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Darin Milman
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For your upcoming stories, please consider Darin Milman and My Protect Kityour personal lifesaver in a pouch, a themed kit for travel-sized personal care products on-the-go, packaging essentials that fit into your pocket. MPK is equipped to handle any situation whether it's a day at the beach, a baby kit, camping, a gym day, traveling, skiing, hiking, date night, a feminine kit and even a kit for walking your dog! Darin can comment on the following hot topics:

-How he designed a kit that fits everything in a pouch and how his company is limiting waste to help the environment and be sustainable

-How he chose fragrances for the deodorants, lip balm and sunscreen to evoke emotions relating to his themes (coconut flavored wipes to put you in vacay mode!)

-How he started the company and fulfilled orders with his partner out of his garage. 

-How his kits solve the annoying problem of having issues at airport security, with travel-sized essentials and not having to buy a pack of masks when you lose just one

Darin says, “Doron and I wanted to make every day life more convenient and build solutions to problems by providing high-quality, affordable products and jobs made in the US. Today, we are selling on Amazon, and have fulfillment centers in Indianapolis, Houston Texas, and Miami Florida.”

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My Protect Kit began when the world needed protection during a pandemic like no other. A team of entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers and more, realized that the world needed a solution to the PPE crisis. With more than 25 years of business experience, our team wanted to fit as much protection as possible in the smallest, most convenient, resealable bag.


More about the co-founder

Darin Milman, Co - Founder and CEO of My Protect Kit, LLC, has worked with countless startup companies and helped facilitate their unprecedented growth. Mr. Milman and his partner Doron teamed up together to create a product that is small enough to fit in your hand, pocket, purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. and still be able to hold as many protective items in it as possible. The idea was to create the most conveniently packaged personal care kit while you’re on the go. The company began producing the smallest, and most convenient PPE kits, and it has now created a kit for every situation. 

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