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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot, February 28, 2024

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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot
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S2 E13 Divorce Doesn’t Have to Suck | Cherice N. Carter | Balin A. Durr, MD

The divorce rate in the U.S. is still greater than 50% for first marriages and greater than 70% for third marriages. While divorce is painful and may bring up feelings of loss and grief for some, it’s a train wreck for others!

My special guest, Cherice N. Carter, CDC aka the Divorce Coach, discusses approaches and tools to navigate this oftentimes difficult process in a way that leaves everyone feeling as safe and whole as possible. So, while you might not get through divorce unscathed, divorce doesn’t have to suck!

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Guest, Cherice N. Carter

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Cherice N. Carter
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Cherice N. Carter aka Divorce Coach CC, the Founder and CEO of Coaching the Masses, Inc. is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Life Coach, and author of "Love Notes: Affirmations, Essays, Inspirational Notes, Poems, and Quotes Inspired for Healing," is set to be released March 10, 2024.

As a divorce coach, Cherice helps her clients find clarity, healing, and a renewed sense of self as they navigate the challenging process of divorce; then embrace their new chapter with confidence and resilience.

“Love Notes” is an inspiring compilation is a treasure trove of wisdom and healing, offering readers a collection of powerful words and reflections to uplift and inspire. "Love Notes" will be available for purchase at all major retailers, allowing readers from all walks of life to access its transformative message. 

Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot

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Dr. Durr’s Living in the Sweet Spot is a weekly show that educates about the essential role of brain health to create fulfillment and the greatest demonstration of purpose and potential. Practical tools and solutions are offered to our audience from the intersection of mind-body medicine, science, and spiritual well-being to live out their Infinite Potential—to live Life in the sweet spot!

If unhappy moods, self-doubt, or fears of failure and uncertainty have hi-jacked your Infinite Potential, this is the show for you! If you want to learn how to utilize your brain health and transformative thinking to create happiness and the fulfillment of your potential, this is the show for you!


To create a world-class show that educates and empowers our audience through the intersection of mind-body medicine, science, and spiritual well-being about the critical importance of brain health as the gateway to live out their Infinite Potential—to live Life in the sweet spot!

How We Do It

Unique, innovative guests share their thought-provoking insights, experience, and out-of-the-box thinking in the areas of brain health, medicine, business, spirituality, music, art, and wellness. Break free of fear and conformity with practical tools and solutions that inspire, educate, and empower YOU to use your healthy brain and extraordinary, Infinite Potential to live the Life you’ve always longed for.

The audience includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and innovative professionals with interests in brain health, transformative thinking, spirituality, wellness, science, business and the arts.

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