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Complete Feng Shui, March 8, 2022

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Complete Feng Shui
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Beginners Feng Shui, 365 Everyday Feng Shui Tips Journal, Feng shui and Chines Astrology enthusiasts

Complete Feng Shui with Michele Von Castle and Toni Lontis

Welcome to country

This is also part of an international movement that acknowledges the special and important role Indigenous communities play in the development of a country's cultural identity.

I respectfully acknowledge the people of the Yugambeh language region, the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, and pay my respect to their elders past and present, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples here today.

This show series is focused on Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and metaphysical studies. This is a show series of 6 x fortnightly shows.

You may question what led a young mum of three towards such an obscure field.  A roller coaster comes to mind as a perfect description of Michele’s journey into Feng Shui

More than 20 years ago Feng Shui was brought to Michele’s attention, as it rapidly gained momentum and interest in the west. Like many, she had read about the subject. Friends had their homes healed and her curiosity flourished. A Feng Shui consultant came to Michele’s home with pen in hand. She followed her around as she instructed on colors, furniture placement, and an assortment of symbolism. Red needed to be removed from a wall, furniture directions needed adjustment, Jade and Cumquat plants were to be placed at doors, mirrors and pictures re-homed, salt went in certain spots, crystals hung to redirect energy and the list went on. The thought of a change in luck stimulated interest and desire. Michele was in a tailspin - amazed - this was an exciting new venture and a great excuse for an upskill, and unbeknown to Michele, also a change in my life direction.

Since then Michele has successfully navigated the Feng Shui industry for over 20 years, mastering a deep understanding of the multi-layered science of practice. 

Michele has taught Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Metaphysical Studies for Silk Road's Asian Studies at Curtin University and worked extensively on interiors, renovations, and with emerging businesses and established enterprises. Through many years of practicing and consulting, Michele has become an author and public speaker and now brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to this new Feng Shui series.

Welcome to the show Michele we are delighted to have you here today and for the next 5 fortnightly shows.

If you’d like us to discuss anything in particular please reach out to Michele on or me on or ANY of our socials.

These questions are a guide, and I may ask or deviate from these if we need to….

  1. So this week we want to talk about your first book because there are more on the way but what’s the first book called, what’s it about and where can we buy the book?

  2. The next exciting addition to the amazing Feng Shui advice you already provide for people across the world in the upcoming 365 Everyday Feng Shui Tips Journal Tell us about the inspiration for this journal, how will people be able to use it, when is it available and how do people get their hands on it?

  3. You have also been working on an everyday subscription for Feng shui and Chines Astrology enthusiasts, tell us about this Michele?

  4. We spoke briefly about the Flying stars of 2022 last week but I wanted to revisit this discussion and expand on the things that are happening in the world currency and how they fit in with Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology? Particularly around the weather and the war in Ukraine?

  5. If we have time I want to ask about the process of working with you on a new home built, an existing home, and a renovation?

  6. A teaser about the app and its availability

  7. How can people work with you?

Tonis notes

How to get ahead of the rest with valued guidance for Health, love, romance, wealth, career, education and good and bad days

How it helps in business – launching, signing contracts, meetings, travel, dates and house moves, auspicious days,

The Book – Beginners Feng Shui – tips to enhance everyday Living

Giveaways and explanation where you will find them in the coming weeks – links on

Guests Links:

Complete Feng Shui Monthly Planner 2022 : castle, michele: Books

365 Everyday Feng Shui Tips Journal

daily and monthly subscription





Complete Feng Shui

Complete Feng Shui with Michele Von Castle and Toni Lontis
Michele Von Castle

Michele Von Castle has been a Feng Shui practitioner and consultant for more than two decades. She was trained in the practice by Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong) and Juliana Abraham (Feng Shui Centre, Perth) and has studied with Dato Joey Yap and Lillian Too.

Over the years Michele has consulted residential, business, and commercial projects within Australia and overseas. She has held beginners and practitioner’s workshops and seminars, and facilitated Feng Shui and metaphysical retreats both locally and internationally. She has also taught Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Metaphysical studies for the Asian studies unit at Curtin University. She is now the owner of Complete Feng Shui.


Michele Castle’s master training, decades of experience, and strong intuition provides you with deep insight into the ancient and beneficial art of Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway’). Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline more than 4,000 years old, which involves strategic placement to enhance health, harmony, prosperity, and balance in our living and working environments. Meaning ‘wind and water’ Feng Shui has risen in prominence in Australia and other western countries, with corporates including major banks calling in Masters of Feng Shui.

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