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The Bev Moore Show , March 10, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Alice Chun

The Bev Moore Show with guest Alice Chun, Author, TedX speaker, female inventor of Solight-Design and SEEU95

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show March 10, 2023

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Bev Moore Show next guest, Alice Chun. The Bev Moore Show 31, BBS Radio #7

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Guest, Alice Chun

Guest Name
Alice Chun
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Author, TedX speaker, female inventor of Solight-Design and SEEU95
Guest Biography

As a little girl growing up in Seoul, Korea and then upstate New York, Alice spent many days learning how a simple fold can become structured. Origami forms were taught to her by her mother, who also taught Alice how to sew her own clothes. Always creative, fascinated by design, structure and forms, Alice studied architecture at Penn State where she obtained her undergraduate degree and went on to earn her Masters in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

With emerging trends in material technology resulting in smarter, lighter, faster, sustainable fabrication, Alice started to sew solar panels to fabric as early experiments for harnessing solar energy with softer, malleable material. She became focused on solar technology and finding ways to create clean energy solutions upon learning her son Quinn was diagnosed with asthma.

While teaching as a Professor in Architecture and Material Technology at Columbia University, Alice created early prototypes of solar lights with her students. Still not satisfied, and fueled by her passion for helping the underserved, Alice invented the world’s only self-inflatable, portable solar light, eliminating the need for a mouth nozzle. This ensured a healthy, sanitary method to inflate. Alice named this invention the SolarPuff™ and conducted three years of field testing in Haiti. In 2015 she launched Solight Design and initiated a KickStarter program with unprecedented results. She went on to win numerous awards including the US Patent Award for Humanity and her products have been exhibited at MOMA, the Modern Museum of Art in New York City.

Alice is an authorTedX speaker, and female inventor of Solight-Design and SEEU95.

She has been featured in Marie Claire’s Powertrip 2022The SkimmThe Story ExchangeFast CompanyThe New York TimesCheddarHuffington PostHeavyMen’s Journal, and was nominated for USPTO Patents for Humanitarian Winner in 2018. Alice was nominated as Forbes 50 Over 50 recognizable women of 2022. Alice was also recently featured in the new Apple TV+ show ‘Gutsy’,alongside other female rock stars such as Jane Goodan, Wanda Sykes, Meg Thee Stallion, Kim Kardashian, and others.

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hello Show streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations in 37 countries on your head death more<br> in celebration of women's History Month. Yesterday it's solar lights product inventor and author not for Extraordinary humanitarian including providing Silverlight product victims of devastating earthquakes around the world<br> Alice Alice was nominated as for 50 / 50 recognizable women of 2022 he was also recently featured in the new Apple TV show gutsy alongside other female rock stars such as Jane Gooden Wanda Sykes Meg thee stallion Kim Kardashian and others<br> talked about what inspired her interest in solar technology they with us<br> bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> highlight in the universe<br> I do<br> was beautiful like diamonds in the sky shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> coronavirus Italy<br> when I die<br> but beautiful like I do<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shining bright like a diamond<br> I want to see<br> shining bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> like finally<br> giant Rincon<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> interview with author and inventor Alice John is coming up we come back and talks about what it would be just a President Bill Clinton<br> experience filming a TV show with former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and first daughter Chelsea Clinton's income can be making tough choices choosing between paying for food or medication or place to live is a reality for many people do you know someone who could use some extra help find out about the supplemental security income program SSI administered by Social Security you could receive monthly SSI payments if your income and financial resources are low and you are 65 or older or an adult or child with a disability or who is blind SSI is money you can use to help pay for basic needs like putting food on the table keeping the lights on paying the rent it can mean new shoes for growing feet or help with medical needs call one 807-7212<br> 13 or visit SSI to schedule an appointment for start to apply today that's SSI social security a taxpayer expense I would like to welcome my guess Alex Chong I was at the co-founder and CEO of the satellite design and the inventor of the Stellar Puff the world's only self inflatable portable solar light<br> welcome to the show Alice<br> thank you so much God for having me here to honor to to be with you today and thanks for having me you became a professor of natural design and material technology at Columbia University and Parsons School of Design focusing your work on solar energy and began to prototype and inflatable solar light please tell us more about that<br> so<br> when I have to take a step back to just kind of give the framework of of how I created a pivotal shift in my career cuz I was the professor for many years and architecture and material technology at Columbia University and my focus was just a nobility and solar energy and I chose solar technology because after the birth of my son I realized that so many kids had asthma and my son included and we're all going to the doctor's office and there were so many more kids that were sick because of asthma and eczema and so there's the saying a worried Mama does better research than the FBI<br> so I did the research and it turned out that you know every Urban contact there's a spike and the health of children with asthma and it's because of the pollution it's because 75% of the pollution comes from building. The cars in in New York and climate change has had an effect on our families health so<br> it's too early in the gene pool for us to be changing this rapidly so it has to be because of the environment and so that's when I decided to just focus on solar energy and it's amazing to the kind of<br> think about how Innovation or an invention comes into being because a lot of people ask me why did you invent this and it's not it's not really up I kind of linear process it's kind of a combination of different events and and five steps back and two steps forward so after I started to research and develop and I I started to sew solar panels to fabric early on because the trend in material technology is that everything is getting thinner and lighter faster and smarter and then the Haiti earthquake happened and after seeing so many natural disasters coming more more frequently and more significantly I decided to step up and change<br> my studio at Columbia to be an innovation Studio to help Haiti after the earthquake and within the research of what was happening in Haiti we realize that<br> the majority of people were living off of kerosene lighting and they're spending up to 30% of their income on this deadly toxic Fuel and and two million children die every year from the fumes from from kerosene and so I researched every single solar light out there on the market and they're all Heavy bulky hard plastic non-recyclable and<br> I grew up doing origami which is the art of folding paper and I was inspired by the origami balloon because if black packed and it popped open into a cube of form and so when you're shipping and when you're you know the poem things you want to save money on shipping or do you want to say stay so the idea of a collapsible lantern with something that was very useful and functional in terms of cost but and also space but in terms of design we wanted to make it beautiful as well because we believe that you be wonderin. Just as important as utility<br> and so we came up with a prototype of a flat pack and pop open tube and I had made 500 of the steel touches them in Haiti for about 3 or 4 years and realize that the significance and the way that it impacted lives and how it changed lives and even save lives because of it and so in 2015 we did a Kickstarter and we waste half a million dollars in 30 days and that kind of started are so late design company and so<br> my background being an architecture and design it a lot of the skills that is about making things that are possible as opposed to making things better about reality so not about possible realities it's about real possibilities and so that I can help in terms of being able to Envision something better in terms of of lighting especially in these regions but people in the United States and Europe they love our solar post light for camping and Outdoors and gardening and wedding so there's like a infinite amount of uses for for our solar light but our mission our mission is to help those that are living<br> in regions of distress like disaster regions and I just came back from Ukraine delivering like two children at hospitals and so is our lights were actually used for PTSD and children<br> and so I hope I answered your question you really really have for PCs a treatment but I want to get back to Oregon. It's where you use a flat Square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture<br> stop pouting and sulking technique right and it creates and then what you do is create a cube that inflates on its own right that doesn't have to be inflated by mouth rent yeah and origami is yeah just origami is a really beautiful art when you have a plain sheet of paper it's the most beautiful at that point because it's has the most possibilities and then<br> when you fold it that fold create the structure and it also create proportion and there's a lot of mathematics that is an origami proportion structure and form that evolved than and depending on your imagination and depending on your your dream you can make a piece of paper at anyting what I like about it is it doesn't pass drums<br> oh yeah absolutely and in terms of just being able to use that you don't have to inflate it with your mouth there's other products out there where you have to put your mouth on it to inflate it but are you can just it uses the origami folds to folded flat or pop it open in 2 Q<br> I love that it's it's available like in<br> what 20 countries are over 20<br> yeah yeah we have Distributors and many different countries like Switzerland Germany the UK Japan but also with our humanitarian work we've been able to impact over a million lives worldwide<br> that's amazing<br> it's mainly to you benefit refugees and people living in developing world and develop Indie developer yeah we've been doing a lot of work now and Ukraine and I'm probably going to be going to Turkey as well<br> what struck me is that the solar light has been useful in reducing crime in the refugee camps of reducing actual saw in Syrian Camp can you explain that sure whenever there is a human settlement and people are in 10 Camp there's usually a shared bathroom<br> and when women go to the bathroom at night and when there's no surveillance when there's no lighting and it could start they're more likely to get attacked and assaulted children are more likely to be kidnapped and you know taking it to human trafficking so it's the children and the women who are the most vulnerable after a disaster and if you have light that will<br> deter crime and you can even see it in urban contact like areas of neighborhood that install streetlights the amount of price decreases a significant amount like 50 to 60% because just by putting up Street lighting and in developing countries like South Africa many women who are going from a bus back home or walking through dark alleys or dark path and that's when they get attacked so if they have light that they can actually see the attacker and they can say they can point the finger and say this person is you know this the one that attacked me but if it's dark and you can't see even see your attacker then you can't you can't accuse anyone I hope that you know that<br> yes it does it explain to all of it it's something that's dear to my heart to be able to help children especially because they are the most vulnerable and then they're the most innocent I take the pain in my face in my darling I know one thing for sure promise six year is it<br> everything will be<br> bother you say everything is going to be alright to say I wont. Do tonight I need you to hold me now need you to call me through I need the miracle of breaker do I need you<br> everything will be alright<br>everything<br> stop it stop.<br> Second Chance program to a note l a r o b b i n g o<br> everything<br> penis head<br> everything will be okay<br> He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole world<br>this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world at war we will be back with more of my interview with author and Solar Products inventor Allis-Chalmers stay with us we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connects with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station cs95 which is the adhesive<br> made from clear silicone during covid-19<br> so during the pandemic I will I I live in New York and I live in between three different hospitals Bellevue and why you got this real and<br> I saw all these doctors with terrible wounds on their faces because of the the pressure that it took to keep them safe with their regular map with the surgical mask<br> the rashes and then the material of those masks are plastic Is polypropylene with that will stay in the oceans and the landfills for at least 450 years<br> and because of the pandemic and I think it's like five billion tons or five billion masks per country have been going into the waste bins in the ocean so I wanted to use a material that was sustainable and less toxic and recyclable silicone is that is non-toxic and it doesn't have BPA which is bad for the coral reefs in oceans and Aquatic Life it's recyclable and when you recycle it and it turns into carbon water vapor and and are so<br> and it's a reusable so<br> I designed it to do also have an adhesive layer so that it could create a seal and air seal with the mask without having to have ear Loops or head harness and you can also use a head harness or or a strap with it but there's that option where you can also use it without an air live cuz a lot of people and I remember like after 20 minutes with a<br> a math with your lips my ears were just screaming with pain so that was the other factor that influences the design and then the death and the hearing impaired and also patients and doctors need to communicate with facial expression the death need to read lips in order to communicate and you can't do that with the regular mask so I wanted to create a transparent mask that was more comfortable and just as safe as the n95 mask that is made out of cauliflower opaline<br> yeah but it's much healthier for the skin<br> I want exactly<br> and I'll do the same thing as well right so the material for the adhesive is really the same stuff that's used for Scar Tissue healing used for post-op for wounds and helps the skin heal faster and so I wanted use the same type of material for the adhesive layer so that it was gentle on the skin and even improve the skin as opposed to harm it<br> will you have won numerous Awards including the US Patent award for Humanity your products have been exhibited at the Modern Museum of Art<br> I mean it's quite amazing<br> the Modern Museum of Art had an exhibit called good design doing good<br> and our solar puff light was in that exhibit last a couple years ago<br> and we're also sold in the MoMA design store both and the San Francisco store and the the the headquarters moment design in New York City we're in a bunch of museums across the country and so many Gift Stores and camping stores and boating stores a lot of sailors and Marines people love it because our products are they float and they're waterproof and as you know you're out in the water and you're not attached to a grid so<br> they're really useful for for people that have both and also fur for camping and Outdoors<br> as you know there's been a lot of<br> natural disasters we had hurricane Fiona then for came in this year and we have fires in California<br> and so there's more and more power outages going across the United States and in fact was in the past 10 years there's been an increase in power outages by 60%<br> so this is a goddamn what he's created its I always start from a place of you know how do we help make life better and how can we help the environment and how can we educate people and is it's all stems from just a passion for<br> find solve a problem that's that's hurting people<br> by that explains why you were nominated as Ford 50 / 50 recognizable women of 2022<br> humbled and honored and without and<br> thank you for<br> thank you for your kindness<br> and then you were also featured in the new Apple TV show gutsy I noticed and Chelsea in episode 6<br> yeah I love Hillary she's amazing I just actually I was this morning I was on the Tamron Hall Show with her and it was amazing to see her again cuz like I the last time I saw her she was at my house they were filming gutsy and I live in a small apartment in New York City and 30 people descended down upon my small apartment including the Secret Service and Hillary and Chelsea were here for about 3 or 4 hours the crew that the camera crew and lighting crew were here all day and it was it was pretty amazing to spend that much time with that it was great but I'm so grateful to Hillary<br> for her you know recognizing my my work and my passion for helping people making life better and<br> and because of dressy I was able to actually Bob Iger being the CEO of Disney his team and also saw that you know it's an interview where I mentioned his book because I loved reading his book called ride of a Lifetime by by Bob Iger and so he heard about that and he said he wanted to meet me and we had a zoom call and<br> he ended up supporting lights to to Ukraine and I went to deliver them personally I'm still delivering more and I'm shipping more Ukraine to to help with the with the effort you can order them online on Amazon our website but you can also give a light to one of our missions like turkey earthquake relief for helping Ukraine children as well<br>don't have to be what you want<br> isn't it<br> with the strength to carry<br> can you cast<br> and you're fine listen<br>will do.<br>my interview with Alice Chung continues after the break this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 station in 37 countries around the world<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all make being kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> yeah a lot of people are not familiar with this product so we have to mean I'm sure I mean I wasn't I have to tell you I started doing the research once I found out that you do you know this is something that needs to be spread throughout the world<br> oh bless your heart bless you a lot of people you know I show it to someone they asked me why isn't this everywhere this should be a right and were small company and we're just doing the best we can to try to help people and we just we are thankful and grateful it's people like you who helped us you know spread the word about climate change solar energy solar energy station and that this little light and make a big difference in climate change if we all work together but also you can help save lives by donating a light to a disaster zone or a war zone where we're trying to help<br> well I'm definitely going to spread the word and you know this station covers it in 37 countries and oh my God for you and your product and we do believe in it that's for sure<br> leaving on an entrepreneur is a very tough job and it's it was<br> there's so many satisfying moments but it's really about you know and in life I think you have to really treasure the small<br> blue sky moments<br> that<br> like<br> being able to actually<br> take an idea from nothing to a thought in your head to product that's on the market and<br> and being able to bring all those lights to reasons of disaster I'll tell you the story when I first started I I made 500 light by hand there are glued and taped up together and I went to Haiti it was after the Haiti earthquake and I was at a Green Tech conference and I met Bill Clinton and he just loved it he was fantastic and he's like I was in here<br> thrilled that you know it was theirs validation there of you know this President anyway so fast forward seven years and I met up with him again and that's where I met Hillary was in Puerto Rico cuz they had the hurricane Maria 3 million people without power and we were able to get over 100,000 lights to Puerto Rico and I met up with Bill Clinton again and they gave us a little award and he was like<br> I don't think he really thought I would do anything with it but he was he was pleasantly surprised and and because I got a little award from the Clinton Foundation that's when I met Hillary and I told her about my travels to places like Dominica where children had no like to do their homework and how I went 27 school on my own to deliver light and she just<br> loved that message of what I was telling the kids which was that the sun is the most powerful source of energy that comes to the Earth every day but the light of your heart and your mind is more powerful than the Sun and if you keep fighting with that light there's nothing you can't do and you have to keep fighting and never give up<br> never give up and so my store is that you know so many people have told me that you know leave can't do this you're not good enough<br> but I just never gave up because I believe so strongly and I've seen the impact that it's had with with children and people that have no light and becoming we go into the hillside we go into war zones or I I've got into Warzone deliver these and and it's amazing<br> but the most important thing I think is the narrative that the story of empowering people to understand that you're holding the sun in your hand and that's a power that that is emanating from each and everyone of us that and we all have the power to create change in the world and we just have to keep fighting with that light and never give up<br> never give out you you are The Shining Light<br> oh I you know sometimes it's the den light I'm tired of Its a bright light it's always changing but I actually you know my lights are there people's lights like your light and this time they spent with you that I get my energy from people like you as well and being able to share the store and to know that that you're empowered as well<br> oh that's cute that's a gift to me and I thank you<br> oh I thank you I thank you so much for all of this I mean I've learned so much just in this interview and it's been a blessing<br> but the hand of God is in this story<br> answer the phone you're walking to eat too much<br>story<br> broadcast<br> after the break author and inventor Alice some great advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs from we all experienced difficulties in life<br> military veterans know that sometimes it takes strength and determination to make it through for help when you need it or no veterans like I have reached out for help and hear stories of strength and recovery at make the connection. Net<br> do you think there's some sort of pattern or formula<br> you know to become successful as an entrepreneur<br> I think that you know like people I think it's a combination of things like is it Behavior or the environment I think people I think it's a combination of people just being born with this grit a stubbornness for wanting something better<br> going to be satisfied with it's just okay but that there's something more wonderful out there and to be able to take to reach for that and grab it and run with it is something I right and I think like chill. So I love children so much is because they all kind of have that and then eventually depending on you know your environment you either that either flourishes and and becomes fears and and becomes Unleashed into the world or sometimes it Fizzles and gets dimmed and I feel like<br> an entrepreneur you know there isn't formula but I do feel that there are a couple of things that are really important in terms of being an entrepreneur and wanted to have empathy empathy for solving problems like if you're going to have an idea and it's<br> and what's the problem that it's going to solve and then<br> and then of course monetizing that and making it a viable product for market and then there's also the relationships that you build which are you know who's on your team and I'd be very very careful with the types of people in the you know the characters and you know work ethic of who you surround yourself with because who you surround yourself with is every bit as important as as what your what you are and what you mean and how you want it grow and scale your company so who you choose to have on the bus is extremely important<br> and I'm also being able to<br> the communicate and have empathy not only for<br> the work that you're doing but also the people that work with you<br> great advice<br> hotter than a fantasy<br> Moschino chic<br> and she's burning it down<br> look like a girl with the same<br>she's on top of the world<br>beautiful girl is on fire<br> who is there<br> anything else<br> like a piece of advice you would give to college graduates<br> it won't<br> oh I'd say like a<br> listen to your gut<br> listen to your gut and don't let people<br> tell you you're wrong I mean don't surround you know stay away from all of the naysayers cuz you're going to run into a lot of them but surround yourself with people that are like-minded and Kindred Spirits<br> there's a lot of intuition<br> that gets passed over and I think that it's a very powerful tool that people don't harness enough and if I were to talk to my younger self I would tell that tell her that<br> listen to your gut and trust your gut and trust and have faith in yourself I guess that's what I would say<br> that's our sister this week as we celebrate women's history month during the month of March I hope you enjoyed my outstanding and solar lights product inventor Alice shine until next time bye bye<br> yeah that's like the ocean yeah the voices in your head you don't really know how<br> always a smile to myself you don't need to win me over you don't need address<br> no no<br> you got that<br>I don't want<br> you don't have to hit up to you to all the Helen.<br>

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