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Conversations with Mary Keene, September 15, 2010

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Our guest, Dr.Tom Anastasi


If you have ever had a dream of starting your own business, here is your opportunity to talk with a super expert!

“A comprehensive, readable and friendly companion to guide entrepreneurs along their exciting journey. Dr. Anastasi has delivered all the essentials. . . the ultimate how-to guide for entrepreneurs.”
Jim French, President, Hill-Holliday.

“Tom Anastasi is one of those unique individuals who makes the complex simple.  He has feet in three worlds – the practical, the legal, and the academic.  This book on entrepreneurship walks you through all you will need to get started and keep it going –  building on his reputation in leadership and negotiating to provide the blueprint you will need to manage both the numbers and the ‘people side’ of your efforts.”
Lloyd S. Baird, Boston University School of Management
In today’s tough financial times, record unemployment is causing many people to consider “hanging out their own shingle” and joining the world of successful entrepreneurs.  As Tom Anastasi explains in his excellent new book, The Successful Entrepreneur: American Dream Done Right (Glenbridge Publishing Ltd.,)  trade paper
The Successful Entrepreneur, Anastasi lays out a detailed roadmap for prospective business owners to minimize risk and maximize their potential for success:

The Successful Entrepreneur shows how to gather and interpret data like a high-priced consultant, has great advice on using Excel spreadsheets, includes many website resources, and has numerous, interesting case histories.  And, this is a fun read – written with humor and obvious expertise, Tom Anastasi shows the way for the millions of well-qualified recently unemployed workers to become the new engine of small business growth in the U.S.
Tom Anastasi, Ph.D. teaches Leadership at Harvard University’s School of Public Health and is the MBA director at Daniel Webster College.  He also teaches at Boston University’s School of Management and has been a SBDC business consultant and small business owner. 

Conversations with Mary Keene

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CONVERSATIONS with Mary Keene offers interviews from many walks of life including David Gamow, top stress reduction & meditation trainer in North America; Karen Gamow, a master of superb exercises that can help you immensely, at work or at home; Robert Emery, award-winning Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Novelist; Dr. Tom Anastasi, Professor at Harvard, Boston University, and MBA Director at Daniel Webster college; James Occhiogrosso, former engineer and research computer specialist, now a Naturopath and Master Herbalist; Don Ferguson, a former editor of a major newspaper, Eastern District Court Administrator, Columnist, and Master Grammarian; Dr. Michael Edelstein, Clinical Psychologist, Author of the Year for his book, Three Minute Therapy, who has been heard on more than 350 interviews, and many more interesting and delightful people. Each has a story to tell. No two are alike. We offer you a show to enjoy and we would like to hear from you as well with your questions and thoughts.

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