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A Night At The Roundtable

A Night at the Roundtable - Thursdays at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern on Station 2, with co-hosts Omena McGee, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Rama Arjuna & Tara Green, and Vinayak

Welcome to A Night at the Roundtable, where we explore ways to expand into fifth dimensional life, finding new pathways to healing and ascending for ourselves and our planet.

In this open forum for creative, Light-filled ideas, our guests offer a broad range of breakthrough discoveries and insights, to support our living as free and sovereign beings who take responsibility for our lives, our health, and our spirituality. 

After a brief opening meditation, we offer energy updates from our co-hosts: psychic medium Omena McGee, energy healer Randy Miller, channeler/intuitive and author Caroline Oceana Ryan, and spirit & wellness coach and energy channel Vinayak.

We then move on to the latest “Galactic Good News” report from our Faction Three White Knights, Rama Arjuna and his beloved Tara Green, followed by a one-hour interview with our guest for the week, or a co-host discussion on current topics.

Our guests are healers, writers, ET experiencers, scientists, inventors, energy workers, Akashic records readers, and other amazing New Earth builders. 

Call in to Station 2 with questions for our guests or co-hosts. 

Join us as we explore new realms!

DISCLAIMER: The information, discussion, and commentary offered on A Night at the Roundtable is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We are not, nor do we claim to be, medical professionals. All of our interviews and commentary regarding health and medical issues are intended purely to be a springboard from which our listeners will be encouraged to do their own research. We encourage our listeners to speak with qualified health practitioners, particularly holistic ones, who are fully qualified in areas of medicine. No one speaking on A Night at the Roundtable shows offers or recommends professional medical advice, diagnosis, or prescriptive remedies or antidotes, and our comments and discussion should not be construed as such.

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Guest, Susanah Tamar Magdalena

Guest Name
Susanah Tamar Magdalena
Guest Occupation
Channel, High Priestess of Mary, Creator, Teacher, Reiki Master, Kabbalist
Guest Biography

Susanah Tamar Magdalena

Susanah Tamar Magdalena is a Channel & High Priestess of Mary, the Magdalene, a Battle Healer, as called by the Archangel Michael, and Cheaylia (KeyHolder of the lost memories of Lemuria). 

She is the Creator and Teacher of Healing Path of the Rose, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Kabbalist.

Susanah has said that, “From the time I was a child, I knew there was more, and this has always been my search. To find that which isn't always seen but, in my experience, always felt.

“This has been a search into the inner recesses of BEing. I now understand the wisdom that was being presented to me to find the core of my Innate Being—my Divinity.

“Throughout my life, and intensely for 25+ years, this has been my dedication to self—to find and bring to life the Rose Heart place of existence,. as this is the place of the I AM Presence within us all.

“The seed that I plant is always enhanced with Empowerment. The Divine Feminine is awakening through intense healing and revealing wholeness. These factors bring forth Empowerment. 

“The magnitude is quickening within us all, without distinction of male/female factors.

“Only through this Portal Opening does the Sacred Masculine have the potentiality of finding the same.”

To learn more about Susanah, please visit her website:

To reach out to Susanah, email:

You can find The Beloved Heart Source on Meetup, YouTube, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Google Blogger.

Susanah offers Private and Personalized Spiritual Mentoring. Contact her to schedule a complimentary consultation session.