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The Bev Moore Show , April 28, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Monte Schulz

The Bev Moore Show with guest Monte Schulz, Storyteller, Songwriter and creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show April 28, 2023

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Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station broadcasting on the Heart Network airing on over 185 Stations in 37 Countries, Worldwide. Don't miss our next guest, Storyteller, Songwriter, Monte Schulz, who is the eldest son of the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang.

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Guest, Monte Schulz

Guest Name
Monte Schulz
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cartoonist, storyteller, songwriter, composer, producer
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Monte Schulz

The late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, son Monte pens his new novel, which he filled with robust characters, an unraveling mystery, mayhem, innocence and moral disintegration, Metropolis (Fantagraphics, August 23,2022) by Monte Schulz is a coming-of-age novel with a moral puzzle at its core. This dystopian tome is narrated by college senior Julian Brehm, who lives in a war-ravaged world perverted by eugenics where those who were deemed mentally, morally, or physically unfit were banished to desolate Provinces far from where he lives his uneventful life. Thrust into facing a broader reality by the woman he falls in love with, a bohemian revolutionary, Julian, and ultimately Monte, pushes readers to question ideals while giving them the hope of love.


Monte, who is the eldest son of the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang and the owner of and teacher at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference,

Monte Schulz received his M.A. in American Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He published his first novel, Down by the River, in 1990 and spent the next twelve years writing a novel about the Jazz Age. Monte is also a composer, songwriter, and producer whose most recent album is titled “Seraphonium.” In 2010. Monte, is the eldest son of the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang and the owner of and teacher at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference,

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hello welcome to the Beth Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 country on your head Bev Moore<br> I guess today is an author composer songwriter and producer is my guest today is the oldest son of the late cartoonist call Tim Schultz the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang cartoon<br> Monty talks about his first novel and title down by the river in 1990 and how he spent the next 12 years writing a novel about the Jazz Age stay with us after the break<br>who am I<br> we care Spa<br> I'm not because but because<br> I am yours<br> launch mirror<br>baby, I'm done nothing but be called<br> I felt the son of the creator of Charlie Brown cartoon series is coming up English language is less convincing than you probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first aid probably stay together probably<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate probably swim you should wait 30 minutes<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan hey are you sure you're okay to drive ya<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call a cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving I message brought to you by Nissa and Ad Council I would like to welcome my guests show composer songwriter and producer he published his first novel down by the river in 1990 and spent the next 12 years writing a novel about the Jazz Age he is the eldest son of the late cartoonist Charles and show the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang and he's the owner and teacher of the Santa Barbara writers conference<br> welcome to the chair Monte<br> your novel came out in fantagraphics in August is 22 which was many years after your first novel down by the river in 1990 why did you walk away from riding Metropolis for so many years I actually wrote the first part of the war<br> True Crime novel about 1 and also a figure out how am I don't know how but I decided that I was in 2016 or so I was tired of the same computer all the time so I went back to where I started doing music and<br> play two CDs in about to finish the third go back to writing and I was working on a book called the penny dreams but I took the 2019 and picked it up exactly where I stopped in 2003 and then<br> I just wrote the book so I mean yeah that was that I had was without a plot outline<br> it's assault schedule where I<br> in the morning every morning before I eat or drink anything<br> I don't know<br> yeah and so what is it say was that it was about Eugenics and I was just I wanted to know why you chose to write a novel about eugenics<br> yeah<br> I suppose the complete answer that is lost in time on an old Mac iBook and I should look at it and see what I bought a book called the war against the weak and realize this a few days ago that the that the first one<br> read the whole book<br> we talked about genocide most of us are the genocide is being like the worst thing but you are you a certain group of people by race maybe religion like they started strange unexplainable virus called to it<br> but they don't treat Francis galton's he was involved in all of that and that's what we're in the bed with me so I remember what I did with the immigration restriction and all that so if you know with Francis Galton houses character<br> call Adolphus brand is inspired by the work of Francis de Gaulle<br> the British in England after the race has the worst and I wanted to get the funeral and so the<br> Winston Churchill and Henry Ford and what happened to my Facebook I don't know how long does it take me to read it but I got my interest I would say<br> my wife's 40th Marcello's red<br> that sounds something like I do yeah once I get off and I'll keep the one in okay so you have to<br> for six weeks and that's because I had a long time about that long<br> well that's what I like it's on my way I've got to get the book and I did all my pages to make sure other people lives as well take the pain in my face in my darling I know one thing for sure<br> is where it is<br> Father you say everything is going to be alright but my circumstances to say I wont. Do it tonight I need you to hold me now he's going to call me through I need the miracle of breaker do I need you<br> can you take my broken pieces and put them back<br>everything will be alright<br> father of the groom. It's the Disco beer.<br>everything will be okay<br> He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole world<br>my interview with author composer songwriter and producer Monte show continues after the break<br> as a veteran you get a lot of advice<br> but wisdom is harder to come by<br> a lot of people imagine themselves in our shoes<br> without understanding the weight on our shoulders<br> the truth is you can understand the pressure of finding your own way after serving in the military<br> what's a few isn't none you've got support<br> you can't control the chaos but you can short your way through it<br> steady yourself<br> take a breath<br> you're not alone<br> learn more at make the connection. Net in Germany I can 43 with the definition of War yes absolutely<br> Julian talks about the story and that's what the book is Bram right here I am telling this story right<br> when you go on vacation or take a longer trip propolis the with the text from supposed to do that character sketches of the the five main characters and their are rum<br> list of<br> Ward things like that the people who did it for me where call Chanel coats on the bus<br> but never leaves<br> mama and let's say I'm not.<br>where is the Ganges who I am because I need to know<br> play I am strong when I think I am<br> panda<br> what you say<br> anywho<br> YouTube<br> and you say<br> turn off<br>you have a very cellular God you haven't told me<br> music<br> when I think<br>what did you say<br> this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world I'm Bev Moore my interview with Monty still continues my mom was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when I was fourteen and I watched her struggle but MDA helped her get the best treatments and care and they also help kids like my buddy Ethan banks in the muscular dystrophy Association and people like you have more hope than ever before from day one they've treated me like family at my local care center and the a is the only one that funds over 150 Care Centers across the us to help provide state-of-the-art care for adults and kids like me<br> muscular dystrophy ALS and other related near muscular diseases they fund the research for breakthrough treatments care and cures in MD for by supports 1,000 families like mine and Ethan's in communities like your steaks the NBA kids and adults can live life to its fullest join us and learn more today the fiction that teaches how to paste a story while literary fiction and teach how to write better explain that<br> I like books in the books and then<br> I have really great tasting in great language<br> it's all about the pace Right Use the languages more is more interesting more engrossing Riders will see things in a way that you wouldn't expect<br> commercial lighting<br> you don't heal<br> is hiring<br> okay I get it now okay<br> Larry McMurtry<br> contemporary novels it's hard to pick because if somebody doesn't really like the Spanish writer Roberto Bolano.<br> In my place to books at a time<br> different people in the literary writers<br> you're going to your old work that you don't want to feel like you're just right for all your butt<br> what is exactly<br> naughty<br>yeah my dad has been paid<br>we come back monkey still talks about where to sign his book Metropolis which touches on the subject of immigration and a love story<br> before I bring my name. I will bring my heart<br> before I left<br> I want to know you I want to find you and never sees you<br>you rock<br> thesaurus<br> find you and I will bring by<br>Linda<br> you are my treasure<br> let nothing ever<br>high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> Honda Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all make being kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> was this the best words of wisdom from your famous Father Charles Schulz<br> only amateurs get writer's block professionals can't afford it I bring this up or you're afraid of something bad if I say if your friend ready from the bad you're better off with with a bad page that no page<br> my new boss that I really like but I'm driving and I thought it was very hard in your own writing life if you're a journalist if you're on call<br> what you did for over 15 years say oh yeah I like some of them better than you<br> no such thing as absolutely completely tell us how we can find your book and information on you<br> well you can get the book store on taxes<br> for being a super guest on the bed more show you have and we wish you continued success<br> for you I will do that for you how about that<br> that's our show for this week I hope you enjoyed my interview with author composer songwriter and producer Montego who is also the son of the late cartoonist draws M show the creator of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang cartoon series<br> thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show broadcasting on TV as radio on the iHeart Network worldwide until next time bye bye<br> When The Best of Me<br> when I'm not somebody hold on to me<br> randomness of life<br> Venom slamming all the<br> hold on 70<br> hold on to me<br> weather<br>bulldog<br> when I'm tired<br> when are dogs afraid of<br> expectation<br> Gwen Ifill<br>cuz I know nobody<br>

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