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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio, June 21, 2022

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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio
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Guests, Dr. Carlos De La Hoz and Julie Fitz-Gerald

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guests, Dr. Carlos De La Hoz and Julie Fitz-Gerald

Guest Name, Dr Carlos De La Hoz

Dr Carlos De La Hoz
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What if we told you there was a way to heal your body, without surgery? Here at South Florida's ONLY adult stem cell bank center, we use regenerative medicine to heal the body from pain-related injuries, trauma, age, lifestyle, surgeries, and disease. Through our non-invasive outpatient procedures, we will provide you with quick, effective, and long-lasting pain relief by treating the source of the pain with no side effects. The treatments we do are Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments, Lipaspirate Injection, Bone Marrow Aspirate Injection, and Shockwave Therapy. 

We need to realize that the body is able to heal itself, and surgery is not the only option.  Living with pain can be excruciating, and you can miss out on a lot. Let the Neomedicine Institute give you a pain-free life again, with minimal invasion. 


Dr. Carlos De La Hoz is a triple board-certified Anesthesiologist, Regenerative Medicine, and Pain Management doctor. He earned his medical degree at Universidad del Norte in Colombia, where he was raised, and completed his graduate training at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital.

A notable achievement for Dr. De La Hoz appeared early in his career while serving as the Director of Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia in Texas where he played an important role in developing protocols to reduce opiate usage.

Both his clinical research and his extensive training in ultrasound and fluoroscopy-guided interventions and management of complex connective tissue disorders – have given him the skills to emerge as a leader in the field of Interventional Pain Management.

Currently, he is an active member of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine ( ABRM ) and serves as the Medical Director for the Neomedicine Institute in Doral, Florida. The practice specializes in Regenerative Medicine, Interventional Pain Management, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation. The focus of the Neomedicine Institute is not only on providing the best physicians but also on offering various types of treatments and preventative care, that use a multi-disciplinary approach.

Dr. De La Hoz treats his patients using an integrative approach, which involves Regenerative Medicine, Physical Therapy, and nutrition, while also educating his patients on their condition, well-being, and ways to manage pain without the use of opiates and other medications.

United States

Guest Name, Julie Fitz-Gerald

Julie Fitz-Gerald
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Inspiring others to journey towards joy and centering *New Book* Faith to Rise


Interview Opp: The power of journaling to aspire to joy and centering


Journaling is among the most beneficial kinds of writing and studies have found that this form of expressive writing is especially therapeutic. In a world that’s offering daily curveballs, the need to re-center and find joy in the everyday can seem daunting… that’s where journaling can be an outlet.

Faith to Rise: A Journey to Joy and Centering is Julie Fitz-Gerald’s latest book with 52 weekly devotionals that are honest, relatable, and will inspire readers to embrace life. A journaling diary accompanies the book with writing prompts and discussion points inviting readers to dig deeper.

Julie Fitz-Gerald is a journalist, author, and speaker living in small-town Ontario, Canada with her husband and two teenage sons. Working in both faith-based and secular spheres, Julie is passionate about shining a light on stories of hope and inspiration, showing Jesus’s great love for us in the process.

Ms. Fitz-Gerald is available for interviews and can comment on the following:

  • Tips to working towards joy and centering
  • Connecting or reconnecting with God and Scripture
  • Benefits of journaling
  • The importance of women supporting women

#FunFact:  1 in 6 people are active journalers (Trisent)


Julie Fitz-Gerald has a passion for sharing real stories of hope and inspiration. With a journalism degree from Ryerson University, she's spent the past decade writing stories about change-makers and overcomers for various national and international publications and news outlets.

She is author of the best-selling book RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story, a page-turning sports biography that’s inspiring people of all ages to overcome life’s challenges using determination, perseverance and courage. The success of RISE spawned a national motivational speaking tour, spreading the universal message of overcoming obstacles to schools, corporations and special interest groups.

Julie's latest book, Faith to Rise: A Journey to Joy and Centering, started out as a weekly radio and YouTube series. It now reaches people across platforms throughout Canada and the US with inspirational messages of encouragement through all of life's seasons.

Whether the medium is a book, a magazine article, radio, socials, or a stage, Julie is driven to share how ordinary people are breaking boundaries, beating the odds and achieving the extraordinary. Working in both faith-based and secular spheres, she loves to shine a light on stories of hope and inspiration; two things our world desperately needs.


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All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio hosted By Pamela L Henderson brings you honest discussions and topics about what's real in the world, having open discussions of your ‘Truth’ pertaining to obstacles and challenges that one will either endure over a period of time that has caused hardships and limited resources. Pamela who has overcome Injustice and obstacles on her journey had a vision to help give a platform for young adolescents to speak about how we can together as a diversity culture make our voices heard and be able to move forward through Social Growth. If you take a stance against bullying, you are standing against it. If you take a stance on a contentious issue, it means you believe strongly about it one way or the other. This stance effects everyone, therefore her talk show will allow leaders and the community to be heard, and to heal through the discussions at a happy medium and to suggest solutions or resources to help bandage the wound that needs to heal.

65 Max foundation(s) focus is to enrich and empower each student academically by providing an Online presence or a classroom setting that allows each participant to participate in a group intervention (openly). Our Goal is to establish Social Emotional Growth that will instill the confidence and (OJT) skills that are needed, through the proposed goal #1 to develop a persons thought process by taking accountability as we empower each student to enhance their customer service skills by implementing hands on training that builds integrity and self esteem, and to advocate skills that are needed to attain careers through Social Growth by pursuing a professional or entrepreneurial career.

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