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The Celeste Stein Show, December 3, 2022

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The Celeste Stein Show
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with Celeste Stein and guest Lori Gasca, The Grove

The Celeste Stein Show with Celeste Stein and guest Lori Gasca, The Grove

Guest Name, Lori Gasca

Lori Gasca
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At the Grove Workspace, Lori has seen a trend of women entrepreneurs on the rise and according to the Washington Post, she is not alone. The Grove expanded twice during the pandemic proving the power of women, their adaptability and the positive impact of having a supportive community.  So, as 2023 approaches, women need to say YES to themselves and their dreams and give themselves the gift of GROWTH through networking and intentional action items.  As a wife, mom, business coach and successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Lori understands what it takes for women to succeed not only in business but also in life.  She is bringing a brand new women's summit to The Woodlands in Jan 2023 to educate, empower and elevate women in business. 


Lori is a Southern girl rooted in deep love of family and Jesus.  She has a Bachelor of Journalism from The Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin.  She founded Lori Gasca Consulting, Public Relations firm, before taking time to raise their 4 children.  After they were all in school, she joined a network marketing company as an independent brand ambassador and grew her team to approximately 7000 members with sales topping 5 million per year.  Most recently, she designed and founded a boutique female focused coworking space, The Grove Workspace for Women.  During Covid, the Grove expanded two times proving to her we are created for community.  Currently, she is launching The Grove Growth Summit Jan 6, 2023.  This inaugural, elevated event is not only meant to draw women established in business but those looking for a change or ready to launch their dream. 

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The Celeste Stein Show

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Celeste Bishop Stein, MSJ, PhD is a seasoned talk show host, published author, and award winning journalist. Dr. Stein has worked in television and radio more than 15 years. She has primarily covered the police, education, finance, and consumer beats working for ABC affiliates out of Washington, DC, Lynchburg/Roanoke, Virginia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Her very first talk show, the Caribbean Experience, aired on WHUR Radio in Washington, D.C.. She also hosted an entertainment program on WCLK Radio in Atlanta, Georgia, interviewing top entertainers in the music industry and political arenas.

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