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Shaun Hamilton
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Hi BBS Radio TV Hosts and Teams!

My name is Shaun Hamilton. I'm a veteran of the US Navy and a husband to a survivor of sexual violence. It's a journey that can be incredibly challenging, emotional, and isolating, but it's also one that can be filled with hope and healing. After spending over 5 years writing my book, 'When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role And Responsibilities In Their Recovery Process,' I've discovered practical insights and strategies that can help partners of survivors navigate this journey with more confidence and clarity. In fact, there were three key things that my wife and I learned early on in our recovery process that made all the difference. I'd love to share these insights with your audience and inspire others to be better allies and advocates for their partners.

I'd love to be on your show if you'd have me.

While that takes care of most of the who, what, and why, but I need to tell you about the 'when'. As you might be aware April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and I am doing a campaign to raise money for the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence. I am promoting my book "When Your Partner Says #MeToo and donating 50% of the proceeds raised during the month of April to provide pro-bono therapy services through the ISSV for survivors of sexual violence.

I know that we will have a great conversation (probably more than one), and provide incredible value for your audience. I'm just curious if this would be something that interests you.

If not no worries, but I do look forward to chatting with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



Shaun Hamilton is a husband, partner of a survivor of sexual violence, and US Navy veteran. He has dedicated his life to supporting survivors and advocating for change in the way we approach sexual violence and its aftermath.

Shaun spent five years researching and writing "When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role and Responsibilities In Their Recovery Process." This book provides guidance and support for partners of survivors and has become a valuable resource for individuals looking to support their loved ones through their healing journey.