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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 May 2021

The Bad Date Show with Meagan Gillett

Show Host:

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY!!  This show contains adult material and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Bad Dates! Everybody has suffered through one, or in some cases, many. The only good thing that comes from a bad date is the story you get to tell your friends after! And who doesn’t like to hear a juicy bad date story? The Bad Date Show offers an endless well of anecdotes about dates gone wrong! We’re talking embarrassing moments, exes, disastrous first kisses, awkward sexual encounters, breakups, cheapskates, cheaters, and surprise bizarre fetishes, just to name a few. But don’t worry, there’s hope! We have our own arsenal of stylists, celebrities, personal trainers, sex therapists, and self-help gurus to help you navigate through this crazy dating jungle while weeding out the crazy. Join Meagan, the zany, humorous, and occasionally irreverent host of “The Bad Date Show” as she regales you with her own tales of dating blunders, and lends an ear to yours.

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Meagan Gillett
Los Angeles
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Actress, Co-Host and Producer

Meagan Gillett is a half Texan/ half Louisianian transplant to Los Angeles. She is an actor here in The City of Angels and partakes in creative endeavors that tickle her fancy. The life of an actor is eventful, true, but it's nothing compared to dating. A good date makes for a nice story, but bad dates make for memorable tales indeed! After years of dating in the LA scene, she decided that her stories mustn't be lost to the annals of history. Her dating experiences are too juicy, too sexy, too funny, and some, way too bizarre not share with the world. She is excited to share them with you and she is eager to hear YOURS!