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Heather C. Markham
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If, in your 30s, you learned that you had a progressive disease that was soon going to take away your ability to walk (and to do most things without assistance)—how would you respond? 


Interview Heather C. Markham, author of Rough Waters: From Surviving to Thriving with a Progressive Muscular Dystrophy, to learn how her response shows all of us:

  • How to change priorities and personal goals—and open new opportunities in the process
  • Why you need to find your team—those people who’ll be there to help you navigate times of change and adversity and challenge you to do more with your life
  • How to overcome limits, which Heather believes are only in your mind

Heather can also speak about:

  • The difficult challenges of traveling with a disability—but why it’s amazingly worth it
  • Different types of adapted driving systems and adaptive technologies
  • The importance of advocating for yourself and trusting your own voice
  • The limitations of the ADA, in practice
  • What everyday life on a power wheelchair really looks like 

Press materials and a digital review copy is available here. Print review copies are available by request. 


Let me know when we can connect you with Heather - her insight and attitude makes for a phenomenal interview. 


Jill Maxick

PR by the Book


Heather C. Markham is an engineer, assistive technology professional, public speaker, competitive Para Surfer, educator, ADA architectural barriers specialist, golfer, and award-winning international photographer. 


Her company, Making Waves for Good, launched in 2018 as an umbrella for a variety of ventures including publishing and photographic projects and to help companies solve disability access problems they didn't know they had—not just staying within ADA code but looking beyond it to make the world more accessible and usable for all.


Heather currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her super snuggly Maine coon cat.