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Brooke Barousse
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Families and parents are under more stress and pressure than ever before—especially while having to work and live under one roof.

Enter Brooke Barousse, household expert and founder of Lexington Nannies—one of the nation’s leading household placement and nanny agencies.

Since 2006, Brooke has been a nanny whisperer, known for her highly individualized selection process to match nannies and homes—get a modern day Mary Poppins at your door! 

Brooke can discuss the following topics:

  • How to Hire Household Staff: Learn about all the ways that you can hire household staff to make your home life easier.

  • Choosing Childcare Support: How to choose the best specialist for the different stages of your child’s life—from nannies, nurses and medical professionals to postpartum doulas and individuals with other concentrated childcare training.

  • Finding the right Newborn Care Specialist: Learn about the red flags and what to look for in finding the right Newborn Care Specialist so you can get the best tips and tricks to raising a newborn and forgoing sleepless nights. A NCS will show you the latest baby tools to use, help with breastfeeding, lactation, provide pumping shortcuts, and ways on how to keep your newborn healthy and at a good weight—with less crying and colic, meaning you get more sleep.

  • How to Find a Great Summer or Travel Nanny: Get travel tips on summer or travel nannies and learn how best to Travel with Toddlers and babies. 

Brooke would be thrilled to speak with you about her passion for helping families!

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ceo of lex nannies

Brooke Barousse is passionate about helping families.  For the past 12 years, she has placed hundreds of Nannies and household staff members with families throughout southern California.  She’s affectionately been called "The Nanny Matchmaker" and the "Nanny Whisperer" because of her ability to communicate a family’s needs to household support staff and is equally skilled in helping Nannies communicate their needs appropriately with their employers.  

Barousse says, “I have an instinct for reading people which has resulted in a high success rate for what is essentially personality matchmaking for my clients and their newly hired household staff.  I can see where skills and energies mesh—and where they don’t.  We educate our nannies and other household staff members to set them up as consummate professionals and our one-month guarantee ensures that we have happy clients.”

She understands the unique relationship families have with those who work inside their home.  Not only is a household staffing position one of the most trusted jobs a person can have, but it is one that has the potential to be the glue that keeps things running smoothly, efficiently and happily—both in raising joyful, supported children and in keeping a clean, well-run household.

Being based in Los Angeles comes with its own rare set of talents that are required of her nannies, which are trained to handle situations that only a celebrity client might require, such as handling the paparazzi.

Her previous experience at a Household staffing agency, a boutique corporate staffing office, as well as the proud owner of a non-toxic cleaning service, have given her the insight and background to problem solve and be a resource for clients, and truly understand the requirements of caring for the most precious things in their lives—their children and their homes.

A self-proclaimed information sponge, Barousse also has a personal affinity for trivia and has appeared on a number of game shows over the years, including “Family Feud,” “Press Your Luck” and “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader."