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Milly Ortega
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What is the difference between body sculpting and liposuction? Body sculpting eliminates stubborn, unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and is non-invasive. Clinical testing has proven body sculpting treatments are highly effective, removing between 20-25% of fat from a target area, requiring no incision, recovery⁣⁣⁣⁣, painless, convenient, ⁣⁣⁣cost effective ⁣⁣⁣⁣with instant results, maintained with a post-care regimen. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
For your upcoming story, please consider Milly Ortega, Owner & Founder of F.L.Y Beauty & Academy, a beauty certification-training program offering aesthetic certifications for body sculpting. A surgical technologist (working alongside the surgeon) turned non-invasive aesthetic expert, Milly is helping women jump start their careers with the flexibility of their own schedules in this post-pandemic world, by guiding, training, and certifying them as Body Sculpting Practitioners in the Body Sculpting Med Spa business. As a Nationally-Accredited trainer using an Accredited Curriculum program, Milly offers continuous education and ongoing mentorship, blending the knowhow of medical experience in the invasive surgical procedural side with her non-invasive entrepreneurship journey. She can comment on the following hot topics:
-How to quit your 9-5 job, supplement your income and gain more time and financial freedom, with her mentoring program roadmap to build a successful non-invasive aesthetic business.  
-Secrets of the Pre & Post care regimen to maximize and maintain permanent results during the duration of treatments including importance of water in-take, healthy diet, incorporating exercise and wearing shapewear compression garment.
-How she created a home-based business and developed her master class training in unique and private event spaces around Phoenix. 
Milly offers training on vacuum therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, laser lipo, facial contouring, butt/hip enhancements, wood therapy, detoxification and body wraps as well as pre & post care, equipment operation, facility requirements, vital signs, medical clearance and more. 
F.L.Y stands for “First Love Yourself” since Milly believes that in order to reach authentic happiness, you have to dive deep within yourself to recognize inner beauty. 
Milly says, “A F.L.Y Girl is on a mission to finally put herself first. She discovers her power of self-worth and becomes the best version of herself. She attracts what she wants by having a positive mindset and taking chances to manifest the life she desires by becoming C.E.O of her own Body Sculpting business.” 
Training involves a hands-on, in-person master class or private training session virtually via zoom, where technique is demonstrated on a live model, as well as proven protocol and various non-invasive procedures. Milly’s Master Class holds an intimate class size of 8-10 students in private venues.
For more information, please visit the below and for press inquiries, please contact Kat at or call 305-490-5911

More about Milly Ortega

Milly has over 15 years of experience in the Medical field. The last 8 years she worked as a Surgical Technician in the operating room assisting with Invasive Surgical procedures. Milly holds a license obtained through the National Med Spa Association (NMSA) as a Non-invasive Aesthetics Practitioner and a Certification of Completion as a Master Instructor. She also holds Barbicide, Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR & First Aid Certifications, assisting students to obtain their Non-invasive Aesthetic Practitioner Certification of Completion.