Dr La Theia Black

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Dr La Theia Black
Dr La Theia Black
Rancho Cucamonga
Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology (Ed.D CP)

La Theia Black, AA/AS, BS,MS, Ed.D.
Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology (Ed.D CP)

A native of Southern California, Dr. Black received an AA/AS from Mt. San Antonio College, a Bachelor of Science from University of La Verne, a Master of Science Degree from California State University San Bernardino and a Doctor of Education from Argosy Univsersity.  For more than 20 years Dr. Black has been providing individual, family and group therapy.  In addition to maintaining a non-profit private practice, she provides academic counseling to adolescents and adults throughout the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas.

Together in a safe and gentle atmosphere, Dr. Black will explore your unique life challenges and discover new and healthy ways of coping. Ask yourself: "What would it be like to create a new life course?"

"There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. Dr. Black is one such person in my life."

Kimberly Edwards

"Dr. Black has a capacity for understanding that is greater than anyone I have ever known. She's professional and still down to earth, incredibly knowledgeable, and so genuinely caring. It's clear that she is very passionate about her work."

Georgia J.

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Dr. La Theia Black


Do you feel as if you are in a time of transition in your life? Are you going through a phase of self-exploration? Perhaps you are experiencing depression and/or anxiety. If so, counseling may be a good fit for you. The decision to pursue one-on-one counseling is an individual choice, and if you choose to pursue it, I will treat you as an individual. I’ll listen to your concerns, where you are in your life, and where you’d like to be, and we will work together to get you there.

Take control of YOUR LIFE!

Dr. La Theia Black helps clients to build on their strengths in order to approach their challenges in broader ways. Through individual, couples, and family therapy and counseling, Dr. Black acts as many therapists do to help clients to achieve improved relationships and connections in order to move forward with their lives. She enjoys working with clients to help them establish new ways of coping with stress, sadness, worry, relationship problems, self-doubt, or when feeling overwhelmed by life.