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Catalytic, November 17, 2015

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with Guest Scott and Shannon Peck

Catalytic Radio 17 November 2015: "The Love You Deserve"

Got relationship?  Got unsatisfactory relationship?  Or, and please excuse the truly awful grammar that is about to follow, don't got relationship?

Scott and Shannon Peck are here for you.  Soul mates, relationship experts, authors of books on love and healing including "The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love," and co-founders of The Love Center....they've experienced toxic romantic relationships, they've experienced being without romantic relationships, and they've learned from their experiences to evolve an intimate love relationship that is based upon spiritual concepts.  They call themselves "the happiest married couple in the world."  They've learned that our painful pasts don't have to determine our futures, that we really can have our happy ending, that we deserve to love and be loved.

Do you remember that priceless moment in the movie, "When Harry Met Sally," when Estelle Reiner, about to order her deli meal, pointed to Meg Ryan as she was recovering from pretending to have climaxed to tell the waiter, "I'll have what she's having?"  Do you want what Scott and Shannon are having?  If your beautiful and willing heart says "Yes, Yes, OMG, yes!!!," then you won't want to miss this episode of Catalytic Radio featuring Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer and Scott and Shannon Peck.   

Guest, Scott and Shannon Peck

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Scott and Shannon Peck
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Rrelationship experts
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Scott and Shannon Peck are soul mates & relationship experts, as well as authors of books on love & healing, including their best seller, “The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love.” They have also written several other books on love, healing and life purpose. 
Though they consider themselves the happiest married couple in the world, it wasn’t always so. Between them, they have 3 divorces. By practicing the love skills they teach, & a spiritual approach to intimate relationships, they found each other.   
Scott & Shannon believe that anyone can learn how to attract a soul mate and create lasting love.  
The Pecks have created ground-breaking programs that open people to the powerful experience of love and intimacy.    
Shannon & Scott are also co-founders of The Love Center, a non-profit dedicated to creating more love on the planet. 


I'm a Life Catalyst specializing in teaching Applied Love Technology. So far, I've seen success with people, pets and plants. I'll make you laugh, I'll invite you to rethink the gifts in your situation. Give me 30 minutes to see if we're a professional match for each other.

Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer was a nationally acclaimed calligraphy instructor and lecturer before a health crisis nearly ended her life in 1998. After thirty-five years as an artist, she recreated herself as a spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive, and energy therapy facilitator. She has presented her work at Steve and Barbara Rother's master Facilitator Intensive, the Integrated Energy Therapy tm Master Instructor retreat, and other spiritual venues across America. She especially enjoys helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or dead.

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