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Conscious Thought with Leo, June 24, 2015

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Conscious Thought with Leo
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With Magdalena Winkkler and guest Meir Schneider

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Meir Schneider, from Self-Healing. His great knowledge and passion for helping others with healing and understand the missing link in health profession. We are facing huge challenges by not nurturing human potential and kinesthetic awareness ...find out more what Meir is teaching us ...and you can attend his educational classes all over the world!

Guest, Meir Schneider

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Meir Schneider
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Ph.D., L.M.T.
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Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T.

Natural Vision Improvement ,Learn a New Way of Being in the World !

Meir Schneider was born with cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, and nystagmus. After five unsuccessful surgeries on the lenses of his eyes, which left them shattered and filled with scar tissue, doctors pronounced was certified legally blind. Schneider performed his reading and schoolwork in Braille.

At age 17, Meir learned the Bates Method of eye exercises. He practiced them diligently, up to 13 hours a day, undeterred by the skepticism of family and friends. To this he added his own regimen of self-massage and movement. Within six months, he could recognize visual objects for the first time; within 18 months, he could read print without glasses. His vision continued to improve, and today is 20/80. He holds a current unrestricted California driver's license.

During Schneider’s recovery process, while still a teenager, Meir began to help others with a wide range of degenerative conditions, such as polio, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. He found that the same principles which enabled him to gain functional eyesight could be applied to the entire body. His discoveries led to the creation of the Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement, helping tens of thousands of people with serious physical and visual conditions worldwide.

An internationally respected therapist and educator, Meir is the founder and director of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, the author of The Natural Vision Improvement Kit, Movement for Self-Healing, Yoga for Your Eyes, Meir Schneider's Miracle Eyesight Method, Self-Healing: My Life and Vision and the principal author of The Handbook of Self-Healing. He was awarded a PhD in the Healing Arts for his work with muscular dystrophy.

 PDF link with more info and pictures: Left, Meir Schneider’s right eye(with maximum dilation):  Less than 1% of the lens area admits light; the rest is scar tissue and membrane. Making the best possible use of badly damaged eyes, Meir sees about 20/80. Right, a normal eye (dilated). The black area is the lens, all of which admits light.... Meir Schneider’s blindnes certificate ...

Paula Vail

2 May 2016

Benjamin Leto, Founder of BodyMind Fitness. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. B.A. in Philosophy. Benjamin Leto has trained hundreds of people throughout the country with fitness goals ranging from weight loss to rehabilitation. He has helped people lose 50 pounds of fat, gain 25 pounds of muscle, and recover from injuries of all kinds. He has even helped a stroke victim learn to walk again. Benjamin's success as a trainer comes from the knowledge he attained through learning how to heal severe injuries he incurred due to a rare genetic condition called cleidocranial dysplasia. Despite seeing multiple medical professionals and undergoing two operations, he was left increasingly more debilitated. Forced to heal himself, he researched numerous training techniques until he discovered methods that finally healed him. Combined with his understanding of mindfulness cultivated through living in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, he developed BodyMind Fitness.

Douglas Newsom

2 May 2016

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A FANTASTIC SHOW! Looking forward to it :-)

Conscious Thought with Leo

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"Conscious Thought with Leo"

(We wake up from unconscious  to conscious self in Leo)

Tune in and experience the following:

- Conscious thought with Leo is dedicated to personal growth and global transformation support for awakening  global community

- An information highway helping everyone expand out to reach all those who are searching

- Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and patterns, and how they impact our bodies and lifes

- Learning why we repeat cycles of patterns and how to consciously face what is not serving US

- Learning how energies within the environment impact us

- Learning to become conscious beings without blame and aware of information overload

- Waking up the passionate heart of Leo and strong sense of self with co-operation of intellect and heart for balanced living.

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