind of telling the story well and maybe that's another draft maybe it's another two who knows, but really What it means is i'm going to start sending it to agents and things like that, because.

00:23:55.530 --> 00:24:06.510
Morgana and Devin: it's sort of what we do, because people are saying hey will you give it to me because I want to pass it on to an agent, which is always a good sign, know that is a good sign and that's also true, and so.

00:24:07.140 --> 00:24:14.190
Morgana and Devin: For the writerly people out there it's just you know it's part of the war of attrition between the words of getting it done and so.

00:24:14.970 --> 00:24:26.070
Morgana and Devin: A handful of agents that i've targeted usually requests like I just assumed send out the stuff that I like the most the chapters that are like whoo Okay, I like that one.

00:24:27.120 --> 00:24:31.950
Morgana and Devin: But that's usually not what they want, they want like the first 10 or first 25 pages so.

00:24:32.340 --> 00:24:41.790
Morgana and Devin: By finishing the first 25 pages and it's really this stuff is really much more third draft it's like it's very, very close with the ballpark.

00:24:42.450 --> 00:25:01.170
Morgana and Devin: So that all set so now, the first 25 pages have been read proofread it I proof read i'm going through it a final time and then i'm going to send it out to a few people that I had a very funny and we'll see what happens it's supposed to that's because you know listen love is.

00:25:02.520 --> 00:25:10.290
Morgana and Devin: Very difficult we've all gone through breakups and heartache and all that kind of stuff and to me it's just ridiculous.

00:25:10.830 --> 00:25:28.530
Morgana and Devin: Like, can I say that would love like I believe in relationships, I want to talk about relationships, but it's also you can't get past the fact that it's just also absurd because we're absurd yeah but I, the reason that we have this radio show now is.

00:25:29.700 --> 00:25:45.630
Morgana and Devin: Really, my experience love now is that it's really, really comforting like it is like a safe blanket and and it's less dramatic.

00:25:46.140 --> 00:26:08.820
Morgana and Devin: than it was when I was young, it has less than security don't get me wrong, I have my insecure moments has been will testify to that because why me testifying to that is a terrible life well I wasn't saying you had to okay good um no, because I, you know just.

00:26:10.110 --> 00:26:16.530
Morgana and Devin: Especially at my age I don't know if it's hormones, or if it's coven fatigue, or what, but I just have moments.

00:26:16.890 --> 00:26:34.080
Morgana and Devin: Not that often but it's nice when I am feeling sensitive to just asked to be held and be held so really very, very it's just very mild on drama but it's really, really rich and comfort.

00:26:34.530 --> 00:26:42.420
Morgana and Devin: And companionship and love and I still get the butterfly feeling so whenever I looked at Devon so there's and there's a lot of fun.

00:26:43.470 --> 00:26:54.390
Morgana and Devin: that's why that's why we call the show crazy sexy, because it is fun and it is yummy and I think more of our drama and excitement comes from.

00:26:54.900 --> 00:27:15.090
Morgana and Devin: going to other countries and just coping with whatever happens when you travel, because you never know what's going to happen and it's can be amusing, even when you have bug bites on your face that make you look like some of them run what were those those you know low budget horror.

00:27:16.170 --> 00:27:23.400
Morgana and Devin: Right, by the way, if it's word yummy was used in the title of this show I wouldn't be on.

00:27:25.980 --> 00:27:26.370
Morgana and Devin: It.

00:27:27.810 --> 00:27:39.090
Morgana and Devin: Right so so tell me about that Mr loves all things desert ish what's wrong with yummy yeah it's just too much.

00:27:40.110 --> 00:27:51.510
Morgana and Devin: it's too much, even as a middle aged guy who's very accepting uh huh too much, you have to draw the line somewhere, there has to be a line in the sand right there yeah.

00:27:53.310 --> 00:27:57.630
Morgana and Devin: i'm still reeling that you said that but so okay so.

00:27:59.160 --> 00:28:06.150
Morgana and Devin: So there was there more our rights so just to finish off the book thing you know.

00:28:07.260 --> 00:28:17.550
Morgana and Devin: And i'm really saying this for people because there's a surprising amount of people that want to write a book have something to say believe they have something to say, and then they don't want to sit down and write it.

00:28:18.570 --> 00:28:23.100
Morgana and Devin: So i'm going to spend like two minutes until morgana has something to say.

00:28:24.150 --> 00:28:33.000
Morgana and Devin: and telling you what it is that I do and how do I get there, so it's not that complicated really, what I do is I sit down and write.

00:28:33.570 --> 00:28:42.180
Morgana and Devin: And I forced myself to write, because the the challenge isn't telling the story, the challenge is sitting down.

00:28:42.870 --> 00:28:49.440
Morgana and Devin: And I read that and I think in a book by David press field, maybe the war of art something like that I think that's it.

00:28:49.950 --> 00:29:01.320
Morgana and Devin: And, and he talks about it has a lot to do with just this notion of press procrastination now what I do if you're a budding writer either writing professionally for many, many moons to stage.

00:29:02.490 --> 00:29:09.000
Morgana and Devin: Is that I sit down, and I will write a paragraph and then I will delete the paragraph.

00:29:09.720 --> 00:29:18.930
Morgana and Devin: And then I will write another paragraph, which is very, very similar to the first paragraph, that I just deleted and then I will check the refrigerator.

00:29:19.500 --> 00:29:28.380
Morgana and Devin: And then I will paste around the House, and then I will play a song I may play a song on the guitar there's a good chance that I will.

00:29:29.190 --> 00:29:37.410
Morgana and Devin: Then I will sit down again and I will probably edit, even though I probably shouldn't maybe i'll edit some of the lines within that paragraph.

00:29:38.010 --> 00:29:47.070
Morgana and Devin: Or maybe i'll delete the whole thing and try it again, and then I will check email, and then I will get up and open the refrigerator some more.

00:29:47.520 --> 00:29:59.190
Morgana and Devin: And then I will go back and sit down and maybe i'll go to the market, maybe i'll drive to a bookstore or maybe you'll really be in the flow of the writing and then work on it comes in and wants to kill us.

00:30:01.080 --> 00:30:10.260
Morgana and Devin: If it's a lot yeah that's really ridiculous so The point is, is that once every great while i'll sit down and it's just.

00:30:11.400 --> 00:30:24.300
Morgana and Devin: Like what it is that I want to say is just there and I catch catch the wave and I ride the wave for as long as possible, but that way visit like 30 pages that wave is like.

00:30:25.770 --> 00:30:33.510
Morgana and Devin: Three maybe three pages, and even then I already know that i'm going to go have to go back.

00:30:33.870 --> 00:30:48.000
Morgana and Devin: And because even though it's an image in my brain that image may not speak to Oregon and we're speak to you as reader so I have to make sure that the images that I have in my head that are inspiring me to tell you this piece of the story.

00:30:48.570 --> 00:30:59.970
Morgana and Devin: I need to make sure that those those pictures are going to be able to be seen by you right there's there's only so much you can control in this, but so So what does it mean is that.

00:31:00.480 --> 00:31:07.920
Morgana and Devin: Ultimately sort of the whole writing and I think anything to do with sort of like artistic things.

00:31:08.730 --> 00:31:15.690
Morgana and Devin: I think you just have to work it out, little by little, I think you have to kind of show up I think it's a war of attrition I think most people.

00:31:16.440 --> 00:31:26.520
Morgana and Devin: don't finish their books it's, not because they don't have talent, or they don't have a great story to tell or something valuable to say that somebody should be reading it's that.

00:31:26.970 --> 00:31:34.830
Morgana and Devin: They think it's going to be pouring out, you know I mean, I think, Stephen King sits down and writes like 2000 words a day that's what i've heard I don't know that for sure.

00:31:36.300 --> 00:31:38.190
Morgana and Devin: But I think your average person.

00:31:39.120 --> 00:31:50.370
Morgana and Devin: is assuming that it's like ooh I just sit down every single day and I just know precisely what i'm going to say and how i'm going to say and it's gonna pour out of me like a pitcher of water and that's not yet.

00:31:50.850 --> 00:32:00.540
Morgana and Devin: it's it's really sort of again it's kind of like it's work and it's a bit of a struggle, so you know sorry to go on that right ugly tangent, but it is it's.

00:32:00.780 --> 00:32:13.320
Morgana and Devin: it's a wouldn't be you if you didn't right it's a minor milestone, so that means sort of like we're at the place now where it's like okay i'm going to start sending out some chapters to people to.

00:32:13.740 --> 00:32:22.260
Morgana and Devin: start looking for blurbs i'm going to you know, for your dust jacket and i'm going to start sending it out to people to kind of you know.

00:32:23.100 --> 00:32:38.820
Morgana and Devin: see what an agent or things and and, by the way, all of that's work to like I don't hold my breath and if somebody says no like whatever Okay, you know there's, especially now, like, I think, then, when I say Ben and 25 years ago.

00:32:39.990 --> 00:32:47.100
Morgana and Devin: Then you really couldn't self publish like it just wasn't going to happen well now.

00:32:48.330 --> 00:32:50.070
Morgana and Devin: I happen to have a visual prob.

00:32:51.270 --> 00:32:59.670
Morgana and Devin: Self published number one of all movers i'm holding up for those listening to the audio i'm holding up my book.

00:33:00.120 --> 00:33:10.440
Morgana and Devin: kind of a hybrid book and self coaching system financial alchemy 12 months of magic and manifestation went to number one of all categories in the US have.

00:33:10.890 --> 00:33:21.180
Morgana and Devin: Number one mover and shaker number one in three categories in Canada and the United Kingdom in Germany and number two and three, and France and Italy and.

00:33:21.960 --> 00:33:33.300
Morgana and Devin: Lots of lovely sales really cool lots and lots of money lots and lots of free P customers self published cuz that was just the path, I chose.

00:33:34.230 --> 00:33:46.200
Morgana and Devin: Mostly, because I just signed with a huge agent who wanted me to write a book proposal and I was so terrified that I thought, maybe, nobody would notice that I was procrastinating if I launched my book and became a best seller.

00:33:47.880 --> 00:33:55.590
Morgana and Devin: Then you know that that's that's how I procrastinate you know what really scares you by how productive you become and everything else.

00:33:56.850 --> 00:34:00.840
Morgana and Devin: And that was just a really fun experience and.

00:34:02.040 --> 00:34:10.260
Morgana and Devin: The good news is because we're so responsible for whatever our messages and the world to put out there.

00:34:13.500 --> 00:34:29.040
Morgana and Devin: There is a bit of the democratization of the process where it's not all the power in the publishers now now anybody can self publish through ingram online I used.

00:34:30.060 --> 00:34:32.640
Morgana and Devin: lightning source and.

00:34:33.660 --> 00:34:43.740
Morgana and Devin: it's somebody buys the book it's printed and shipped out and I don't have to do anything anymore, which is really, really nice Devon is the artists.

00:34:44.430 --> 00:34:55.350
Morgana and Devin: So it makes more sense for him to have a real publisher well and we'll see how it all manifests and unfolds like if it doesn't happen, the way that I think it should.

00:34:56.310 --> 00:35:12.870
Morgana and Devin: that's Okay, you know, at some point it's not personally do the best you can and some point you, you know you march ahead, and we also know some extremely successful authors who self published first I think Wayne dyer's among them.

00:35:13.980 --> 00:35:14.670
Morgana and Devin: So.

00:35:15.810 --> 00:35:29.790
Morgana and Devin: I don't think it's going to come to that, because I think your book will have habits adios, but I just enjoyed what I read today I finally got to read some I got to read the first 25 pages.

00:35:31.080 --> 00:35:31.590
Morgana and Devin: Which.

00:35:33.990 --> 00:35:39.420
Morgana and Devin: brings me to something that I was thinking about before the show.

00:35:41.400 --> 00:35:55.020
Morgana and Devin: Because it's actually really interesting reading my husband talk about Oh, he was in love with okay in Paris being fed chocolate crepes by beautiful woman glad you got that out of your system my love i'm sure.

00:35:56.820 --> 00:36:10.470
Morgana and Devin: um but I was visiting my godmother yesterday, for the first time in two years, the last time I saw her was two years ago this month at the memorial for my father's passing.

00:36:11.460 --> 00:36:27.030
Morgana and Devin: And then you know with the pandemic I didn't see her because she and her husband or you know my father's vintage so very, very high risk for the disease and even though devin and I were being really careful.

00:36:28.470 --> 00:36:38.430
Morgana and Devin: That you know it just wasn't worth the risk, now that we're all vaccinated and still being careful I finally got to see her which was really, really like profound for me.

00:36:39.240 --> 00:36:52.410
Morgana and Devin: To get to spend a day with her and here was something that I found really interesting because she and her husband have been happily happily married for many decades and they're so cute and.

00:36:53.280 --> 00:37:11.190
Morgana and Devin: flirty and in love and she's always been, who I want to be when I grow up and their relationship is actually like you know devin and I, and maybe another 30 years and I noticed that there are things that they will not talk about with each other.

00:37:12.300 --> 00:37:17.730
Morgana and Devin: And that was actually such a relief to me that there are topics that he doesn't want to hear about so.

00:37:17.970 --> 00:37:25.800
Morgana and Devin: And there are topics that she doesn't want to hear about and it doesn't mean that they don't love each other and respect each other to bits it's just that they just don't want to hear about it.

00:37:26.490 --> 00:37:37.560
Morgana and Devin: And I maybe that's maybe that's a normal part of relationship that you just what are you rolling your eyes and I did not run my oh you rolled your eyes.

00:37:38.760 --> 00:37:45.840
Morgana and Devin: You just spent the last 20 minutes of the show saying you needed to tell me every single thing.

00:37:47.850 --> 00:37:56.010
Morgana and Devin: Is i'm not go ahead, but that leads to there are some things that.

00:38:00.300 --> 00:38:11.760
Morgana and Devin: I am learning very, very slowly to avoid sure I, like him, yes, hence yes mark.

00:38:15.000 --> 00:38:24.660
Morgana and Devin: Hence, you like to say more my smell oh actually not i'm just saying that I think I think it's important to recognize that some things.

00:38:25.110 --> 00:38:35.820
Morgana and Devin: And we've talked about this so many times, but I think there are some things that are just fall into the unresolved issue category, meaning that.

00:38:36.480 --> 00:38:47.430
Morgana and Devin: You are going to want to talk about something, and the other person isn't yeah I don't know to hell, that I can't help you with that thing or I can't fix that thing for you or it's you know sorry but.

00:38:48.510 --> 00:39:01.350
Morgana and Devin: We see it differently and so so that's the smart it wasn't a bad thing, like you can continue to you know talk about whatever, however, you need to like okay great but.

00:39:02.550 --> 00:39:21.300
Morgana and Devin: I think it's also a useful tool to recognize that there are some topics between couples that are it's you know that it's just not useful but don't go keep talking, I think, I think that that is important um that there can be topics that we're really passionate about.

00:39:23.160 --> 00:39:30.840
Morgana and Devin: And, but it's not useful between us, you have stuff that you're that I know you're really passionate about that you have.

00:39:32.670 --> 00:39:44.490
Morgana and Devin: That you do, on your own, and I have stuff that i'm really passionate about that, I do on my own and we get in we get to have these divergent interests and still be.

00:39:45.690 --> 00:39:50.490
Morgana and Devin: Together, and so to to see that.

00:39:51.930 --> 00:39:54.420
Morgana and Devin: To see that oh it's not just us.

00:39:55.680 --> 00:40:09.510
Morgana and Devin: wasn't was was actually really, really comforting to me because you know, sometimes you just don't know until until you see other really happy couples and part of the thing is just with the being housebound.

00:40:10.680 --> 00:40:18.480
Morgana and Devin: To a degree that we've never experienced before we haven't really been going out with other couples for another year for a year.

00:40:18.960 --> 00:40:36.030
Morgana and Devin: And i'm very happy that that's opening up because I think that one of the and i've mentioned this before that the funniest thing happened when Devon, and I got together as I kind of shifted from this world where all of my friends were single.

00:40:37.350 --> 00:40:50.490
Morgana and Devin: And struggling and frustrated not it's not entirely not 100% I had like those few really, really happy longtime couples who I would study and I would ask like you know what's your secret.

00:40:51.090 --> 00:41:01.440
Morgana and Devin: But most of the people I knew were kind of looking and struggling or struggling in the marriage, they were in and then it was like the World just changed.

00:41:02.160 --> 00:41:13.590
Morgana and Devin: And i've been surrounded by happily married people to a degree that I never even knew existed before and part of that is particular activation and I think.

00:41:13.860 --> 00:41:20.310
Morgana and Devin: And for those of you don't know what particular activation is it's like let's say you decided, you want to get a white Honda Prius.

00:41:20.820 --> 00:41:24.720
Morgana and Devin: And suddenly there are white Honda prius's.

00:41:24.960 --> 00:41:36.600
Morgana and Devin: Everywhere, because your brain is sorting for them, and looking for them and you're noticing what was always there, but you never saw before and it's like oh my God everybody has a white hundred pre as well i'm getting something else now.

00:41:37.440 --> 00:41:43.140
Morgana and Devin: Or maybe it's a Toyota is a Prius this is how terrible I am with cars so yeah I think that's a Toyota.

00:41:44.160 --> 00:41:51.330
Morgana and Devin: You get the point that would be very interesting if you sell white hundred praises those cars don't exist i'm.

00:41:53.160 --> 00:41:54.420
Morgana and Devin: More with the Iraq.

00:41:56.760 --> 00:42:01.830
Morgana and Devin: So I think there's a combination of you start to see things that.

00:42:03.030 --> 00:42:10.290
Morgana and Devin: You sort of sorted out and didn't register before and I think that we also have a tendency to attract.

00:42:11.910 --> 00:42:13.140
Morgana and Devin: What is like us.

00:42:14.310 --> 00:42:30.480
Morgana and Devin: Because, then we have common experiences that we can share so if you're happily married you want to hang out with happily married people because you don't feel jealous or or frustrated or less than or like you don't get it, but you just like.

00:42:31.740 --> 00:42:39.630
Morgana and Devin: it's just like more opportunity to celebrate love that's just the shift that I noticed in my life you on the other hand, were single and had.

00:42:40.980 --> 00:42:46.440
Morgana and Devin: A dozen happily married couple friends, long before I came along, how was that for you.

00:42:47.640 --> 00:42:57.330
Morgana and Devin: What do you mean did you feel to feel like you're running behind or did you have any feeling it all in in in play brain land.

00:42:58.110 --> 00:43:02.310
Morgana and Devin: Well, I mean you know I had been in relationships prior to that.

00:43:03.120 --> 00:43:11.220
Morgana and Devin: So they mostly I mean, these are these are some of my oldest and dearest friends and they all have been together for many moons but not always, you know.

00:43:11.490 --> 00:43:21.150
Morgana and Devin: These are people that I knew when they were single and from elementary school and we've all known each other for a really long time, and when they brought new partners in.

00:43:21.510 --> 00:43:36.570
Morgana and Devin: Of course, at the end of the day, you're striving you want them to win, however, it is that they want you know one person ended up having a breakup actually they all did at one time or another, because i've known them, you know 40 years.

00:43:39.180 --> 00:43:43.950
Morgana and Devin: And you're rooting for them to win and then, of course, if there was a breakup, then you know.

00:43:45.150 --> 00:43:51.780
Morgana and Devin: I mean, but this particular group i've known their spouses so long and we'd still be friends.

00:43:53.460 --> 00:44:03.780
Morgana and Devin: So no I don't I don't think of it as that what I what I mostly think of is that I have a good group of friends that all have long term committed relationships which is, I think a great.

00:44:04.410 --> 00:44:14.550
Morgana and Devin: thing to strive for, well, it was one of the things that made me feel safe with you early in our relationship is that you didn't hang out with a bunch of.

00:44:15.810 --> 00:44:26.460
Morgana and Devin: crazy druggie gambling players you hung out with a bunch of really nice stable happy married folk which, let me know that that.

00:44:28.890 --> 00:44:37.230
Morgana and Devin: That that was sort of a value of yours, whether you know that was who you were at the moment, it was that kind of stability.

00:44:39.120 --> 00:44:51.150
Morgana and Devin: That made you more attractive more more safe to me, you can tell so much about a person by the friends that they choose, and they keep hmm and what was really cool was.

00:44:52.830 --> 00:45:01.860
Morgana and Devin: The death was not cool I think I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago that the father of my oldest best friend in the world from when we were toddlers so he.

00:45:02.340 --> 00:45:14.310
Morgana and Devin: was like a father figure to me in my early years just because I was over it tallies House all the time, and she was at my house all the time and her father died and.

00:45:16.410 --> 00:45:20.970
Morgana and Devin: You and she went to the same high school, no, no.

00:45:22.320 --> 00:45:28.800
Morgana and Devin: yeah no other people yeah no Mike some of my closest friends, she knows well and.

00:45:32.130 --> 00:45:44.130
Morgana and Devin: If you would like to actually turn this rambling into a productive conversation, please give us a call at 888.

00:45:45.240 --> 00:45:58.380
Morgana and Devin: How dare I six to 76008 we really want to hear about you, especially if you have like a love situation.

00:45:59.460 --> 00:46:04.110
Morgana and Devin: yeah people call like, let us know how that's going yeah we.

00:46:06.390 --> 00:46:12.960
Morgana and Devin: always want to hear that and yeah if you know, whatever is going on in your relationship life.

00:46:14.550 --> 00:46:24.360
Morgana and Devin: If you would like some help and some guidance, because this is what we do every day because coach people on love I coach people on relationship with money.

00:46:25.260 --> 00:46:38.370
Morgana and Devin: But I coach people around relationship with money through relationship with love because money issues really represents deeper issues around love worth and safety.

00:46:39.540 --> 00:46:44.850
Morgana and Devin: I don't talk about it that much on this show, but I am going to bring it up here that.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:46:53.670
Morgana and Devin: If money is getting in the way of your love life if you don't have enough.

00:46:54.660 --> 00:47:17.070
Morgana and Devin: Or if having a lot is causing issues which it can where you become the bank or it becomes a barrier either one the not enough money or the having the money is also causing trouble either one of those reflects what I would describe as a bad relationship with money.

00:47:18.090 --> 00:47:32.130
Morgana and Devin: Whenever money doesn't fully exist to support your best experience of love and lifestyle and legacy there's a problem there that wants attention so that you don't.

00:47:32.520 --> 00:47:43.680
Morgana and Devin: Either repel the money or get rid of it, which is what we do when we have money monster when there's when there's a negative dynamic in the relationship with money gets in the way of love.

00:47:44.250 --> 00:47:54.330
Morgana and Devin: Something has to give everything is going to lose So if you would like to improve your relationship with money, I would like to invite you to.

00:47:54.900 --> 00:48:10.830
Morgana and Devin: Go to my money love quiz at does money love and good title right isn't it because the The point is that I want to make money and life.

00:48:11.580 --> 00:48:26.610
Morgana and Devin: fall madly in love with you, so that it is safe and feels good and exalts you so that you don't have to put up walls and protections to money or love.

00:48:27.540 --> 00:48:44.970
Morgana and Devin: So the best easiest place to start, I think, is to go to does money love you calm and just take the easy peasy quiz it'll take you two minutes and what it will do is based on your answers and you'll see how all the different areas of your life connect and based on your answers.

00:48:46.830 --> 00:48:48.150
Morgana and Devin: You will receive.

00:48:49.560 --> 00:49:12.630
Morgana and Devin: My analysis of where you are and what would be your most helpful next step and I always always always include at least one free next step, because my desire is to get everybody who wants it into a really healthy easy happy relationship with money loving life.

00:49:13.770 --> 00:49:16.920
Morgana and Devin: And that's why I give away so much for free.

00:49:18.210 --> 00:49:26.190
Morgana and Devin: Because when your life gets better the whole world gets better one less person for me to have to worry about and my world gets better and happier.

00:49:26.880 --> 00:49:45.690
Morgana and Devin: So back to if you're there and listening our number is 888-627-6008 call in anytime and our producer will let us know if somebody is is waiting and in the meanwhile devin and I are going to go back to talking.

00:49:46.800 --> 00:49:48.330
Morgana and Devin: So what's on your mind by love.

00:49:50.190 --> 00:49:59.310
Morgana and Devin: You know, here we are doing a show talking about love yeah um you know what is going on, I mean if i'm honest with you the main focus has been like getting a.

00:49:59.700 --> 00:50:13.200
Morgana and Devin: getting through a handful little projects, including the first 25 pages server I mean, I think you know, in terms of just like what's really going on what's really going on is that I have you know, I think.

00:50:13.800 --> 00:50:23.310
Morgana and Devin: ample time we're at this great place within the pandemic where things are kind of getting back to normal, and I can kind of go after some of the things.

00:50:23.640 --> 00:50:32.550
Morgana and Devin: That I didn't think I could while everything shut down now everything's back to normal so i'm back to normal, but we're closing in on it, and all of a sudden, like.

00:50:32.850 --> 00:50:39.000
Morgana and Devin: Okay, so travel is a conversation again so there's certain folks in the travel industry that i'm reaching out to.

00:50:39.480 --> 00:50:53.580
Morgana and Devin: And you know i'm also, this is an aside, this is, I mean i've discussed it with you, but I haven't discussed it with too many other people, you know, for the last 17 years i've had a website called him and i'm traveling.

00:50:55.080 --> 00:51:08.370
Morgana and Devin: And you know, I was passionate about it for many years and now i'm going to place for that passion is really in steep decline.

00:51:08.970 --> 00:51:23.430
Morgana and Devin: I mean it's still great website there's loads of great content on it, we cover something like 193 countries around the world, we have you know our original articles about all that, and you know i'm just in a place where.

00:51:24.000 --> 00:51:28.290
Morgana and Devin: You know I think that's somebody else's thing I think the industry's changed a little bit.

00:51:30.120 --> 00:51:37.800
Morgana and Devin: And I think i've probably changed I don't think my love of travel has gone anywhere but my desire to sort of maintain.

00:51:38.970 --> 00:51:49.590
Morgana and Devin: A very large website is, you also have other very, very interesting things that we're not going to discuss here publicly it's actually.

00:51:50.370 --> 00:52:03.240
Morgana and Devin: very exciting new things are coming in, and I think, and this is actually a really great topic because i'm seeing this everywhere, as a coach i've been.

00:52:03.600 --> 00:52:17.010
Morgana and Devin: Really connecting a lot with present clients and clients that I love from years going, you know many years back just checking in and seeing where people are what's going on.

00:52:17.490 --> 00:52:26.970
Morgana and Devin: And what i'm noticing is, as we come back there's a very strong tendency to not want to come back.

00:52:27.540 --> 00:52:35.010
Morgana and Devin: As we were before, no matter how wonderful before was I know for myself, I don't want to like bring back.

00:52:35.790 --> 00:52:56.610
Morgana and Devin: I don't want to carry old energy forward, even if I loved it I don't want to do a lot of stuff that I used to do just because it feels old and stale, so I think you're talking to Marina in Bali and shawnee and Thailand and and you know clients all over.

00:52:57.960 --> 00:53:03.360
Morgana and Devin: I think we're being reborn in a mysterious way.

00:53:04.260 --> 00:53:05.160
Morgana and Devin: and

00:53:05.700 --> 00:53:14.310
Morgana and Devin: You know, maybe you feel this maybe you don't I think a lot of the people you know a lot of what we're hearing about people not wanting to work as people don't want to work, the way they used to.

00:53:14.340 --> 00:53:20.310
Morgana and Devin: They don't want to go back to doing what they used to do people wanted to something new and so i'm seeing.

00:53:20.880 --> 00:53:41.970
Morgana and Devin: New businesses being born and old stuff being we've just outgrown and it's been this transformational pressure cooker of a year and I don't think we're the same so it's not that in the no traveler was bad it's a quarter just website and it gave you.

00:53:43.020 --> 00:53:59.250
Morgana and Devin: Hundreds of amazing trips and relationships and you know a lot of my coaching programs that I used to do I loved and they were very successful and there's just this feeling of.

00:54:00.810 --> 00:54:01.770
Morgana and Devin: newness.

00:54:03.360 --> 00:54:05.910
Morgana and Devin: That new things, want to come in.

00:54:07.800 --> 00:54:21.960
Morgana and Devin: If that's not true for you that's good to be you know there's i'm so not into anybody has to fit any kind of mold, but I am noticing of just.

00:54:23.640 --> 00:54:47.880
Morgana and Devin: Like a spirit in the air of of adventure and exploration and curiosity and P and reinvention I think there's just a lot of a lot of new things, want to happen and there's just a bit of just listening and feeling for it and and paying attention to where the energy is moving.

00:54:49.380 --> 00:54:51.990
Morgana and Devin: yeah it's a pivot so i'm.

00:54:53.610 --> 00:55:07.620
Morgana and Devin: Just wrapped it up into three words yes 30 minutes i'm so glad yeah but so i'm i'm pivoted I think is what's taking place and we'll see more will be revealed I don't know if they'll be you know there's really nothing worth.

00:55:08.100 --> 00:55:17.550
Morgana and Devin: making an announcement over per se, but I thought you know i'd share it with you guys because that's kind of what's happening, and maybe this is part of the crazy the crazy sexy midlife love.

00:55:18.360 --> 00:55:26.880
Morgana and Devin: It certainly midlife thing and I don't think it's I don't think i'm having a midlife crisis kind of thing that's for sure, let me get a sports car and where ponytail yeah.

00:55:29.490 --> 00:55:39.180
Morgana and Devin: But I mean listen everybody's got to do their thing, whatever that thing is, I know that's not my thing, maybe more guitars would be my thing.

00:55:40.020 --> 00:55:52.980
Morgana and Devin: But even barely have enough room for more guitars and we'll figure it out figure out a way we'll make it happen so that's what i'm you know so that's what i'm doing so there is this this this.

00:55:53.760 --> 00:56:00.000
Morgana and Devin: is just all of a sudden kind of culminated one night, where I was like yeah I think this is, I think we're done, I think i'm done.

00:56:00.600 --> 00:56:11.220
Morgana and Devin: Now I have a you know buddy of mine wants to see you know he knows somebody wants to buy it so i'll let him help me explore that and then upon I may just give it to somebody else or take the site down.

00:56:12.990 --> 00:56:22.710
Morgana and Devin: So different you know I still love it, though man, I have a hat has been in the know travel hat and if there's a letter yeah they still were monitoring sweater.

00:56:24.240 --> 00:56:32.280
Morgana and Devin: Maybe it's just going to pass maybe somebody will buy it certainly a lot of lot of there's a lot of thousands of our.

00:56:33.660 --> 00:56:34.230

00:56:36.060 --> 00:56:40.470
Morgana and Devin: And what else, what else i'm.

00:56:41.490 --> 00:56:53.730
Morgana and Devin: Just bought our tickets to go back to San Miguel in September for my 10th ultimate money goddess retreat that i'm leading first time in Mexico, which is.

00:56:54.960 --> 00:56:59.910
Morgana and Devin: very exciting because i've always done it in Bali that's why we went a couple weeks ago because.

00:57:00.330 --> 00:57:20.280
Morgana and Devin: There are things that I just know I just have it so dialed in and Bali, who we work with what happens when what all the resources are and I just needed to prepare for Mexico so and what's different this time what i've never done before, is i'm bringing Devon.

00:57:21.780 --> 00:57:27.420
Morgana and Devin: it's different you know there's just it's going to be different than Bali it's going to be as powerful but.

00:57:28.230 --> 00:57:41.250
Morgana and Devin: Devon won't be in the room for any of the coaching you know you're going to be off wandering having a good time, but for when I need you, for support things for Spanish speaking things for.

00:57:42.720 --> 00:57:57.600
Morgana and Devin: Handling you know, hotels and drivers and all that kind of stuff and just keeping us all protected and and working things out Devon is actually going to be there, which is kind of cool and different.

00:57:58.650 --> 00:58:10.800
Morgana and Devin: The retreats that i've had at my house in the past Devon has always been here like cooking breakfast and you know, taking care of us and it's always been such a good experience.

00:58:11.970 --> 00:58:17.400
Morgana and Devin: For, especially for women Devon is always been like wow, this is what.

00:58:19.380 --> 00:58:24.840
Morgana and Devin: What a really like warm nice safe guy can feel like.

00:58:26.220 --> 00:58:41.880
Morgana and Devin: sort of like a non toxic experience of of a masculine presence, especially for women who've never had that before so he will stay out of like all the deep coaching stuff I really feel that has to be a protected.

00:58:43.710 --> 00:58:57.690
Morgana and Devin: Women only experience yeah no I don't yeah yeah but um last time Devon was at a retreat I booted him out and kicked him onto a plane first thing in the morning before the retreat.

00:58:58.410 --> 00:59:07.200
Morgana and Devin: Right yeah it shouldn't take I had to sleep in an empty airport in Korea oh yeah i've had that i've had that flight home to yeah it's.

00:59:07.560 --> 00:59:20.910
Morgana and Devin: it's really creepy was like 14 hours or so and you're the only person in the old airport, I found two other people Oh, good for you, I never did yeah I was always by myself.

00:59:21.720 --> 00:59:37.500
Morgana and Devin: Yes, sort of terrifying even though it's clean and save it was just really spooky um yeah no it's totally yeah I should have just let you hang around and wander around the island, so you get to do that with Mexico this time I can Maybe you can check out the pyramids.

00:59:38.640 --> 00:59:41.130
Morgana and Devin: Make sure they're safe and then we can do that, after the retreat.

00:59:42.810 --> 00:59:44.610
No i'm sure that it's all okay.

00:59:46.290 --> 00:59:57.360
Morgana and Devin: let's see we've got a few minutes left so do we want to talk about some of the upcoming script some great guests oh yeah yeah So if you missed.

00:59:59.130 --> 01:00:12.450
Morgana and Devin: Some of our recent past guests, I highly highly highly recommend, I think it was last week we had cj grace the adulterous wife, how to thrive, whether you stay or leave.

01:00:13.230 --> 01:00:32.790
Morgana and Devin: She was really fun really good advice to lived in, we also had dominate the veto two weeks before that our a tantra coach really the first time that we ever addressed sex on crazy sexy men like love we've been really focusing on relationship.

01:00:34.560 --> 01:00:36.660
Morgana and Devin: Next week we have.

01:00:38.250 --> 01:00:46.470
Morgana and Devin: Coming up oh my gosh oh my gosh What is his name, no, no she's in two weeks i'm the guy.

01:00:49.140 --> 01:00:51.870
Morgana and Devin: matt yes matt what matt.

01:00:52.890 --> 01:01:07.530
Morgana and Devin: zinnemann matt Zimmerman Thank you this is why we're such a good team what all he's wonderful he here I am fascinated by what makes a man fall in love with a woman.

01:01:08.730 --> 01:01:18.660
Morgana and Devin: Having been you know, a perfect streak of romantic failure for 45 years leading up to Devon.

01:01:19.290 --> 01:01:26.460
Morgana and Devin: And having had my heart broken enough times and breaking hearts enough times, which is just you know what we do.

01:01:27.000 --> 01:01:43.320
Morgana and Devin: i've always found like men falling in love this mystery, so I really wanted to ask him about that and their relationship, because we you know we hear a lot of things from the female point of view, so he is sharing.

01:01:43.830 --> 01:01:54.750
Morgana and Devin: His relationship experience and and life philosophy and advice next week and then in two weeks, we have Marian Stewart.

01:01:55.110 --> 01:02:14.070
Morgana and Devin: This is the show Devon loves it's the menopause show oh yeah no I can't wait that's now that's the thing that's epic and I want a deep dive into yeah so that's what's coming up, we have maxim and next week we're going to be asking him about.

01:02:16.050 --> 01:02:21.660
Morgana and Devin: It what made him fall in love and he's and what makes that relationship work.

01:02:23.820 --> 01:02:42.660
Morgana and Devin: And Marian Stewart on she is an a global expert on natural remedies for menopause i'm reading her book right now and it begins with the statement that menopause is not a disease it's something that happens to.

01:02:43.260 --> 01:02:52.800
Morgana and Devin: Every woman if she loves long enough and it's not talked about and we aren't prepared for it and whether you're in it.

01:02:53.370 --> 01:03:08.460
Morgana and Devin: For gonna be in it, or have been in it still have symptoms um I think that this is going to be a really super good source of information and also a good source of information for men who live with women.

01:03:09.540 --> 01:03:10.710
Morgana and Devin: who have bodies.

01:03:12.090 --> 01:03:21.570
Morgana and Devin: who are going to be going through some changes so hopefully variant will have all the answers, yes i'm counting on it now that's a good thing yeah.

01:03:22.290 --> 01:03:30.450
Morgana and Devin: So that's what's coming out, then in between we're back to take calls or not take calls, depending on the day and how it goes.

01:03:31.050 --> 01:03:44.610
Morgana and Devin: um do you have any final words of wisdom, I know, be nice to each other, I think that's That was my favorite foul every time we get married we make up new valid spontaneously and.

01:03:45.390 --> 01:03:54.120
Morgana and Devin: One year and I think we've we've brought it back a few times is the commitment to be kind to each other, even when we want to kill each other.

01:03:54.600 --> 01:04:03.210
Morgana and Devin: which really, really, honestly, I think we talk about at you know talk about the relationship is if it's much harder than it is.

01:04:03.840 --> 01:04:14.070
Morgana and Devin: My experience with the relationship is that it's a lot of fun, which I think is a really good sign of a healthy relationship lot of affection, a lot of fun.

01:04:14.880 --> 01:04:29.820
Morgana and Devin: But when there are those moments where it's like, how can you think this or say this, how can you it's really helpful to come from this commitment, and this vow to be kind anyway.

01:04:31.620 --> 01:04:54.150
Morgana and Devin: The because the love is there the love is so much bigger than the irritation and the love is going to be there on the other side of whatever you're feeling in the moment, so you really want to water nourish cherish this little love that you're growing between you.

01:04:55.200 --> 01:05:08.310
Morgana and Devin: And the people in your life that is it today for crazy sexing of life lungs join us next week, when we have our guest matt Zimmerman and his Z isms.

01:05:08.670 --> 01:05:19.290
Morgana and Devin: Wonderful wonderful guy he interviewed me on his podcast I thought he was amazing and I instantly invited him on our show, especially when I found out how much he loves his wife so we're going to hear the guy's perspective next week.

01:05:19.890 --> 01:05:29.610
Morgana and Devin: At Wednesday 5pm Pacific time same crazy sexy BAT channel crazy sexy that time.

01:05:45.720 --> 01:05:56.370
Thank you for listening the crazy sexy midlife love, please sign up to join our free love family at crazy sexy midlife

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