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Christina Urias
Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.
Guest Occupation
writer, producer, actress
Guest Biography

Christina Urias (you-ri-us) a writer, producer, and actress.

Grandave Capital got started five years ago. Ruben Islas who always dreamt of making movies, brought me on I was the second employee, Candice DelGuidice was the first. We’ve grown so much over the years, adding many talented people to our ever-growing dynamic team.

I come from a very tightly knit family. My mother is from Mexico, my father from Los Angeles of German Mexican decent. I have two brothers. I am the middle child. I am definitely a Tomboy. So when it came to acting action scenes or stunt work that didn’t come out of the ordinary for me. I grew up emulating Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago fights with my brothers. Of course, we each always wanted to be Rocky! We would recite lines from Lion Heart and Kickboxer wanted to be just like Jean Claude Van Damme, and still do.

So, whenever there’s a chance to unleash that childhood playfulness I was so use to reenacting as a kid, as an adult and now actress I come in swinging, for the opportunity.

Ruben I came up with the Idea for Divorce Bait, along with two their writers This a raunchy comedy that came out this past December on every streaming platform. I had a small cameo as Jasmin, the bitchy assistant.

On a business trip to Palm Springs, Ruben, Candice and I met downstairs for lunch. Ruben tells us about this dream he had. I was a nun and was holding a crucifix in church. I was like ok, Candice and I both laughing.

He said we should make a movie. So, we started researching about nuns Ruben came across this amazing story about a nun who died saving a girl from human trafficking. We did more and more research and found an elite group of super nuns called Talitha Kum, which means little girl I say to you Arise. Mark 5:41.

When we found this out, we knew we had to make this movie happen. I started writing and Ruben says: Oh yeah, you’re playing the lead.

I’ve always admired actors and the ability to portray and give life to a character. I never dreamed that was in the stars for me. So, when I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime I stepped up to the plate.

Final Vow is and will always be one of the best experiences of my life. That will premiere at the Boston International Film Festival, April 15th.

After Final Vow, we started Last Call shortly after and that was filmed in Mazatlan. I cowrote that produced and was a supporting actor in that film.

We just wrapped Gringo Hunters and that’s in post-production. I play a villain named Tracy. I start a new project Mid-April.