The Beauty Files with Juanita, August 29, 2014

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The Beauty Files with Juanita
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Guests, Suzi Chaplin, Tara de Alicante and Marcus Johnson

The Beauty Files with Juanita with Juanita Dillard

Guests today include:

Suzi Chaplin, Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Tara de Alicante, Miss Plus USA

Marcus Johnson, Flo Fest DC and Musician

The Beauty Files

The Beauty Files with Juanita Dillard
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Juanita Dillard

THE BEAUTY FILES WITH JUANITA DILLARD HAS GAINED A TREMENDOUS FOLLOWING DELIVERING GREAT INFORMATION ON BEAUTY, FASHION, HEALTH, FITNESS AND CELEB CHAT. Want the juice on the latest diet trends in Hollywood? What do the top magazines say about new trends on the horizon? Need information on what restaurants you should be eating at? What about the latest in fashion for men and women? The Beauty Files covers all that and much more!