Shirlene Reeves

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Shirlene Reeves
Shirlene Reeves
San Diego
Executive Producer & Show Host on WMAXTV, Publisher Wealthy Women Magazine, Int'l Speaker, Certified Financial Educator, Int'l Biz Trainer

Shirlene Reeves is a Distinguished Toastmaster and international keynote speaker. She publishes Wealthy Woman Magazine and is a TV and syndicated radio show host. 

As a massive visibility media™ educator Shirlene blends business and financial strategies, with Universal Principles. She strengthens your business and expands your vision through massive visibility.

Shirlene has a varied and balanced background, with education and experience in both Financial and Spiritual Principals. On the financial side, she is one of only 253 CFE Certified Financial Educators® in the nation with more than 28 years of experience.  She was the CEO of her own nationwide California C corporation for over 17 years, which she bootstrapped from zero to millions with over 23,000 working under her.

$2.3 Million Business ▪ 23,000 Contractors ▪ Worldwide Presence ▪ Money Mogul ▪ TV Show Host ▪ Magazine Publisher ▪ Massive Visibility ▪ Int'l Speaker