Momentum Magnet with Karen Morales

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Talk Radio Show Program

Momentum Magnet

Momentum Magnet with Karen Morales
Show Host: 
Karen Morales

Did you ever wake up one day and know your entire life needed to change? You might know what you want, but where to start is often the barrier. I'm Karen Morales and in 2017, that was me.  With a lot of inspiration, I decided to leave my job, my marriage and start a company, all at once. What's more, I did it with a muscle disease, two small kids and no financial back-up plan, and built a seven figure business.

Karen Morales uses her personal stories of change. With resilience and humor as her core messages, Karen challenges us to all believe that any difficult situation, in life or business, can have a happier ending.

Weekly Show
10:00 am PT
10:55 am PT


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Talk Show Program Host

Karen Morales
Karen Morales
Facebook - LinkedIn
Marketing Consultant
Karen Morales is a former Fortune 500 ad agency executive who now runs her own marketing consulting firm, Marketing Magnet. Prior to forming her own company, she spent 20 years and more than $250M dollars in marketing funds growing global brands like Delta Air Lines, American Express, Fidelity Investments and Panasonic.
Drawing on real life experience – a debilitating disease, divorce and single parenting while growing a successful seven-figure business - and her big-business expertise, Karen helps mission-driven companies improve their marketing and sales without the need for big-corporation funds.
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