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Let’s Find Out  brings to its listeners illuminating and enthralling exploration of the connection between our minds and our bodies. This show brings a series of fascinating interviews with experts in the field of metaphysics. Some shows will address your personal concerns, with some of the best intuitive advisors, energy healers, higher vibration music, experts on angels, dreams, and the out-of-body experience. The listener can call in to ask a question on the air. We move into the moment — bring in kindness, acceptance, and love. Let’s Find Out always finds out! Each show ends with a guided meditation.

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Guest, Mary Tocco

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Mary Tocco
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Expert on infectious illness and vaccines
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Mary Tocco has independently studied natural health, vaccines, and other health related topics for over 30 years. She has raised five healthy children completely outside of the medical model. Mary has decades of experience and wisdom and is now available for personal phone consultations.

Mary Tocco has been in the natural health care field for over 32 years and spent 23 years (1981 - 2003) managing and promoting a chiropractic clinic in Michigan. She then opened Vitality Health with her daughter, Dr. Renee Tocco, in Charleston, SC in 2004. She is co-founder of the American Chiropractic Autism Board and (ACAB) and is helping to manage Hope For Autism, (HFA) BioNutritional Training Conferences. Dr. Renee Tocco (her daughter) is a Defeat Autism NOW! Physician and the president and co-founder of ACAB.

She is the radio host of , "Healing Our World" every Saturday from 4:00-5:00 PM (EST) heard on Republic Broadcasting Network Internet and satellite station. The program is focused on what in the world is making us sick, natural healing methods and empowering people to make a difference in their world. Education is power.

She was married to chiropractor Sam Tocco of Clarkston, Michigan and they have 5 healthy un-vaccinated children. Before having their first child 33 years ago, they had the opportunity to research childhood vaccines. There was enough evidence back then to convince them to not vaccinate their children.  Mary is now the grandmother of 4 un-vaccinated grand babies.

Mary has attended numerous chiropractic seminars as well as vaccine and autism conferences around the country. She began to intensely investigate childhood vaccines in the late 1970's before having their first child, spending thousands of hours collecting and organizing the information.