Featured Guest, R2-D2 Medicine Songs, Debbi Dachinger and Rob Rowe January 7, 2021

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Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger hosts Dare to Dream Radio, for over ten years. She is an expert interview mentor and coach and her clients gain major interview skills and learn proper packaging.

Debbi is the author of three international bestselling books and a featured author in twelve bestselling anthologies. She is the CEO of My Bestseller Book, a service for authors that guarantees their book international bestselling status. Clients additionally hire her for special media training through private programs, from stage and through workshops.

Debbi is a Media Personality who has been interviewed on over 800 media outlets. She’s a syndicated, award-winning radio host, she interviews celebrities on the red carpet, is hired as an on-camera live-stream event host, professional stage speaker, certified coach, bestselling author, and is a success and media expert.

DEBBI has been exploring the world of wine for several years, in classes such as Wine Tasting, The Wine Grid, plus Wine and Food Pairing.  Debbi is a Certified Spanish Wine Specialist, and a Certified Italian Wine Specialist.  Debbi continues to explore her many dreams and lives out loud!


  • DEBBI DACHINGER is a Media Personality and an expert in living a daring life and media. She is a sought-after consultant who provides media makeovers for global messengers.  Debbi’s work includes: Stage Speaking, Live Stream Event Host, Red Carpet Correspondent and Celebrity Interviews, Success and Media Interviews, Coaching, Consulting, Bestselling Book Programs for Authors, Media Training, and Award-Winning Radio and TV Hosting.  Her talk radio show, “DARE TO DREAM” is syndicated on 66 stations. Debbi runs My Bestseller Book Program a guaranteed service for authors books to become international bestsellers. She is the Media Mastery Radio mentor which accelerates media interviews, PR packaging and messaging skills for clients who become successful leaders by using media with great business results. Awards: Editor’s Pick Featured Intriguing Creator, Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for Entertainment induction, awarded Successful Achievements from Voices of Women Worldwide, and recipient of Heart and Spirit Award from the Evolutionary Business Council. She is a certified coach, and a three-time international bestselling author. https://debbidachinger.com/
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Thursday, January 07, 2021 08:00 pm

Guest, R2-D2 Medicine Songs, Debbi Dachinger and Rob Rowe

Guest Name: 
R2-D2 Medicine Songs, Debbi Dachinger and Rob Rowe
Medicine Ceremony Music: by Debbi Dachinger & Rob Rowe, Singing and Guitar
Guest Occupation: 
podcaster, author, singer, musician
Guest Biography: 
In an unprecedented experiment, this 13+ year award winning podcaster sings (!) for you, her audience in this show segment.
During COVID lockdown while many have taken up new hobbies and practices, Debbi Dachinger dusted off her vocals and two months ago began singing again, for the first time in 13 years.
Rob Rowe dusted off his guitar after two decades of NOT playing and joined Debbi. Together they put together a set of medicine ceremony tunes -- definitely songs for our times and here they are. We truly hope you enjoy this music and it soothes your soul.
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DEBBI DACHINGER is a Media Visibility Authority who helps clients stand out and create an authentic presence. She is a syndicated, award-winning podcast host, nominated for two People's Choice Podcast Awards, a Webby award, interviews celebrities on the red carpet, has been interviewed on over 1,500 media outlets, and is the author of four international bestselling books. As a certified coach, she offers group and private sessions to help you write a page turner book, runs a company with a fully-done-for-you guaranteed international bestseller book launch program, and teaches how to be interviewed on radio and podcast shows with results. For over 13 years, Debbi has hosted the award-winning, syndicated podcast called “Dare to Dream,” on Apple podcasts, BBSRadio, and https://www.YouTube.com/debbidachinger. Debbi is a keynote speaker at high level national events; a media personality, has been seen in the news, documentary films, on the cover of magazines, and is a regular featured contributor to Published Magazine. Awards and Accolades: Editor’s Pick: Featured Intriguing Creator, Podcaster Icon of Influence, Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for Entertainment, winner of Successful Achievements from Voices of Women Worldwide, and recipient of Heart and Spirit Award from the Evolutionary Business Council.
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