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Chat with Dr Black, March 27, 2016

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Chat with Dr Black
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Guest, Marie Saint-Louis

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black and special guest psychic medium Marie Saint-Louis

Guest, Marie Saint-Louis

Guest Name
Marie Saint-Louis
Marie Saint-Louis
Guest Occupation
Psychic and Spiritual Medium
Guest Biography

Marie Saint-Louis is a Psychic and Spiritual Medium (since childhood) with international cliental and a growing celebrity list. She began conducting sessions from her kitchen table for clients and then moved on to read at parties and events around Phoenix, Arizona and other cities. 

“My story all begins when I provided guidance and connected deceased loved ones for people at one of my first events...a radio station sponsored swap meet located in a casino parking lot."

 She believes that “no event is too small or location too far” for sharing her gift with people looking to connect with deceased loved ones or receive guidance about their lives. Marie also works with law enforcement and families on criminal and missing persons cases.

“Since childhood, I’ve talked to those who have passed on and was able to tell people things about their lives that couldn’t be explained.”

Marie lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two rescued cats, numerous houseplants, and visiting spirits. Marie is presently writing her second book in the RSVP from Heaven series and other creative projects.

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Chat with Dr Black

Chat with Dr. Black with Dr. La Theia Black
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Dr. La Theia Black


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