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The Bad Date Show, April 10, 2019

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The Bad Date Show
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Guests, Matt Swain and Berkeley Pickell, along with your host Meagan Gillett

The Bad Date Show with Meagan Gillett

Guests, Matt Swain and Berkeley Pickell

GUEST: Matt Swain

Matt Swain is an LA born and raised actor, artist, musician, and all-around goof.

Matt found his start as the lead in the production of Stargazers at the Stella Adler Theatre, where he was a finalist as part of the Short+Sweet Festival. More recently he has also appeared in multiple independent films along with being a part of the live concert video for Justin Timberlake’s new tour “Man of the Woods.”

Studying for years at College of the Canyons for theatre and film, he then moved on to train at UCB for improvisation and continues to improve at all avenues of creativity. As hobbies and additional passions, Matt keeps his animation skills sharp creating new characters and worlds as well as being a guest drummer in the constantly growing band, The Future Ex-Husbands.

Focusing on television as his main playground for now, the silver screen is where you will find this goofy red headed dude.

Instagram: SingingintheSwain

GUEST: Berkeley Pickell

Berkeley Pickell is a Canadian Actor and Voiceover performer now living in LA. He studied Creative Writing and Drama at the University of Calgary and now spends most of his free time training in the arts, writing, and collecting hobbies such as capoeira and juggling. Recently he lent his voice to several characters in the Archeage video games.

@BerkPick on instagram and twitter

Berkeley Pickell on YouTube and FaceBook

The Bad Date Show

Show Host

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY!!  This show contains adult material and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Bad Dates! Everybody has suffered through one, or in some cases, many. The only good thing that comes from a bad date is the story you get to tell your friends after! And who doesn’t like to hear a juicy bad date story? The Bad Date Show offers an endless well of anecdotes about dates gone wrong! We’re talking embarrassing moments, exes, disastrous first kisses, awkward sexual encounters, breakups, cheapskates, cheaters, and surprise bizarre fetishes, just to name a few. But don’t worry, there’s hope! We have our own arsenal of stylists, celebrities, personal trainers, sex therapists, and self-help gurus to help you navigate through this crazy dating jungle while weeding out the crazy. Join Meagan, the zany, humorous, and occasionally irreverent host of “The Bad Date Show” as she regales you with her own tales of dating blunders, and lends an ear to yours.

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