The Courage to Transform Your Mind and Body, November 25, 2018

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The Courage to Transform Your Mind and Body
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with Dr. Carey O'Rielly and Victoria O'Rielly

Today we discuss the myths and cutting-edge wisdom around holistic dentistry and the truth about root canals.


Dr. Carey O’Rielly joins me today to talk about how a health crisis brought him to the hospital with chest pains at age 33 and led him to begin his lifelong learning as a holistic dentist. He shares the four key elements of holistic dentistry that are important for health, the truth about root canals, and what we can do to prevent dental problems.

Dr. O’Rielly’s wife, Victoria O’Rielly, also joins us to share some of her extensive knowledge of holistic dentistry care. She shares how this has given her a unique perspective on health and how they run their integrative dentistry practice.


We Discuss:

  • What led Dr. Carey O’Rielly into transitioning into holistic dentistry
  • Why holistic dentistry is so important and how it compares to traditional dentistry
  • The four key elements of holistic dentistry that are important for our health
  • Some of the most common myths surrounding holistic dentistry
  • The truth about root canals and how they can be performed holistically
  • How tooth decay can impact other parts of the body including vital organs
  • Why an imbalanced bite can lead to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • How dentistry, gut health, and inflammation are often times interrelated
  • The connection between dentistry, gut health, and issues with inflammation
  • What can be done at home to protect our health and prevent dental problems


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