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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot, February 7, 2024

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Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot
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S2 E10 Your Story Matters! Storytelling Reveals Our Shared Humanity | John W. Fountain | Balin A. Durr, MD

Each and every one of us want to matter! We want to be seen for who we truly are, and we want to be heard. When we feel invisible, it’s painful! We tell our stories in an effort to be understood, to be valued, to know that we matter. We tell the story of our loved ones and the society for the same reasons and to leave a legacy of our values, standards, accomplishments, hope, and resiliency for the inevitable hard times and losses. Storytelling enables us to see ourselves in each other. Through this bridge of connection and understanding, we can overcome differences, transcend indifference, and see our shared humanity.

My special guest, John W. Fountain, an award-winning columnist, journalist, professor of journalism, a 2021-22 Fulbright Scholar, and publisher of five books, the latest, “One in a Million: Diary of a Freed Black Journalist” discusses:
•    The Black church’s influence on his development as a storyteller
•    The significant impact of our stories upon those who hear them and its generational legacy 
•    His motivation to write stemmed in part from the false perceptions and narratives about African-American men
•    The importance of speaking your authentic truth and maintaining your perspective
•    Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to make visible the humanity of the marginalized or “those who linger in the shadows” 
•    The need to tell our stories when mainstream media remains silent
•    Writing tips for beginners including accepting your writing imperfections

“Write your story. Tell your story because no one is more qualified to tell your story than you are. Tell your story.” ~ John W. Fountain

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Guest, John W. Fountain

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John W. Fountain
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A native son of Chicago’s West Side, John Wesley Fountain is an award-winning columnist, journalist, professor, publisher and author of True Vine: A Young Black Man’s Journey of Faith, Hope and Clarity; and Dear Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood.

A tenured full professor of journalism at Roosevelt University since 2007, he has written for the last 13 years a weekly Sunday column for the Chicago Sun-Times. As a journalist, Fountain has chronicled the story of murder for 30 years, mostly in Chicago. He was a 2021-22 Fulbright Scholar to Ghana, where taught at the University of Ghana at Legon and conducted a research project: “Africa Calling: Portraits of Black Americans Drawn to the Motherland”

He was previously a professor of journalism at his alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is a graduate of Providence-St. Mel School, Chicago.

He has won numerous journalism awards over a nearly 40-year journalism career and is author of five books, including his latest, Soul Cries: In Black & White and Shades of Gray. He is a frequent guest commentator on radio and television.

He often shares his inspirational story of going from poverty and the urban mean streets of Chicago’s West Side to the top of his profession. Fountain is founder of WestSide Press Publishing, Chicago, and more recently FountainWorks NFP, a not-for-profit focused on telling the untold stories of marginalized or underrepresented people in print, digital and other forms.

His decision to become a journalist: “I chose journalism ultimately because of its power to make a difference, to shine the light on hidden corners of the world, to give voice to the voiceless, to make the invisible visible. I see this as more than a profession. It is a calling to which I am committed for as long as I have breath.”

Dr Durrs Living In The Sweet Spot

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