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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot, March 20, 2024

S2 E16 Trust Your Body’s Wisdom to Heal Yourself | Sandi Gold | Balin A. Durr, MD
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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot
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S2 E16 Trust Your Body’s Wisdom to Heal Yourself | Sandi Gold | Balin A. Durr, MD

Imagine being told by 5 neurologists that you were going to die from a brain tumor in 6-12 months, and there was nothing they could do to help you. Faced with this shocking, devastating diagnosis at 33-years old, my special guest, Sandi Gold, was racked by fear; but in the next moment, she was enveloped by “this incredible love” energy coming from her art work. At that moment, she chose love over fear, chose love energy to guide her healing and lead her to health practitioners that listened and supported her approach, and chose to trust her body’s wisdom to heal. Sandi used love to guide her in her quest to live life to the fullest.

Sandi Gold repeatedly achieved what doctors defined as the impossible. Almost 40 years later, she shares her healing journey from brain illness, side effects of her life-saving treatment, and family trauma in her new book, “I Chose Love.” Ms. Gold is also an artist, a certified expressive arts specialist, and was featured on ABC’s News Show 20/20, profiled in People Magazine, The New York Times, Boston Globe, USA Today and in hundreds of newspapers throughout the country. She’s been interviewed on National Public Radio and Connecticut Public Radio and been a speaker at academic institutions, including Brown University, and many hospitals and schools.

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Guest, Sandi Gold

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Sandi Gold
Sandi Gold
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In 1986, five neurologists told Sandi Gold that she had 6 months to a year to live. Years later, she was told she had to get a mastectomy, but she declined. Just five months later, using only a natural treatment she was cancer-free. Sandi’s book, “I Chose Love: How to Thrive After a Life-Threatening Illness Using Love to Guide You,” was published in January.

It’s been described by her readers “as a powerful and inspirational guide, offering a transformative journey that transcends the realms of self-help and motivational literature”, as giving “inspiration and wisdom on every page, opening new perspectives on how to react to the slings and arrows we encounter in life”. Dr. Bernie Siegel, a retired pediatric surgeon from

Yale University and best-selling author, wrote the foreword to Sandi’s book. It has already received ten 5-star reviews.

Ms. Gold earned her BFA at Boston University and upon graduation, received a full scholarship to study at the Leo Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence, France. She’s been featured in The New York Times, People Magazine, and ABC Television’s 20/20, where her show was among the top three programs the year it aired. She has also been interviewed on National Public Radio and its Connecticut affiliate. She was the keynote speaker for the Calgary Cancer Center in Canada and has spoken at Brown University, and the Brain Tumor

Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot

Dr Durr's Living In The Sweet Spot with Dr. Balin A. Durr, M.D.
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Dr Balin Durr

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Dr. Durr’s Living in the Sweet Spot is a weekly show that educates about the essential role of brain health to create fulfillment and the greatest demonstration of purpose and potential. Practical tools and solutions are offered to our audience from the intersection of mind-body medicine, science, and spiritual well-being to live out their Infinite Potential—to live Life in the sweet spot!

If unhappy moods, self-doubt, or fears of failure and uncertainty have hi-jacked your Infinite Potential, this is the show for you! If you want to learn how to utilize your brain health and transformative thinking to create happiness and the fulfillment of your potential, this is the show for you!


To create a world-class show that educates and empowers our audience through the intersection of mind-body medicine, science, and spiritual well-being about the critical importance of brain health as the gateway to live out their Infinite Potential—to live Life in the sweet spot!

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Unique, innovative guests share their thought-provoking insights, experience, and out-of-the-box thinking in the areas of brain health, medicine, business, spirituality, music, art, and wellness. Break free of fear and conformity with practical tools and solutions that inspire, educate, and empower YOU to use your healthy brain and extraordinary, Infinite Potential to live the Life you’ve always longed for.

The audience includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and innovative professionals with interests in brain health, transformative thinking, spirituality, wellness, science, business and the arts.

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