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Brent Michael Phillips
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The Formula for Miracles: Where Science Reveals the Secrets of Spirit

In volume two of his new three book series, #1 best-selling author Brent Michael Phillips digs deep into the nature of science to discover how we can actually explain phenomena such as miraculous healings, higher consciousness, and profound life transformations.

To most people, mystical phenomena such as instant healing, intuition, the Law of Attraction, and experiences of higher consciousness such as seeing energy and auras are either considered total nonsense, or are reserved for only a few special and naturally talented individuals.

However, the truth is that there is a simple scientific basis underlying energy healing, mind power, and the ascension of consciousness. Quite simply, what we call a “miracle” is just any phenomena which can’t be explained by our current level of science and technology.

Author, healer, and MIT-trained engineer Brent Michael Phillips has dedicated his scientific training and engineering experience to discovering and demystifying the science behind instant healings, the Law of Attraction, higher consciousness, and even Enlightenment.

By spending many years studying with the world’s best healers, psychics, gurus, masters, and spiritual teachers, he has slowly reverse engineered and figured out exactly what they are doing!

His three-book series The Formula for Miracles: Where Science Reveals the Secrets of Spirit shares the “Formula for Miracles” as a simple set of powerful but simple processes that anybody can learn quickly and easily to perform instant healings, subconscious clearing,

manifestation, and facilitate profound life transformations, even unlocking the shortcuts to Enlightenment.

In his private healing practice, Brent has used the “Formula for Miracles” technology to facilitate over 1,900 genuine miraculous instant healings on all manners of life challenges, including instantly healing many different diseases and physical disorders (including chronic pain and serious and life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and HIV), conquering mood disorders (such as depression, addiction, and emotional eating), finding love, making more money, discovering one’s purpose, and even the ascension of consciousness towards Enlightenment. As proof, you will find literally hundreds of testimonials on his web site from people who have had their lives transformed by his work.

Even more importantly, his students have learned and used these exact same techniques to transform lives and perform their own amazing healings; quite simply, every person who learns and uses the system is guaranteed to see miracles happen.

The way Brent explains it and teaches it, energy healing, mind power, and higher consciousness things that are easy to understand and use for everybody; there is no special talent or training required!

In fact, because Brent had no natural talent for healing or intuition, he had to learn everything step by step by reverse engineering the masters. As a result, he can train his students to quickly become master healers, no matter what their background or natural talent.

Because he wants to share this knowledge with the people who need it, Brent is making the first volume of this series completely free at


Brent Michael Phillips is a most unlikely healer! He grew up fascinated by computers and technology and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated at the top of his class with Phi Beta Kappa honors and received both a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He was admitted to the PhD program and was pursuing his doctorate at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, researching advanced Internet technologies, when the Internet hit the mainstream in the mid 1990s.

Brent left the MIT PhD program in 1995 to be a founding partner in the Jamison/Gold Interactive Agency, a high-end Web design firm that did projects for Fortune 500 clients including Sony, Nissan Motors, and Disneyland. He also founded video game developer Lyra Studios in 1996, where he was the primary designer, architect, and author of the revolutionary online game, the world’s true “metaverse”: a real-time, 3D, persistent state, massively multiplayer role playing game. Both companies grew and prospered under Brent, until his obsessive and driven work habits caught up to him.

The strain of bootstrapping two companies proved to be too much for his body; the non-stop 100-hour work weeks left Brent was devastated by crippling repetitive stress injuries, leaving him in constant pain and unable to work. After years of failed therapies and medical interventions, doctors put him on permanent disability and gave him no hope of recovery. Over the course of several years he tried all manner of conventional and alternative treatments, including surgery, physical therapy, and healers, but nothing worked. Desperate to recover his life, he

agreed to a risky experimental surgery that left his right arm completely frozen at the elbow.

Four months and another surgery later, with his arm still paralyzed, Brent tried subconscious clearing with energy healing. Miraculously, his frozen arm healed in an instant in just one session! Brent was transformed by this experience - truly a miracle - and dedicated himself to mastering the art of energy healing and discovering its underlying scientific principles. Brent founded Science Meets Spirit, Inc. to allow him to share this amazing life-transforming power with the world.

Brent has been a full-time author, healer, elite success coach, and spiritual teacher since 2004, and he has helped many thousands of clients and students around the world. He has also written several books on healing and mind power, taught hundreds of workshops, and performed over 25,000 private sessions resulting in well over 1900 miraculous instant healings hundreds on problems as diverse as HIV, asthma, cancer, childhood abuse, allergies, depression, anxiety, back pain, poverty, and many other injuries and illnesses (including many “incurable” conditions).

He has been a frequent guest on both local and national radio and TV, and has consistently been one of the most popular and in-demand guests for self-improvement, energy healing, and Law of Attraction podcasts and tele-summits.

He has synthesized the “best of the best” of his person experience along with what he has learned from many wonderful systems and masters to create the Awakening Dynamics system and the patent-pending Formula for Miracles® technology.

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