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Bringing Intimacy Back, June 4, 2020

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr April Brown and guest Dr David Hall

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and guest Dr. David Hall

Topic: Peace and Meaning

Guest, Dr. David Hall

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Dr. David Hall
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RegisteredMental Health Counselor Intern IMH16509
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Dr. David Hall is a Registered Mental Health counselor that provides services to individual, group, and couples therapy. Dr. Hall has studied the art and science of the human heart, not the muscle that pumps blood, but the mind and soul that struggle with life. He helps people to make sense of challenges, discover meaning, and find peace within. He combines cognitive-behavioral and analytic techniques, using evidence-based methods from the two great traditions of psychology. Dr. Hall also integrates faith as an important component of care. One of Dr. Hall's most important passion is Faith-based counseling or called Transformational Prayer. 

During the podcast, David will touch on his personal struggle within his marriage and what healed is marriage. Dr. Hall will discuss his calling in life and what his path has taught him, the pain throughout the process, and healing from it all.

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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feeling lost and alone looking for validation from your partner only to find the feeling of rejection and continued frustration your together yet so far apart now your frustration is turned into disdain and resentment your insecurities have begun to affect every aspect of your life ironically you have now become the cold and detached shielding yourself from the uncertainties of your relationships dr. April Brown has created bringing intimacy bag a series of discussions that are designed to help you reclaim what you have lost along the way after April will help you ReDiscover and reconnect to the intimate relationship your heart so desires go to www. Bringing intimacy today and let the healing begin
welcome to the bring an intimacy back there where intimacy is real on this show we have to and you increase the internet connection between your significant other is your loved one higher power your family friends business Network Community we give you the secret power to intimacy create a life you love love the life you created on it today to have a special gas and she knows that I'm as we're all struggling with covid-19 and just trying to figure out what is it don't mean what what is all this mean to us what's going on I was just thinking about that in this instance the meaning and I was like well you know I really need to have someone on who's an expert in meaning you know what I've been blessed to have someone that I work with very closely his name is dr. David Hall and dr. David how has a wonderful party here in Southwest Florida that's called guess what
he's in meaning and he really really meet with him regulate talks about the meaning of life and how that helps as long as we understand more of that and how it goes welcome David dr. David hello how are you all background today cuz I guess when he was younger he grew up all over in New England and he's Charlotte be 64 you look very very young and stop and self David has actually been up to David how it's actually served our by serving in the military in the US Army so I've never met until thank you for your service they are David dr. David Hall is also very very very very smart and he's graduated from Gordon College Christian College in
he said he actually went to medical school and he is a good residency in Internal Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital
he actually worked in the emergency room for many many years he's also I'm we talked about PC meaning the one thing that I like about dr. David is that he's very resilient dr. David I just had a few how did Jackson have to survive him and he retired years ago from medicine you know he enjoyed it so much in society during his first which is counseling which is how I met him at a university and he has been working alongside me since 2017 so welcome David I didn't know you had all that background on this very good how did you even just talking about talk about Trump sling I'm how did you internship field of introspection in and looking at helping others
I guess I was always a little unhappy me a little depressed even and I wanted to know why I want to know how to fix my dolphin not help others and that was that idea of looking at you but you know where you would motivate you what keeps you going that was that was something I think my parents taught me well near spiritual journey so doctor it was when I was in my teens when I was a young rebel hippie you know something's up last night I realized I marched for peace
my side people are out today Marching for what's going on what happened to George Floyd and that disaster murder that happened there and and I think the
back then it was just the Vietnam War in it it shook me up and I was out Marching for peace but I didn't have any piece
demonstrating for being some like we need peace we need peace and his side I was like I don't know just not happy and trying to find how to find my way so this was as a young twenty-three-year-old student person I'm curious what did I look like in you because sometimes people don't even understand when they are
yeah I would not have called myself depressed at that time it's only looking back yet I realized oh my gosh that's what that was but yeah I was reading books that we were into that was a 60 and we were into into introspection and reading everybody was reading the same book. Steppenwolf was a book based on I think Indian culture in and and they were other in opposite of introspective books they were those things and I'm meaning more Central to that interesting answer is intellectually fascinating discussions but I couldn't say I was happy
right right I didn't know if you asked me if I was happy I would have said Yeah Yeahs with all the stuff in storage and that's going on with all the demonstration memories for you and like this and it was a combination of those who really were committed to the ideals today's ideals are equality the eradication of racism you know who they really are and that's been a female ever since then we were into that damn but we also had the with the focus was on on why do we go to war we we shouldn't have war in N you know today is we shouldn't have racism and I will we have a combination of peaceful and peaceful demonstration by people who were committed to the ideals and then
also use it for their political and so that's what happens when people demonstrate those who or those there are certain people who understand that you can take a movement that has good ideas and you can you can camouflage your your political should have Revolution desires and you put on a camouflage
okay it's like this like a wolf in sheep's clothing evil intent and then the Sheep is nice and beautiful woman but not that pretty helpful and and so they come in and they put on their the facade but they're really looking for their own political ends in s I think what we have now is the same then I didn't believe it then my mother told me. Don't you understand this is driven by people who have you went to that I should know I don't know anybody like that and I didn't but then I found out later oh yeah everything I was doing was driven by somebody else who had
still hot is a boy that cuz I know from which he shared with me how did that transformation are you deciding to have a career
you helped you know that was interesting when I was hitchhiking I was exploring the world and I want to hitchhike across United States that only took about two and a half months and I came back to demonstrate against the war with all that stuff and then around that time I'm 19 years old Vietnam era and I got drafted
I had to decide am I going to go to Canada leave the United States that you don't run away from the draft cuz I don't believe in war
and I ended up going to allow myself to be drafted and by that time I had finally
come to the realization that I think this Christian just believe in Jesus was probably something useful massive but turn a quiet encounter in my soul with with Christ and I so this is as I'm getting ready to be drafted and I started praying as well if I'm going to be granted I don't want to answer I want to I want to help people who use drugs and alcohol I have been into marijuana and acid and things like that and I don't like you know that's what I want to do and I prayed and God open the doors for that and and I was trained in counseling at that time and I work for about a year-and-a-half and a drug and alcohol counseling center before it in Fort Dix New Jersey awesome I did not know that okay that's when you were training for the first time okay yeah and then how does that lead to becoming a medical doctor
welp see this was it now what are you doing you're in the Army and the army or program to treat addiction and people young men come into the army they get it to boot camp and they go I don't want to be here right after drug use is there they realize they became known you can go for drug treatment and they figured out that if they if they didn't get better they could get him out of this. It was not a dishonorable discharge it was a medical so they were in the program to get to get out of the army and to prove they were addicts so nobody got better if they got better they have to go back and stay in the Army after 18 months of talk therapy with these guys
breaking some of them got better and actually one or two became pretty good friends of mine later but most of them didn't get better and most of them didn't get better on purpose because staying still got them out of the army and I'm not going to the fact that I was being full. To be tripped and I didn't realize that so I decided I'll go do something that really makes a difference much more efficiently which would be matter
I had like three heart attacks between the ages of 38 and 47 and my boss I had a pacemaker my boss came in one day I was in the hospital getting my pacemaker taken care of and she said I don't think the stress of the e in the emergency department is helping you I suppose you I think you were the decade
okay okay and then you fell back in love with your well I just went back to the reading in the studying I actually went to I went to counseling conferences the American Association of Christian counselors my wife and I both were interested in this kind of thing and even though I wasn't even thinking about becoming a counselor I was going to the National Conference I went several times and then when I read the more I study I we worked in churches with recovery groups we I read books on with the Converses I got my own counseling for my own issues I did like eight years of counseling for myself
you wouldn't you wouldn't know yet so I'm just curious how did you become so we're just today's topic is really about how to find peace in these times when we have the Cove Ed when you have you know
racial division is going on yeah what has made you been able to be so resilient to bounce back if you've gone to a lot of this is no question that having having a you know I love one of your questions that you would send me some questions to think about and you said how do you feel
use the word feeling and you really have to get a belief is not an intellectual function but belief is not something that happens in the in the thinking part of your brain you have to think you should think you should absolutely examine in a sink in a very intelligent way what you believe he should do that but ultimately
depends on what you feel when you're when you're in danger when you anticipate difficulties when you're in the middle of a difficulty when you are sorrowful or hurt or depressed after difficulty you have to have something that gives you hope and meaning and know and that comes generally comes that's what faith is about whatever Faith you have even if you're an atheist you have some kind of face about existence that's what I was when I was 19 years old and I was somewhat depressed I was somewhat of an atheist agnostic at that time and even then I know what my face was that I don't believe in God I believe in some other system and and I can I sell things because that's what I believed I lyrics certain things I sell
David can you explain your definition of faith
the Bible said there's a verse in the Bible has pretty good faith is the substance of things hoped for so you know there's things you hope for when you don't have them in your hands you know they're in the future but you can you can feel them the way you feel there's a movie called Faith Like Potatoes you can look that up from South Africa and the guy says you have to have faith in selected like you pick it up put it in your hand and seal it and we we talk about feelings as counselors me actually exam and feelings all day long that we look for if we're trying to sort out so effective space is something that you feel
gives you hope hoping meaning in having that hope would like you to meaning several means I put peace peace in meaning right because meaning comes first and peace as the result of being having resolution of issues that body what do you think is the meaning of all this that's going on right now we're on another level goglee
well you know that there's a weird to talk about raising Consciousness about racism about peace about poverty about domestic violence we always the first thing you have to do when you have to do it throughout in any campaign against any evil you you got to keep people aware of the issue and we have all been made aware of the still
I I wanted the add the word that comes to my mind I'm inside me I can feel this word rampant I don't think it's rampant if you ask me intellectually I don't think it's rampant but it feels like rampant races my heart in my soul that's what I
biochemicals right now as I speak about it this business is awful what I saw it when I saw George Floyd dying I'm like are you kidding me I can't believe this still happens in this country
it is it's it's awful right now and I'm really feeling it
and and this is good that we react like this is terrible that it happened it's wonderful that we're all agreed and we will hate it and we will and we will fight it with everything in it you know and that's what's going on that's what people feel when they're out demonstrating and somebody is violent and people go yes that's how I feel when the violence isn't driven I don't think that the violence is driven as much by that adrenaline that we feel when we see that it has carried off of political attempt to disrupt the society
I saw a video last night was last night some women outside of her store and she's yelling at whoever ransacked her store and she's just using you know this isn't we're trying to build this community and you're tearing it down this woman is so eloquent rage to destroy his own community
right and I think sometimes people do like a tramp and you said it but it's what we're feeling and for some of us were just throwing things a lot of them are very young and they know they don't know what to do that's what I was going to throw things but I don't think I've ever called the police sometimes I thought that way but I never said it out loud but but that's what they used to say the cops are not
what's up you said now that we're seeing it and I think like you said it's not that it's bleeding out its leaving out if our souls good comes up is a positive comes out is there's a renewed
emotional strong agreement that we are going we're not going to put up with us we cannot put up in this side cannot and so we're going to take a short break but when we come back I want to go more on an individual basis of the peace in meaning because there is a lot of that are suffering out there that have like you said the stuff going in on inside and I know you're the one that I give us some suggestions until we come back within hear more about David dr. David Hall about peace in meaning
during this difficult time that we are all facing
many people are in need of someone to talk to
when option is speaking to a therapist to express your anxieties if you're feeling isolated or just need someone that will listen and help you with coping skills to get through
dr. Anthony Brown is now accepting new clients and is working with her existing clients through distance video counseling the services are through a secure online HIPAA based practice management platform called Simple practice this technology can provide a secure two-way interactive video counseling session over the internet
for more information about video counseling please email dr. April Brown at info at dr. April Brown
dot-com or you may call 239-565-6921 thank you and remember we are all in this together
hey welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real if anyone's out there listening and they want on to ask dr. David Haller questions feel free to call in the number is 888-627-6008
the Doctor David we were just talking about all the stuff that's happening out there and how do you just explain to that meaning comes first when you have a meaning that we can have peace
I want to first start about the stress that goes on in size what causes that stress
you know I think stress is really I'm I'm coming to see this over and over again that my clients unhappiness or emotional pain comes but I think from not understanding who they are and why they're here this is me you know who who am I really and people live their lives with us about themselves feelings that I'm not good enough I can't do anything right they can be the opposite that they could be arrogant which is really covering up to those fields and and if they're arrogant they're going to have terrible relationships
and and is still caused by the the underlined believe they're covering up which is they're saying I'm good enough and that's a defense to say to cover up and so they can't get down this is a matter of uncovering the beads unhappy beliefs about who we are and how we fit into the world and so it comes out of depression anxiety Disturbed relationships
does like The Witcher like I'm and I know we talked earlier it's that those messages we get about ourselves whether it's from dysfunctional families or think that happened to out to us and maybe we didn't do well in and we believe we end up leaving this mess just stumble I feel like this isn't us and then let me have this will not being authentic absolutely is social
messaging we call the Social online social social media
we will set up kind of false identities even a real name in a real face but we pretend we present ourselves the way we want to be seen which is not an we do it in order to win the approval that in the acceptance that we hunger and the problem with that is we felt we put up a false face and people except the false face but I'm behind that false face and I and I realized I can I never come to terms with it in my mind but because they love the false face they accept that. I know it and I know I'm still in my goodness they're okay they accept me they let me hang out with him
but I'm still me and I'm still not adequate and I got to keep putting up the phone space is very stressful that's stress working on working on presenting myself away that I wish I was in Notting feeling safe with an accepted with every way I really am and you just be inside out spouse yeah yeah that's
would not appreciate that once we move outside about how people judges or think we're such and such you know by the color bar skin or whatever the case may be there like where is the P how many how many times have you been I get asked me to have you had a client who who was convinced that somebody like a boss didn't think they were very good in the only to find out the boss loves them and thinks you're great and they don't get it but exactly you're not
you know and sometimes you are being judged and it's not fair it's on account so I can help you to come to terms with that and realize you know that's not your problem but that's their problem they don't they don't understand
exactly I'm glad you pointed out that sometimes you are being judged and it's not right and you do have to figure out what's good for you
you know I'm saying how did be yourself and not care about what other people do that what happened say somebody says you're dumb you're stupid dummy says to me I'm stupid well I had a 4.0 grade point average in college I went to med school and I did okay I'm not all that dumb and somebody says to me Dave that was really dumb I believe I always believe you feel stupid and and so I feel stupid somebody says I'm stupid because I already believe the lie I buy I feel that. I feel what I believe I believe I'm stupid I'm not I can prove it on paper that I'm not stupid all day long but I ain't I feel stupid dummy
you're right but the but I feel it I feel stupid and if I if I had a good counselor sodak April and you see you help me to come to terms in this technique we're going to talk about a few minutes actually cures that I should go and get that taken care of because it's what was their criticism their perceived mother's real or fake it doesn't matter their criticism triggers my core belief is that what they said that her
so taking that scenario which is happened to me I used to always think I was poor comprehension skills and whatever because their former teacher when I was younger and then apartment teacher a third grade teacher told you that I couldn't comprehend it's always in my back of mine has always popped up even in the sense of you know do I go get my Master's know I can't comprehend he's not that got my message my doctor know I can't count so I'm curious cuz she says you have a technique what technique can help individuals who are stuck because I don't like that can keep you stuck yeah so then you're going to be a technique used the technique is called transformation Prayer Ministry
does transformation cuz we change from one state to another
and from one condition to another condition weak and Ennis if what happens if we have a core belief we discovered we don't even know we have these core beliefs most of that we discover what are core beliefs are the the ones that hurt us and then they're change their made the opposite
or they're they're resolved the word resolution it's meant to be we make cheese piece emotional cheese comes in because we discover that the meaning that okay I'm not stupid or I'm not sure if it's not true that I don't comprehend as shown to us in a way
that is not intellectual it's on the side of matter of being intellectually convinced
why there's an emotional personal connection is made that that convinces us as it's an experience that changes are you need experience to change your mind. I won't change your mind we need experience that changes us provides that kind of experience
do you want to dream about giving examples
so I have a friend who grew up in Cleveland in the mafia and he was he was a tough guy and he went out and got in fights and he saw a lot of violence gun in a knife is whole life and later he became a pastor Christian Pastor you-know-who preaching churches help during Christian organizations and I was successful and he was still carrying a knife everywhere he went since he was a kid like 13
and he went through a series of transformational Prayer Will He if you want to if you walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder he come around with a fist and you have to stop himself cuz he would hurt you if he doesn't know nobody comes up behind this guy and touch it and he carries a knife and he's eat when he goes in a restaurant in the back corner no other seat will do because you got to see everything is going on in the room so there's a defensive posture constant that everybody's a threat and I have to always watch my back and I have to be ready to fight he did transformation prayer over many different
circumstances and one day he discovered he went to reach for his knife to put his pocket and he said I don't need that
and then there was a time later when I reached it we were praying together over somebody I Ricci and put my hand on his shoulder from behind and he didn't see me coming and I purposely did that and I felt for a twitching muscle what he were you at spontaneously with his shoulder getting ready to defend himself cuz you in the past he wouldn't and that's gone completely
Eddie doesn't have to sit in the back corner for restaurant all is defensive posture all the sphere of I've got to watch out somebody's out to get me completely doing
and that doesn't nothing go away no no therapy make them go away other than the only therapy I know
do you have to create a positive experience
only experienced our beliefs are only Changed by experience we learn through experience and they're only Changed by experience intellectual argument doesn't win doesn't change what you believe you can argue theology your politics all day long when you see when you see George Floyd I your changed that tire country
info for some people when they see that and they see a lot of from
police brutality and that's all they've experienced
that's all they said you know they're saying and adults with certain people will have very little tryst wake me up in this little town in New Hampshire we would go down 11 and nitrous is young teenagers 16 18 years old and we hang out and talk things I saw that you tried to cross the country in as I've seen police brutality and I've seen police with terrible attitude I'm awake guy in a middle-class you know I'm standing citizen to look at it I think and so it's a variety of experiences but when if your
congressman from South Carolina Tim Scott Kim Scott and he has happened to me in the attitude when they stop helping to create some positive experiences weather that's just because his prayers is an experience of your soul in you know in the environment prayer where you are you're actually having a conversation with someone
so as people are out there listening and they're dealing with the stress
how can I create these
positive relationships are these positive experiences was it you know what transformational prayer you need you need some of them well trained and experienced really do cuz there's a lot of places where people get stuck and it's getting out of the unstuck place and it's the biggest thing you've got to be really have to be outside if you can't use your normal defenses telling yourself what you want to believe what you wish you believed it really doesn't know if it works wouldn't be here talking to me if what you tell yourself when you're under stress work
you wouldn't be here talking to a counselor didn't work to do different you need help with that you need to know you're safe that your trusted that you're respected figure love that you're you know that you're in a good place where nobody's going to attack you or judge you you really really need that Nest cancers off hopefully churches but you don't really it doesn't seem like that are you kidding me right right right I think some people don't realize as you said and therapy and counseling there is no judgment big differences about that
my clients are the first year or two of canceling a lot of times I'd get young men coming in and sometimes women explaining what they did their being honest with their apologizing all over the place and explaining why don't you understand I don't care what you tell me I'm not going to judge you I'm not going to think less of you I'm not going to lose my respect for you because you did that you don't have to justify yourself just tell me what about your services and especially cuz I'm people out there wondering can treatment also be done virtually so if you could let us know that
go ahead take it away or you want to start now it's already know yeah I do I do online counseling only these days because of Corona and 19 and I'm at risk cuz I'm diabetic heart disease old guy that I'm not going to be sitting in a room with somebody breathing their ear for an hour and a half I do provide 90-minute session most people do 60-minute session I charge went lights on for 90 minutes most people charge for 60 Minutes me at 941-444-0447 for my website is peace and meaning. Com
what do you spell
what do you specialize in depression anxiety I am a number of couples and I'm very very interested in couples work I've been using a little bit of emotionally focused therapy and but the more I see of it the more I realized it was and how much time do you have in this segment
I think that the difficulty in relationships stem from the inner conflicts that each person has you know it's their insecurities or their arrogance which is covering their insecurities that interferes in their relationship is what's wrong with me that creates the problem in the in a screw for each of the people in the area there's always a contribution from both people and it's the insecurity of the the Spheres
and each of us carry that interferes in our relationship
definitely not as we enter our last segment I would like for you to give us some schools on how to reduce stress because some people even in the sense of depression have to they're so down on themselves that even to make a phone call to therapist they're not there yet cuz they don't even know that they're worth the call to make that they're really yes yes so what is some techniques
you know I was going to run through a little just a little mindfulness exercise do you want me to run this like if people are listening they can join us and we can do this for about 3 minutes or something and so
can I get rid of some noise on the outside
the show if you sit and just close your eyes get comfortable and I'm going to explain some of this as we do it how it works and why it works so sit and be comfortable you've many people have done this I'm surprised if anybody's listening and hasn't done this I'd be surprised everybody's done it at some point and take a deep breath you take your breath into account of tree so when you breathe in is 123 all the way to the top of your shoulders breathe out 2 3 4 5
and then in 1 2 3 out 2 3 4 5 Rhythm actually slows the brain waves
when your eyes are open and you're talking in dealing with the world around you your brain is operating at a rate of about 12 to 60 Cycle and when you do this breathing with your eyes closed your brain slows down to is called a beta waves which is 8 to 12 per second
you're actually
your turn is like turning down the volume on your thinking
turning up the volume on your feelings
I'm physical feeling awareness of your surroundings that's why it's called mindfulness you're actually turning on a part of the brain you turn up the volume in a part of the brain is senses what you feel
so as you do that you feel your lungs fill feel yourself relax if you breathe out
every time you breathe out this relax
and you start to sense how heavy are you out of your weight in the chair the warrants of where you're sitting
The Sounds around you
maybe a breeze on your skin
and then turn inward to feel your emotions feel whatever you have in your soul that we asked a question when we're doing transformation prayer to say what do you feel anything you feel this not peace and calm
a lot of people find peace and calm when they just relax like this once you have that sense of quieting you look for
you know what is bothering and that's when you begin your work of resolving things you know if you did that for 10 minutes you would feel like you had a half hour nap it's beautiful I just typed did that probably before we started this broadcast I would I'd spent 10 minutes
Inca girl
like you said I do feel being present moment and I've trained myself I did something called neuro-linguistic programming which I can do with patients as well and I've trained myself to take a 8 minute nap or 10 minute now and I wake up and I'm good for 3 hours
the last one we did take deal with stress
I think when I we talked about stress I said you don't take on a new stress stop stop doing everything everybody asked you to do learn to say
codependency you don't have to fix everything. It never to walk away learn how to walk away from the stress for 10 minutes if you know if you if you are an hour or 3 hours or half a day learn how to take time we call it self care and counseling Escape read a book listen to a music
what are the biggest I'm a talker be able to tell that
you know yeah I like how you said also to step away because as you know when working with couples many times and I she said there's they have internal conflicts going on and sometimes when stress happens when they start to get in a disagreement
you know whether they're triggered from the pass or whatever just becomes very emotional and very intense and chaotic and they get as many times as we call it can you maybe elaborate more on that and how what you just did how that helps calm people
elaborate and what kind of people when they're flooded is made for flooding that's exactly was made for you can discover if you realize you're being flooded you figure out what triggered that flood and you go ahead and have it you treat that with you have needs to be trained to help you with that but if you're by yourself you not trying to GPM when you're flooded somewhere else and call a friend you know that's where you do need to walk away and and there are rules for that a couple therapy I'm sure you'd talk with your couples about that you know you are agreeing to come back and deal with the issue later but come back a cooler head
recognizing that you're flooded is euge because that's what happened but also in the sense of psoriasis sometimes it's what are you here for in the guy went off then it was like the guy who went off I'm like I'm with him I'm like yeah that's right you know and I need to not be flooded I need to use a cam tool
smart wise approach the flooding is useful to the gets us moving so we don't sit there and put up with crap that shouldn't have that is meant for that purpose but if it's if it's left without Cam wise
consideration then it creates destruction and is counterproductive but you don't get what you need
and so it's just combination of the two that you need but at what to do with with to recognizing your flooded
so I was at digit program on TV called if possible dog dog and possible. It shows a guy just train he trains dogs on how to stop in the main thing is to as the first thing you have to do is break there a folk away from the things the trigger the splitting them just breaking the focus if you don't if you can't break that Focus you can't stop the flooding do you have to know when you're flooded and you have to recognize it and take an emergency step and figure out what you're going to do with that and that you have to turn your attention elsewhere you talk about Bible verses you mentioned that before it's not in the show but another discussion and Bible verses can help you with that but so wise sayings from your parents from your grandpa I mean if you've got a you know
this isn't going to do any good without you know I've got to get ahold of this if you can't break the flooding you need to go to a therapist and get some help I would recommend transformation prayer for that all kinds of therapy that helps the music or something to distract
yeah and I think you can negotiate cuz if you turn your focus somewhere else is a feeling of giving up I think for me it's like this needs to be fixed
and I think you need to have a certain degree of Brazilians trust and this is where faith comes in I think you know God will help me with this. I'm going to take care of this guy he wants me to do something with him but I'm not in a good way I am so I need to turn to him and I need to trust him and I need to trust that I can break my InFocus year and come back to it later with a, mind and do much better than what I'm going to do if I just let this go see if you can see A New Perspective france-belgium you talked about in to be authentic
yeah yeah yeah I mean you're flooded you have no
you have no peace but sometimes people do brilliant things with their flooded but for them to be able to do that other women I like this video this woman she's out in front of the store I think she's sleeping or she's out there yelling at somebody like you're you're destroying this and she's she's very angry I wouldn't say she's totally flooded but she's got a lot but she's doing a brilliant job she's very wise she's being very effective that video I don't know how to find that video with if you if you shoot people hopefully we'll see that no one talked about but to be able to test state of State your case was with power takes a bit of a little bit of flooding may be a little bit
you know she's lying and limitations when people are really upset if they have wisdom and passion combined together takes a lot of personal size and lot of work to David Hall thank you so much for all the wisdom did you provide it was there anything that you really wanted to say that you didn't get a chance to escape or thing in our culture covid-19 in is very important that we were doing a pretty good job of that I just drove from Florida to New Hampshire I went through a dozen states everybody
is every State's a little different and how their dressing it and people are together people are not upset people are dealing with it at we've got it under our belt we're still dealing with it is still a challenge all the controversy political controversy and social controversy over at that alarm set alarm it'll work itself out we will learn about it
what happened to mr. Floyd
just heartbreaking
how can I put in Bean United it's going to be a little bit more challenging than with covid-19
yeah but you know what you know we have I heard one guy says you know we really do need to learn how to love each other you know social policy and law is one thing but loving each other is far more powerful covid-19 globally
but in any case you need to the races in Asia and it's not always toward it's not always toward people from Africa it's also toward other tribes you know in Asian group that doesn't like another Asian group or european route that doesn't like to another European group and its and I see if I see it worse in other countries in discussion it comes up just staying for the group and and I don't hear a country I don't hear that discussion and and so I think we are learning but it but I can't and that's why it's so painful to see what happened because I thought we were better than that we're not
yeah it's something we still have to work on all the way through and unid think that would be great if globally we could have dressed a lot of these issues because we're all people we're all connected
exactly so yes and thank you so much for all connection here can you go against a state how people can find you a 941-444-0447 website is peace and
give me a buzz give me a call, I like thank you so much for being on the green intimacy backed up

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