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Ascended Masters at Work

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves
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Shirlene Reeves

This show focuses on leveraging entrepreneurs and small-business owners toward massive income. We talk about the secrets to building an effective income-generating business, selling solutions that build relationship referrals, and developing integrated programs so compelling that your clients can’t resist saying yes. Listen in as we discuss how to eliminate debt, get a small-business loan, and walk you through the Five Steps to Financial Freedom.

Call into the show with your burning questions. Listen as guests from around the world offer do-today suggestions and provide experiential stories that support you in becoming more effective in ramping up your business expertise to make a difference in your income.

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Guest, Sumaya OGrady

Guest Name
Sumaya OGrady
Sumaya OGrady
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
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Who is Sumaya and why is she so passionate about the spiritual path?

Her life has been a journey of healing. As she has learned to heal from illness and the wounds of her past, her spiritual path has sustained her. She learned that her ability to be vulnerable is one of her greatest strengths.

Along life’s journey, she managed to travel around the world more than once, get get a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and walk a series of spiritual paths with truly wise, generous, and amazing teachers. Through each path, she gained an appreciation of the divine as it manifests in its many forms in people’s lives.

Sumaya began her love affair with the healing arts and spiritual traditions over 30 years ago. She studied Yoga, Shamanism, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Reiki, Process Oriented Psychology, and spiritual healing, to name a few. She has had a private practice in Rosen Method bodywork, and in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Sumaya studied with her Tibetan Buddhist teacher for 10 years and also studied in the Dalai Lama’s India headquarters in the Himalayas. For 16 years, she studied with a Sufimaster from Jerusalem.

For four years she participated in a process and study group facilitated by the Untraining for White Liberal Racism. She also taught diversity awareness workshops at JFK University in Campbell. Interspersed with all this, she also practiced as a Certified Financial Planner, tax preparer, and technical writer. There is something to be said for developing both the left and right brain equally!

In 2003, she graduated from a three-year program at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. She loved it so much she also took a six-month teacher training program, and has been teaching and doing spiritual healings ever since.

In 2016 Sumaya experienced a major soul transformation, triggered by the death of her spiritual teacher of over 16 years. It was earth-shattering, and for many months she felt her inner life turn upside down and disintegrate. At the end of this period, she experienced a new integration, and the door closed on her previous spiritual path of Sufism.

She awoke to her soul contract with the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and has deeply dived into the teachings of the I AM Presence, the Seven Rays, and the Violet Flame. Her 30+ years of studying spiritual traditions was her divine preparation for this task. She was able to quickly absorb and assimilate these teachings, which are now her major work in the world.

Sumaya has witnessed how the spiritual path and healing performs miracles in people’s lives, her own included. It is her privilege to serve as your Soul Alchemist, spiritual teacher and healer.