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Talk Radio Show Program

Hair Head and Heart

This is a safe zone to discuss universal issues. We want you to know better, do better and be better.
Show Host: 
Mary Reed-Johnson

Hair, Head & Heart is about wellness and empowerment. This nationally syndicated show is hosted by Cosmetology Instructor, Industry Advocate and Author, Mary Reed. She comes from behind the chair to discuss universal topics and share passion and insights that can help you know better, do better and be better. 

Weekly Show
Station 1
4:00 pm PT
4:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Hair Head and Heart, September 20, 2017 Hair care, hair extensions, hair growth, hair food, hair vitality, hair management, and hair products
Hair Head and Heart, September 13, 2017 NACD Business Expo Interviews

Talk Show Program Host

Hair, Head and Heart logo picture representing Mary Reed-Johnson Mary Reed-Johnson Minneapolis MN USA LinkedIn 3Hwellness
Writer, Business owner, workshop presenter and consultant, cosmetology instructor, health, wellness and cosmetology industry advocate

My life experiences are broad and far reaching. I am a consummate advocate and cheerleader. My background includes skills as an author, writer, folk artisan and case manager for a federal job program.

Though both my parents are African American, we did not have the same hair types and from the earliest age I was responsible for grooming my own tresses.

My organically developed skills have served me well over the years. It was not until I opened my first salon in the 1980’s and hired an indigenous braider from Sierra Leone did I begin to understand that my styles had names. I began to travel around the country and Canada learning more. Through the journey:

  • I was licensed initially as a natural hair care specialist in New York

  • Served as a contributing writer, presenter or announcer for hair and non-hair related media including  writing a book about dreadlocks in 1999

  • Became the First Hair Braiding Folk artisan endorsed by the Minnesota State Arts Board

  • Became a licensed cosmetology instructor, industry advocate, manager and service provider

  • Was asked to testify in front of MN legislature twice for hair related issues

  • Have served on several hair and non hair related boards and serve as an advocate, mentor and guide for many professionals and lay persons

  • Created Hair, Head & Heart for AM 1570 (twin cities wellness radio) and have moved to internet radio to reach an international market.


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