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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 12 January 2022

Logical Thinking with Paul Biener

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Logical thinking is an eclectic variety of subjects examined from a logical and intelligent perspective. From lawful to legal, terrestrial to extraterrestrial, physical to metaphysical and so much more.

One thing is certain, you will find the very best sources of information and a logical, often passionate, perspective here. 

Welcome to the program!

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Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Logical Thinking, February 4, 2023 U.S. National, State Citizen, Comprehensive Guide - Non Citizen National
Logical Thinking, December 24, 2022 Guests, Dr James Ong and John Scevola, sound and frequency healing
Logical Thinking, December 10, 2022 Cathie Bailey, The Wand Fairy
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Logical Thinking, October 1, 2022 Guest, Brittany Haywood, Herbal Health Review
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Logical Thinking, September 3, 2022 Guest, Dr. Truman Berst of Herbal Health Review
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Logical Thinking, August 6, 2022 Guest, Judy Gaman
Logical Thinking, July 23, 2022 Guests, Roger Sayles and Presley the St. National, How to Escape the Matrix
Logical Thinking, July 9, 2022 Solutions for the Planet with Dr William Courtney AACM
Logical Thinking, June 25, 2022 Guest, Daniel Fish, author of the book, Our Sovereignty and the weeds in our garden.
Logical Thinking, June 11, 2022 Guest, Dr James Fetzer, firearms and mass shootings
Logical Thinking, May 28, 2022 The Absence of Evil "Love's Reclamation of The Soul" with Siobahn Nicolaou
Logical Thinking, April 16, 2022 April 20th Appreciation Day and Solutions For The Planet with Doc Peter, refer madness and hemp positives, 25,000 uses
Paul Biener
New York
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Talk Show Host, Intuitive, Information Catalyst

Paul is naturally intuitive, a veteran of various forms of broadcast media, and isn't afraid of an inconvenient truth. Stress, managing finances, and simple exhaustion is interfering with the normal progression of the human condition. Paul's mission is to ease the stress, make sense of the noise, and support humanity with information and the tools to manage this thing we call life.