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The Bev Moore Show , May 12, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Christina Urias

The Bev Moore Show with guest Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show May 12, 2023

The Bev Moore Show with guest Christina Urias, Actress, Writer and Producer
The Bev Moore Show with guest Christina Urias, Actress, Writer and Producer
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Guest, Christina Urias

Guest Name
Christina Urias
Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.
Guest Occupation
writer, producer, actress
Guest Biography

Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.

Grandave Capital got started five years ago. Ruben Islas who always dreamt of making movies, brought me on I was the second employee, Candice DelGuidice was the first. We’ve grown so much over the years, adding many talented people to our ever-growing dynamic team.

I come from a very tightly knit family. My mother is from Mexico, my father from Los Angeles of German Mexican decent. I have two brothers. I am the middle child. I am definitely a Tomboy. So when it came to acting action scenes or stunt work that didn’t come out of the ordinary for me. I grew up emulating Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago fights with my brothers. Of course, we each always wanted to be Rocky! We would recite lines from Lion Heart and Kickboxer wanted to be just like Jean Claude Van Damme, and still do.

So, whenever there’s a chance to unleash that childhood playfulness I was so use to reenacting as a kid, as an adult and now actress I come in swinging, for the opportunity.

Ruben I came up with the Idea for Divorce Bait, along with two their writers This a raunchy comedy that came out this past December on every streaming platform. I had a small cameo as Jasmin, the bitchy assistant.

On a business trip to Palm Springs, Ruben, Candice and I met downstairs for lunch. Ruben tells us about this dream he had. I was a nun and was holding a crucifix in church. I was like ok, Candice and I both laughing.

He said we should make a movie. So, we started researching about nuns Ruben came across this amazing story about a nun who died saving a girl from human trafficking. We did more and more research and found an elite group of super nuns called Talitha Kum, which means little girl I say to you Arise. Mark 5:41.

When we found this out, we knew we had to make this movie happen. I started writing and Ruben says: Oh yeah, you’re playing the lead.

I’ve always admired actors and the ability to portray and give life to a character. I never dreamed that was in the stars for me. So, when I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime I stepped up to the plate.

Final Vow is and will always be one of the best experiences of my life. That will premiere at the Boston International Film Festival, April 15th.

After Final Vow, we started Last Call shortly after and that was filmed in Mazatlan. I cowrote that produced and was a supporting actor in that film.

We just wrapped Gringo Hunters and that’s in post-production. I play a villain named Tracy. I start a new project Mid-April. 

The Bev Moore Show

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast station in 37 countries I'm your host Bev Moore my guest today is an actress writer and producer<br> Christina urea is my guess known for her riding a hilarious comedy movie entitled divorce date streaming on Mini video-on-demand platform<br> highlights of Christina Reyes amazing booming film career on and behind the scenes are coming up stay with us<br> bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> find light in the beautiful sea<br>iPhone<br> reputable liked playlist<br> don't<br> play Beautiful Life<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> coronavirus Italy<br> we're like diamonds in the sky<br> reputable like I do<br> was beautiful like diamonds shining bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> dynamite dynamite like a diamond<br>shine bright like a diamond<br> science<br> lifetime<br> beautiful like diamond<br> interview with writer producer actress Christina uterus is coming up after the break I'll never forget the day I nearly died I was a young journalist with a great career starting a family the only way we found out I had any kind of hard as you was when I went into sudden death my co-workers brought him to action they recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association they're the ones that kept me alive until the Medics came they did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan all with researchers from the American Heart Association I think unless you are a heart disease patient you may not know how much work the American Heart Association does behind the scenes to save your life<br> is my cardiac arrest I had two more children I watch all three of my children grow into adulthood I'm going to graduate from college daughter got married I have grandchildren and I'm still here we're more about the American Heart association's work at help<br> I would like to welcome my guest Christina Urias Christina is a writer producer and actress<br> welcome to the show Christina<br> I am happy to be here<br> Christina<br> you're known for the film's final final Val the last call and divorce date let's first talk about the film divorce Bay it's about a happily-married Suburban wives housewife who post them fake message on social media that she's getting a divorce just to see which of her friends will try to steal her husband and you play you played Jasmine the naughty assistant I'm not going to stay with the real the real descriptions got not on the air but I remember this movie<br> I remember watching it<br> and I thought it was the funniest thing but how did you and Ruben if as if it's lost yeah yeah and the other Riders come up with the idea for this film<br> do funny things or Ruben actually he was going kind of through a divorce and she thought of something that happened to him very similar it was kind of a little based on his life and so when he got separated he always joked that you know and said that his wife and you know it was just like I don't even need to go on these dating apps these women or just kind of accident<br> is Bonnie so that's how he came up with it I mean it's really a great original idea you know when I read it when I read the synopsis of it before I watched it I thought it was great and it turned out really well<br> ya look a lot of fun filming it and of course you know we added a bunch of other things you know it was fabricated you know just which one are you close I mean not everything in the movie is based on his butt just a director the other writer it was just it was an amazing experience and I mean we laughed the whole time we were<br> I bet I bet it was a lot of fun yeah if luck is with the Grande Capitol that started years ago you start as one of the first employee<br> I did so he started his background is in real estate and I'm in college he was a doctor and he's always loved his dream was created ride and he produced movies and so he started and the behind-the-scenes person and and basically runs everything but you need to move to San Diego and of course develop the sister company a production company called broken English production and we also have<br> capital is francestown but the production company actually obviously produces and added many talented people to our team and they were very happy with that and continue to make movies<br> it's really grown hasn't it it really has I mean we have three phones last year and I get off. Can you tell us what influenced you to pursue a career as an actress<br> but this is a funny story<br> I started producing and thought I would read scripts and we would get Christian from different people different companies and you know I ended up choosing a 17 eating and I fell in love with the story I'm a huge Rocky fan and I feel like switching those kind of don't have that Rocky story and so I love boxing and so I brought the script and Ruben love the script as well and so we ended up making the movie and I mean if it's on Amazon for a and so I started producing and then with divorce and then I am about to end<br> we were sitting in Palm Springs at a lunch and it was Candice room call Candice. So we start looking into doing research and we find this organization called and it's a real organization sanctioned by the pope and it's a bit me and little girl I saved you arrived and so what this organization does prevents and help children are being trafficked and so what do you do there<br> you know there's 1,600 nuns across the globe fighting against human trafficking and so they go and like I said infiltrate these brothels and save tons of women and it's we wanted to shed light on such an amazing organization and so we created the story and so I think we should play by myself<br> she realizes that they're trafficking little girl that is worse than Asian so it's a Revenge Thriller but the way I got into this because and also here's the kicker you're going to be tonight<br> yeah<br> you really dug deep into the story of unit behind the character didn't you oh my God yeah truly to to be able to play one of them that is part of this organization obviously these nuns are amazing incredible human beings and but my character in the movie has to make a decision because obviously she goes through you know the Revenge route with you know isn't he does kill and so obviously I mean those not don't do that but she has to make a decision or go down the dark path and she chooses that in order to save these girls but<br> you know that he's not actually put their lives at risk is it was just amazing and your favorite role<br> oh my God I'm a hundred percent I was living breathing that God will heal and so many things I need and also burning along the way because you know I'm not I wasn't an actress I didn't have I did have an acting coach on Sat on Danforth, Play Burning along the way and you know and just in compassing the character and finding you know the inner strength to portray you no pain sympathy your sorrow<br> so yeah definitely one of my paper rolls are at the Boston International Film Festival on April 15th right how exciting oh my God you have no idea we are just so excited and Beyond blessed to have<br> yeah we're very very happy and excited for that Embraces my face in my doubting I know one thing for sure is where it is<br> bother you say everything is going to be alright by my circumstances to say I want that do tonight I need you to hold me now need you to call me through I need a miracle of breakthrough I need you<br>can you take my broken pieces and put them back<br> Quadratec<br> what game is not your sometimes I forget that I can see and talk to a note l a r s<br> penis head<br>everything will be okay<br> he's got the whole world in his hands together<br> when we come back with Tina you real talks about her upcoming movie projects we will be back after the break they with us<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all making kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> so you're so you say your first role in entertainment was what the divorce date no okay got you wow you really you came in running basically and I'm and then you have a lead role with your second appearance right yeah<br> yeah I mean that I know I do and it's just I mean I I just can't believe the way he liked you know and it was a beautiful experience and they're like oh my God this girl's ever acted we have a production team but I had such amazing support from East van or cinematographer he's incredible Ruben Candice I mean we are really a big family and I couldn't have done it under any other circumstances I would with email people that I love and my friends and and so they all believed in me<br> that's awesome now what I love about you yeah reading your bio and everything is that you've always been a tomboy growing up with two brothers I mean I can only imagine being the middle child and then you you always wanted to be Rocky<br> and then this thing about you and your brothers would recite lines lines from Lionheart and keep bother and I wanted to be just like John Claude Van Damme<br> I mean it's so cute I just love it I mean that's that's kind of helped you and your acting career you know being athletic and having you know that tomboy background you know oh absolutely I mean yeah my brothers and I was reciting movies are favorite pastime like on the weekend watching Rocky movie or you know kickboxer Bloodsport with my mom and dad and I'll dig for me but also you know I love sports and I love you no action films and so that definitely helped I've always been super ask him you know I did all my songs in final Valley I remember like you in the morning and I had to climb in the movie thank God we didn't cut it<br> a rock wall and it's it's pretty high and I remember telling one of the guys I said hey you know I saw it because if I would have been so but yeah it was it was a lot of fun and just yeah I mean like me at 8 to stop and then it's it's an amazing thing I never thought I had that in and I need to be able to do a thing like that on film is if I can pretty cool<br> yeah and I end up being able to do your own stunts I mean to me that that is big I mean it's big in this industry you're not many people can do their own son<br> yeah<br> when the best of me<br> when I'm not stopping by I believe hold on to me when I'm at the light by Disturbed<br> Venom slamming all the hold on<br> call Dalton<br> hold on to me we needed to do this.<br> Weather<br> I need you<br> when they let go<br> when I don't feel like spending<br> what I'm tired<br> Brittany<br> when I drop the freaking ocean<br> Rhode Island<br> weather<br> Acura dealer<br> cuz I know nobody<br> hold on to me<br> live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world more interview with Ryder producer actress Christina ureas continues stay with us<br> add a stop sign watching people drive by Tina Turner radio<br> Gotham what's on your mind nothing really going<br> everybody get down hit the bottom hit the ground<br> just take a breath a dead hang on to it<br> K12<br>no matter who we are or where we come from we all experienced difficulties in life and determination to make it through or struggles in the inside it takes strength to ask for help when you need it and hear stories of strength and recovery at make the connection. Net<br> now you started the movie or the film last call shortly after and yeah you co-wrote produced and with the support of a supporting actor I couldn't find much about that when what can you tell us about that that film it's about a guy named clay his family and he is in an accident and a car accident and dies he can cope with the loss of his family so he moved to his mother's native lad which is Mazatlan Mexico or with you know I believe he went once as a child but his mom always spoke very highly of<br> her place of birth and he went and he didn't speak the language and he falls in love with this masseuse granted by another woman since his wife and so stop for 10 years later he needs to Seuss and he kind of put his walls down and and she knows that he's become a very nice you massage and it is just it is so beautiful it's never been told and unfortunately he has passed but he has a group of friends and adore him and love him and he is such a giving person and so we see the Friendship we see the love and it's very beautiful film<br> is it a release right now I mean it's weird working<br> install we are working on that post production for that phone right now okay okay yeah that would love to see that you trying to figure out what where the status was and stuff and I was trying to find out the synopsis and I couldn't find anything so but I just wanted to find out so I could just look for it you know but yeah yeah I'm really fun but that one that's great and you just wrapped up a gringo Hunters distilling supposed to that we just saw a guy and it looks incredible<br> it's it's it's a great film it based on a true story it's about a kid that ends up shooting a cop unfortunately these cops has like a military background and a special ops<br> so my character ship them off to Mexico and so I have family there and I'm a drug Runner this whole time that this cop I'm sorry I did that a special agent is trying to find my son and he wants to speak but you know this side of him and obviously the police department in Mexico doesn't want that they want to extradite him to the US if he can serve time here and so basically you know the whole Crux of the movie<br> wow so you have some really good films coming out and they're they're for they're all going to come out in 23 or 24 and possibly yeah where I mean where we're going to push for this year but yeah maybe next year but yeah I mean<br> so yeah good for you that is awesome I just sent that is great I mean to have that much going on at one time you know the absolutely and you're starting a new project this month I am so after Boston and we are so many Star production next week but my phone until the end of April so yeah we'll be home in God and I can't disclose the name yet but I know I'm not going to I'm not going to ask you can't tell me you can't tell me that you're going to start working out today you're staying busy just all I ever since you started that leading role here we go<br> yeah that's great well let me ask you what the last thing you do<br> now that you got into acting and you have cuz you you from your habits you know when you get started and so what is the last thing you do<br> before they say action<br> I think of the character and I you know whenever I'm playing a role like I tried to<br> look at Gemma the mother in Sons of Anarchy to kind of emulate that's that's the feeling I got when I read the script very gritty you know character and just a present but you know I'm at the same time just the Gray I try to get myself there where<br> where I see what I see the character being so I guess that's what everybody has to do yeah but you know they all have things that they have that yeah<br> I mean maybe over the years it'll change but for now I'm just focusing on emails just trying to encapsulate the character in body<br> what do you believe so far has been the most challenging<br> aspect of being an actor<br> so there was a scene where I fell off a horse the Drone came too close to the horse and spooked the horse and I was in severe pain and the whole team was like hey do you want to see no want to go home we'll finish for the day and I'm like nope everybody's here and lucky that he and I had to be in pain and crying so I just immersed myself in the pain I was feeling and and relief you know tears and then anguish<br> through through you know but I find out for this role on I gave you a hundred and 10% so I went for a<br> yeah but that really helps you play the part<br> oh my God I'm absolutely yeah that's great that's perfect timing you know like play another another roll one night I would have thought would have been challenging having to switch round go lucky character I don't think I could have done yeah right somebody you look up to a person who expect the way you think and behave<br> my my father he is very he has the greatest work ethic he gives the best advice and you know he always has something to me and you know I always sticks with me and he's like would you rather<br> and so I try to do you know I feel like in this industry is hard you know if you know if you think it's a great idea and I am a Taurus so I do have that stubbornness to me girl I'm at our yeah and I do carry that sometimes and I might now this is a great idea and you know if I okay would you rather be right or would you rather be happy and you know it<br> so yeah that's always stuck with me and I mean words of wisdom that he gives and so yeah it's always been a shapes the person that I am and also being one of you know like my my dad's always like to also help me in life you know to be a go-getter to have the confidence you know and then just<br> work hard and not be afraid of failing and keep moving forward like you know so I can<br> to have that you know strong father and and and yeah I mean just that making me talk you know that is wonderful I'm sure they're very excited and proud of you for your career the way it's going yeah they are they're very supportive<br> I bet not as strong as the pinch yourself you know any pictures or pictures that I sent her on Saturday and she's just<br> yeah that's like the ocean yeah the voices in your head<br> you don't really know how old you are<br> always a smile to myself you don't need to win me over you don't need address<br> no no<br> don't make me kill you<br> you got that.<br> I mean I know you're scared<br> Subaru<br>I don't want to lose you.<br>stop.<br> we come back as soon as you read this great advice for up-and-coming actors the life of every child is precious beyond measure if you care for a child with a disability and have limited income and resources help is available children with a physical or mental disability or who are blind they qualify for monthly cash payments through the supplemental security income program or SSI the program provides help to meet basic needs for food clothing or a place to live and disability related needs its money that can make a meaningful difference if you are the parent or caregiver of a child or teenager you think may be eligible call Social Security at 1 800-772-1213 or visit SSI kids to learn how to apply today that's SSI<br> kids it's real help for the children message produced by Social Security at US taxpayer expense is there anybody and anyone in this industry and you had your pic and you just could have a lucky draw who would it be<br> I<br> I mean Anthony Hopkins incredible Al Pacino Tom Hardy amazing I think Jessica testing an incredible actress yeah<br> incredible yes<br> yeah<br> where is the rate you're going you know it can happen on your way that's for sure I may not love his talent to and then you've got it all very well but yeah what do you have for an artist<br> brand new<br> who wants to break into acting<br> I would say Do not doubt yourself go in believing that you can be whatever you're auditioning for<br> have the courage to look stupid or whatever and let it be cuz I think vulnerability and I mean there's no<br> right way to feel any type of emotion that you just feel it and it's just being vulnerable or I think we would be like it's okay looking so it's okay<br> it'll feel whatever it is you're feeling<br> yeah just be true to yourself and I'll panic<br> yeah<br> because if it could stay in a can do it right and then anybody can do it if I put your mind to it. I will be writing a movie let alone now blows my mind and I mean yeah you know I can do it anybody to do it I just got to put your heart and mind and believe in yourself yeah have faith and believe in yourself and you can do anything if you set your mind to it that is great advice absolutely yes<br> but Christina I just want to thank you so much for being a guest on the bed more show and you've done great and I want to wish you continued<br> thank you thank you it's very honored if you on your show and thank you I'll Sartori for recommending you for the show it's been a pleasure<br> I hope you enjoyed my interview with actress writer and producer Christina Yuri is a hilarious comedy streaming on demand created by Christina also you can see her in a compelling role in the movie fighting a man on a mission to protect young girls from sex trafficking thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show broadcasting on CBS Radio on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br> I keep<br>is who I am because I<br> put away I'm not going.<br> Panda<br> what you say<br>used<br> and you say<br> turn off<br> you are a very cellular God you have every day<br> you say when I think I do.<br> What did you say<br>

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